Since 2009 DCHeavyMetal.com has been the best place to find info on all things metal in the Washington DC, Baltimore and Northern Virginia area. This is a site dedicated to getting people more interested in the growing metal scene in this area, and to help make being a part of it easier for everyone: the bands, the fans, the venues and promoters too. I have a true passion for metal and I want to get readers of the site as excited about metal as I am! All sub-genres of metal are welcome here, even those I’m not particularly fond of have a home at this site. DCHM is no place for elitist exclusionary bullshit.

On DCHeavyMetal.com you’ll find concert reviews, album reviews, interviews, concert ticket give aways for upcoming metal shows in the area, and of course there’s the most popular page on the site, the upcoming metal concerts calendar.

If you just can’t get enough of DCHM on this site you can “like” us on Facebook (here) or follow me on Twitter at @MetalChris for regular updates, links, exclusive contests and day-of-show set times for area metal shows. You can also see thousands of photos I’ve shot of bands at concerts around the area on my Flickr page here or check out the hundreds of live videos I’ve posted to YouTube here. I also take photos of bands on my phone while I’m out at shows (which is quite often) and post them to Instagram here.

You can email me, Metal Chris, at DCHeavyMetal@Gmail.com Feel free to tell me about an upcoming metal show I haven’t listed yet or if you’d like us to consider your band’s album for review on DCHM or if you have any other questions pertaining to the site.

I write everything on this site except the album reviews which are written by Tal and Vivek. You can click their names to see their posts. Tal also has their own blog which you can find here.

I hope you enjoy the site enough to keep coming back. Stay metal everyone and support the scene you’re a part of!


  1. hey its awseome

  2. anyone interested can email me for more info! Thanks Chris-Great blog!

  3. What a KickAss site! Just wanted to say Hi and give you props…
    I wish I had been there last night!!
    Much love, hope we can catch up soon!


  4. Awesome site man!!! I just helped spread the word on Facebook, more people need to know about this, keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hey i like what your doing with this site, I interview metal bands for rnrtv, would you be willing to chat?

  6. hey there i am putting on the maryland metal music confrennce in baltimore and am looking for some gust speekeres to come and talk about what makes the metal seen in this area so good if you would be interested in being one of these speekers please let me know thanks

  7. Hey Chris thanx for those pictures they are awesome we really appreciate it.
    sux that the mix wasn’t great so you could of gotten a better feel for us but thats how playing the clubs go sometimes. email me back bro later

  8. hey, i’d love a bumper sticker. adress is….
    716 maplewood ave. apt 3
    takoma park, MD 20912


  9. Brother, brutal site. Great place to get all different types of metal shows all together. Will definitely reference for future shows! \m/

  10. Chris, you are the man! I’ll be moving to DC next January.. this blog is making more and more excited about music in the DC area.. I look forward to seeing you at shows!

  11. Thanks for the great site. As a recent transplant to the area, I find the Events page especially helpful.

  12. Bumper Sticker Please:

    1201 S Eads Street
    Arlington, VA 22202

  13. Whos looking for a death metal vocalist?

  14. horns up

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