My First Post On Scene Trek

Since I apparently don’t spend enough of my spare time working on I have started writing for another website as well, Scene Trek. My first post, about heavy metal in the middle east, is online and you can read it here. Feedback is welcome so leave a comment there if you’ve got some. And if that isn’t cool enough for you I’ve uploaded a nine song mp3 mix to go along with it that you can download for free here.

The premise behind Scene Trek is something like that of Star Trek, but instead of scouring the universe in search of hot alien babes exotic alien life forms, we’re exploring the diverse worlds of music from every scene we can. This isn’t limited to heavy metal, Scene Trek covers music of every genre, and I’ve signed on as the official metal contributor for the site to make sure the heavier side of music isn’t overlooked. While I love covering the local metal scene and all the metal bands coming through the greater Washington DC area, Scene Trek gives me a chance to write about many of the bands I enjoy from all over the world that might never play here and thus never get to be covered on my blog. It also allows me to talk about bands all together in one scene instead of just the one band from a scene or location that happens to be coming through the area. And because Scene Trek is for all genres of music it also lets me expose some of the bands I really love to people who might not know much about heavy metal at all.

The site was started by Dawn Reed, an old friend of mine who you may have seen as one of the hosts of the recently canceled music video show Strictly Global on the MHz Network, an international cable TV channel. Dawn isn’t one to just quit what she was doing for the show so she started this blog in order to continue to share her knowledge of music from around the world. She is also an editor for the Deli Magazine’s DC website which covers the local music scene here in Washington DC. She’s really good at keeping her ear on the pulse of music from all over the world and I’m honored she is letting me write for Scene Trek. The site is brand new and at least for now none of us are making any money doing this, we just really love music. So if you enjoy checking out new and exotic music from around the world be sure to give Scene Trek a “like” on Facebook or a follow on Twitter and of course check in to the Scene Trek website’s blog regularly. If you know someone who might like the site or even just a specific post on it help us spread the word and let them know about Scene Trek. We want to make the site grow and there’s lots of ideas being bounced around but it’s going to take the help of music fans everywhere to get to where we want to be. I know that not everyone who reads is going to care about what I do on Scene Trek, so I won’t post here every time I make a post on there, but I wanted to say something here to let people know where else I am writing. And don’t worry, is still my main priority, think of Scene Trek as my side project band, haha. Thank you for reading the entirety of this shameless self promotion, you people that read this site make all the work worth it!

February 2010 has not been my month

Well, this month has been pretty shitty for me here. First it just kept fucking snowing more and more killing most plans for anything. Then Nile decided to play Jaxx on Valentines Day, and even though it got bumped to an early hour, I still couldn’t see them without having to sleep on the couch for a month. So I missed that, fine, at least I was going to get to see Skeletonwitch the 21st at the Red and the Black, right? I’d finally have some new pics and a nice gig to review for my blog which has been silent all month. Nope, I got some virus and basically became useless for a week. Now I’m feeling mostly back to normal but the month has all but slipped past and I haven’t posted anything new recently. Sucks! I always try to see, at the very least, 1 live metal concert every month, not because of the blog but because I love going to metal shows. I haven’t seen anything this whole calendar month now and that blows. Now I haven’t stopped caring about the blog, and I’m not one of those people who likes making excuses for why they haven’t posted to my site, I’m pretty pissed about having to do this.

Regardless of my concert going and blog posting set backs, in this month I have been trying to make the site better and better. The Venues page on the site has gotten a big update, all venues now have a logo for them (if I could find one at least) making it easier to just skim and find the venue you want info on, a link to their location on Google Maps, their phone number, and I’ve done my very best to hunt down every venue’s entire web presence, including all official MySpace, Facebook and Twitter pages as well as their Yelp pages which have helpful reviews from people who have been there before. I’m trying to make my Venues page the best place in the DC area for people to find info on any of the venues they may see mentioned on this site.

I’ve also been working on my site’s most popular page, the Upcoming Concerts page. I’ve moved the posters to just before each listing instead of after, and for events I haven’t been able to hunt down a flyer or poster for, I’ve added the headliner’s logo. Again, this is to make it easier to scroll down the page and find the listing you want at a glance. I’ve started listing more info for each show, such as ticket prices including the price of the ticket before and after all the fees and shipping costs. I also include direct links to buy the tickets from the appropriate ticket vendor. I don’t make any commission off that, I just did it to make things easier for you who read this. I still recommend buying tickets at the venue pre-sale as soon as you can if possible. Most places charge you less for buying tickets at least a day early in cash, and they usually drop all fees when you do, making tickets much cheaper, especially when buying multiple. If you can’t do that because you’re out of the area or something, well, that’s what the links are for. I’ve also decided to start including more of the metal shows of sub-genres I don’t particularly like. For now that mostly means more power metal and metalcore (and variations on those sub genres) but I might expand it more if people seem to like it. I haven’t done a whole lot of this yet because when I was starting to I became ill, but expect to see more shows added soon (like in the rest of this week). I will not add any hair metal/glam rock at any point to the calendar, no matter what. That said, I do want this calendar to be the ultimate metal concert calendar for the DC and Baltimore area. I always stretch the rules for local bands, so I’ll add a local band of just about any metal genre to the calendar. If your band is playing a show somewhere, even at someone’s basement or whatever, let me know and I’ll add it to the Upcoming Concerts page.

Well, that’s it for this post which is basically a “sorry I haven’t updated in a while” thing, which I HATE seeing on other websites, even worse I now have one on my own. I really am not giving up on this site any time soon and I still have a lot of energy and ideas to put into it. I’m thinking about doing some interviews as posts, not sure if that will be audio, text or what yet. We’ll see if I do any at all. I updated my post with the running order for Maryland Deathfest VIII too. If you’re wondering who that N2k2 or N2002 band is that’s been added, it’s really an old Swedish death metal band named Nirvana 2002 that is reforming to play MDF. I guess nobody is allowed to use their real name due to some IP law bullshit but I don’t care about that. There have been some other adjustments to the line up also, mostly effecting Sunday/day 3’s line up. I have also added the recently leaked Burzum album Belus to the Downloads page, I highly recommend it. His screams are gone but that classic minimalist sound that hypnotizes with it’s repetition is still there. I plan on attending the Kreator show at Jaxx on March 3rd and should have photos and a review of that up afterwards too. As always, I love feedback from people reading this, so if you have any ideas or suggestions for DC Heavy Metal dot Com let me know in the comments or via Twitter or however else ya want. Now I’ve got to go take my car to the repair shop… Seriously, is it March yet?