Three Year Anniversary

Today turns 3 and it wouldn’t ever have been possible if it wasn’t for all the metal heads in this area. I am rather proud of myself as there are so many blogs out there that start and stop before running this long. I never thought when I started DCHM that it would end up changing my life but it certainly has. I’ve met so many cool people because of this site and it is you all who make this site worth doing. You read this site, tell your friends about it, shake my hand and say thanks at shows, and even tell me when I screw things up on the site, be it minor grammatical errors or bad/old info on the concert listings. It all helps make something better than I could have ever hoped. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to continue to improve the site and spend most of my free time making it kick even more ass. Right now I’m in the middle of the slow process of completely revamping the Venues page. When it is done all the info on it will be updated and it will look more like the Upcoming Concert Calendar‘s new look. It will also include info on other local metal related businesses like record stores that specialize in metal and local guitar repair shops with employees that are metal heads. I’m also working on a deal with the Howard Theatre to give away tickets to their upcoming metal shows so hopefully one of you will be winning tickets to see Morbid Angel soon.

There’s another change coming to DCHM, and I think it’s a big step for the site. I’ve been thinking for a while about posting some album reviews on the site, however, I personally don’t like writing album reviews. So I’ve decided to let someone else start writing some for DCHM. I’ll have a formal announcement about that later but expect to see, at least at first, only material by local bands being reviewed here. I think Pig Destroyer’s new album will be the first review but again, some of the details are still being ironed out. The site keeps me very busy as it is with the constant updating of the calendar and you may have noticed some long gaps between posts on the site this summer. Those were mostly due to my free time simply being overwhelmed with the work I need to do on the site just to keep it up to date. Hopefully letting someone else post some album reviews will help break up those gaps between my posts. It’s kind of scary to me to give up some of the writing control as up to this point everything on DCHM (photos, videos, writing, reviews, concert listings, etc..) has been written or shot by me. But I’d like to see the site get even bigger and it is getting to the point that I simply can’t do it alone. Please don’t ask me if you can start contributing to DCHM, if I want you to do so I will ask you. I’m working on setting up a mailing address that local bands can send material to for review but nothing is final yet so you’ll have to wait for that info to be posted when it is solidified.

I’m looking forward to seeing evolve into something even better than what it is now but it still takes help from you guys. If you’d like to kick a few bucks my way you can always do so via Paypal by sending any amount money to (or just clicking here). I promise to only spend the money on things related to the site, and maybe beer. But most of it will definitely go to things like hosting, concert tickets, upgrades to my cameras for concert photos, and restocking merch. Even if ya can’t help out financially helping spread the word to your metal head friends always helps too. Thanks to everyone for making the past three years the most metal three years of my life! Keep it heavy and remember, support the scene you’re a part of!

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