Queensrÿche ticket give away

Queensryche at the 9:30 Club

Here’s another ticket give away for readers of DCHeavyMetal.com! This time you can win a pair of tickets to see the old school power prog metal band Queensrÿche play the 9:30 Club on Tuesday 9 August 2011 with opening act The Voodoos. To enter just tell me what song you’d like to hear Queensryche play from their albums in the 80s. If you don’t know any of their songs from back then, you can see their discography here (just click an album title to see it’s track listing). I’ll randomly select a winner to get the tickets from all eligible entries at 5pm EST on Friday August 5th 2011. Be sure to use a valid email address you check regularly when you enter (the email address does not have to be in the post itself) so that I can contact you if you win. If the winner does not respond within 24 hours I’ll pick another winner at 5pm the next day. And don’t worry, I won’t put your email on any lists or spam you, I hate that crap too. Don’t be a jerk and enter multiple times or I’ll disqualify all your entries. If you just can’t wait to get your tickets or the contest is already over when you read this, they’re available from Ticket Fly for $35 each here.

Queensrÿche is a progressive metal band from Washington state and this is their Washington DC area stop on their 30th Anniversary Tour. The band still consists of four of the original five members, so you can bet they’ll be playing some of their old material for this anniversary tour. Unlike many bands from the 80s, they weren’t forgotten once the grunge wave hit in the early 90s because these guys were actually writing music with some substance to it. The fact they’re playing large venues like the 9:30 Club shows that the band still has a strong following, even after all this time. They just finished a string of gigs in Europe opening for Judas Priest on their farewell tour and now they’re coming to the states to headline. Enter the contest in the comments below then check out this recent backstage video interview with Queensrÿche singer Geoff Tate.


  1. I’d love to hear Queen Of The Ryche. Song was so amazing back in the day.

  2. Would definitely be cool to hear Breaking the Silence.

  3. “Gonna get close to you”!

  4. I am all about
    The Needle Lies.

  5. Saw them on the Prog Nation tour a couple of years ago – awesome show!

  6. Screaming in Digital has always been one of my favorites.

    Great band, especially live, can’t afford them this trip thru DC.

  7. Silent Lucidity

  8. i want to here empire.awesome song.

  9. Anyone that’s posting anything after Operation Mindcrime, please see the rules :D

    Love to hear “Spreading the Disease”

    • You’re the winner of the free pair of tickets!

  10. Breaking the Silence…I agree!

  11. I wouldn’t mind seeing Queensrÿche at the 9:30 Club.

  12. As a thank you to my best friend, who loves Queensryche I love to get the opportunity to take him to see one of his favorite bands. I’m as familiar with the albums but one song I wouldn’t mind hearing “Jet City Woman.” I think a good song from the 80s would be “The Lady Wore Black.” Thank you for considering us!

  13. Hard to pick just one… I do love Eyes of a Stranger!

  14. Gonna Get Close to You from the Rage For Order album.. goodstuff !

  15. I would like to see them play No Sanctuary from the Warning Album, such a great song, I will now have to crank it on the way home from work.

  16. loved to hear Eyes of a Stranger.

  17. Spreading the disease!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. want to hear ‘the lady wore black’ and the entire ‘operation mindcrime’ album! with the movie!! have loved queensryche since the mini 4 lp! will be there next wednesday, regardless!!!!!!!

  19. Silent Lucidity

  20. I wanna hear Eyes of a Stranger and EMPIRE!!!!

  21. Resistance.

    Even though it was not technically released in the 80s (it was 1990, right?).

  22. I Don’t Believe in Love!

  23. Jet city woman!

  24. Gonna Get Close To You!

  25. I would LOVE to hear them play “I Dream in Infrared”!

  26. Walk in the Shadows from the Rage for Order album

  27. Would also love to hear Breaking the Silence

  28. Favorite Mindcrime song was always Revolution Calling. Haven’t seen Queensryche since early 90’s… think it was Empire tour, Suicidal Tendencies opening act

  29. I want to hear “Gonna Get Close To You”. Rage For Order!

  30. They need to play the title track from Operation Mindcrime. Truly one of the best concept albums ever.

  31. NM 156

  32. Spreading the Disease… from Operation Mindcrime (eternal… classic)

  33. For me I was hooked right from “The Lady Wore Black” then everything else up to and including “The Eyes of a Stranger” and of course the all time favorite Rock Masterpiece “Operation Mindcrime.”. I’d love to hear any of those! I saw them last night in upstate NY and they were absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! I won’t ruin it for anyone by telling you what they played. I would love to Win tix and come down and see the show in DC. That’s what Summers are for. Having fun and Road Trips! “You are Never too old to Rock and Roll!” Just look at Geoff Tate! 5O and still got it going on :)

  34. Would love to see them perform the Operation Mindcrime song!! Saw them last night in NY, Awesome. Cool keyboards too!

  35. The Road to Madness….no doubt.

  36. I’d love to hear walk in the shadows. Awesome track!!!

  37. Operation: Mindcrime


  38. Revolution Calling or Suite Sister Mary from Operation: Mindcrime!

  39. Queen of the Reich. That freaking opening note. Lord!

  40. ‘Take hold of the flame’ would be pretty cool…..

  41. They have to play Queen of the Reich!!

  42. Got to hear Spreading the Disease!

  43. Spreading the Disease!

  44. No Sanctuary

  45. The Lady Wore Black

  46. “Walk in the Shadows”….I would definately like to hear that one.

  47. can I enter twice….Jet City Woman and then I Don’t Believe In Love….all of them really; I have never seen the boyz live.

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