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I’ve decided to list online streams by local metal bands here, or streams that benefit local venues and/or charities, for the time being. I know that some local venues have already started hosting indoor shows here and there but I’m not going to encourage that sort of recklessness. If you’re a local metal band doing a livestreamed performance email me at DCHeavyMetal@Gmail.com to get listed here.

December 2020

Check out the headliner:

Bands: Darkest Hour and Misery Signals

Venue: Black Cat (Washington, DC)

Date: Saturday, December 5th, 2020 at 9pm

Darkest Hour will be streaming an encore presentation of their Live at the Black Cat 2020 Benefit Concert while Misery Signals will be streaming a never before seen set recorded especially for this online event.

The Facebook event page for this concert is here

Get tickets here for $10 (there’s also merch bundles)

Stream link: darkesthour.veeps.com/stream/schedule

Direct link to this concert listing:

Check out the headliner:

Bands: Clutch

Venue: The Doom Saloon (Gaithersburg, MD)

Date: Friday, December 18th, 2020 at 8pm

Clutch will be livestreaming a 15 song “greatest hits” set based on the 15 most popular songs that were requested for their Doom Saloon II livestream a couple months back. This is an actual live performance by the band from their practice space/studio.

Get tickets here for $15 (there’s also merch bundles)

Stream link: will be emailed to ticket holders about 24 hours before the show

Direct link to this concert listing:


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  13. Metal Chris, you could not be more awesome. Thank you so much for keeping this list going! If I ever run into you at one of these gigs, the beers are on me, dude.

  14. very cool site.thanks for the listings. i think krass judgement are playing on the exumed/goatwhore show

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  16. Had lots of fun at the Ghost show, It was fucking beautiful. Once again thanx for the site, new to area and pleased with this healthy metal sceene. DC knows how to tear shit up… See ya’ll at the Testament show!

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  19. This site is really cool for letting people updated for their favorite metal band concerts and tours….

  20. M/A was the band that got me into the genre many years ago.I’ve never seen them live and I pretty much adore you for making my day with the news that they are touring to a place I can see them….. in only a few months. I thank you big big. :-)

  21. Great job on your new review at mayhem. I enjoy reading your reviews and strongly agree with your point of view you put out there. Stay brutal man..
    Hammer fist!

  22. By any chance did you whats the latest the buses run in Springfield, VA? I wil be livig in Washingon DC, but I would not have a problem going there, only getting back home.


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  24. Love the updates. I know DORO and SISTER SIN are coming to Empire (http://www.empire-nova.com/eventdetails.aspx?eventId=294 ) and Baltimore Soundstage next year.

  25. this site is really cool! Thanks for keeping us up to date with shows!

  26. Love this site. A real goldmine. Thanks for the time and effort keeping it up to date.
    Would miss out and never hear about many of these local shows happening without it.

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  28. Thanks so much for doing this!!!! I check it at least once a week XD

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