You can check out the live concert footage I have shot around the area on the official YouTube page here, however, I wanted to spotlight some of the kick ass music videos I’ve seen from various local bands of late. Watch them below and if you like what you hear click the links above to find out more about the band. There’s some quality stuff here!


Misery IndexFacebook

Odin’s CourtWebFacebook

Throwdown SyndicateFacebook

Yesterday’s SaintsWebFacebook


Cassabdra SyndromeWebFacebook

Darkest HourWebFacebook

Friend For A FoeFacebook


Misery IndexFacebook

A Sound Of ThunderWebFacebook

Wings DeniedFacebook


Cab Ride HomeFacebook


Drugs Of FaithWebFacebook

Dying FetusFacebook


Iron ManWebFacebook


Sky Came BurningFacebook

A Sound Of ThunderWebFacebook



Absolute VengeanceWebFacebook


Caustic CasanovaWebFacebook

Chopper Trike RebelsWebFacebook

Darkest HourWebFacebook

Dying FetusFacebook

Fierce AllegianceWebFacebook


King GiantWebFacebook


Pig DestroyerFacebook

A Sound Of ThunderWebFacebook


If you’d like your metal band’s video here email me the link at Please be sure the video has studio quality audio, no live audio. I want to keep the audio quality high here not to mention there is just too much live footage online for me to even attempt to keep track of it all. Of course, all bands must be from the area this blog covers, which is basically the area from Baltimore through Northern Virginia.

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