Looking For Album Reviewers

I’m way behind on several things on the DCHeavyMetal.com these days yet May 2013 had by far the most hits on DCHM of any month in the site’s history! That said, I’d like to get some more album reviews going and since I’m having trouble finding someone to write for me consistently I’m going to ask you all for some test submissions. I’m currently looking for 3 writers right now, so hopefully at least ONE of you will stick this time. I’d like someone who specializes in Death/Black/Grind/Thrash and someone who specializes in Prog/Power/Djent/Melodic and someone who specializes in Doom/Stoner/Sludge. There will probably be chances to write for other subgenres outside of your specialization too, but I’d like experts in each of those areas. If I like your stuff then I might ask you to do some writing on DCHM, particularly album reviews but who knows, things could evolve from there. This isn’t paid, though you’ll at least get some free metal albums out of it and you’ll get your writing in front of some eyeballs too. I’m not making money doing this, I just love fucking metal and I’m looking for other aspiring local metal writers who do as well. You’ve gotta be local, I don’t want people outside the area that this site covers to be writing on DCHM. In fact, most of the album reviews will be of local metal bands, from bigger acts like Darkest Hour and Pentagram to smaller locals. If this starts rolling we’ll start reviewing albums by national acts too. If you’re a local promoter or in a local band then you’re going to have conflict of interest issues and you’re not going to be eligible to write for DCHM. I’m not a super hardcore editor, you don’t have to like the same albums/bands I do. So if you’re interested email me at DCHeavyMetal@Gmail.com with some writing samples and tell me what area you’d specialize in as well as you favorite (inter)national and local bands of those genres. Got questions? Post em here and I’ll answer. If you’ve got a friend who might be interested, feel free to send them the link to this post.