Interview with Andrew Lee of Ripped To Shreds

I recently interviewed Andrew Lee, the mastermind behind the death metal band Ripped to Shreds, which aired on the Metal Embassy Radio Show. I also posted the interview portion of the radio show as a podcast so if you missed it you can listen to the interview that way. We talked about the new Ripped to Shreds album 劇變 (Jubian), working with the Japanese band Pharmacist, his solo project Heavy Metal Shrapnel, plus other subjects like what it’s like being an Asian American involved the heavy metal world of the West.

Metal Embassy Podcast episode 14: Andrew Lee of Ripped To Shreds

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You can buy or stream the new album 劇變 (Jubian) by Ripped to Shreds on Bandcamp below.

Ripped to Shreds music video for the song “Reek of Burning Freedom”