Free Hesher Sneak Preview Tickets

Ok this is a heavy metal blog so you might be wondering what I’m doing with a post about a new movie coming out. Longtime followers of the site will remember I’ve promoted things like the Baltimore showing of Until The Light Takes Us as well as Heavy Metal Picnic when that premiered in Silver Spring. Hesher isn’t as metal related as those two, but it does seem to have a really metal soundtrack and the font on the poster is obviously taken from Metallica. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who I know from Inception and the tv show Third Rock From The Sun) as well as Natalie Portman (Queen Amidala in the Star Wars prequels, duh) and Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office). I could give ya a short bio of the movie but really just check out the trailer at the bottom of this post or look it up on IMDB here.

The movie comes out in Washington DC on Friday the 13th, but I’ve been given 20 pairs of tickets (40 total) to give away to you loyal readers of to the sneak preview screening the night before, Thursday the 12th of May 2011. The screening will be at Landmark Theaters E Street Cinema in Washington DC at 7:30pm. They only come in pairs and when they’re gone they’re gone, first come first served. To get your free pair of tickets go to and enter the promo code YG4D8P15 and then tell everyone how Metal Chris and rules. If you’re too late and they’re all gone be sure to check it out next weekend anyways. Now, here’s the trailer: