Mastodon and Puscifer ticket give aways

That’s right, is giving away tickets to not one, but TWO kick ass shows coming up this weekend. Puscifer (featuring Maynard James Keenan of Tool fame) and Carina Round are playing at the Lisner Auditorium on Saturday the 26th of November 2011, and Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Red Fang are playing at the 9:30 Club on Sunday the 27th of November 2011. All you’ve got to do to enter is post a comment on this post below telling me which concert you want to be entered in to win. You can enter to win tickets to either one or both, but you can only win a pair of tickets to one of them. Be sure you use a valid email address when you enter so that I can contact you when you win. I won’t put you on any email lists or anything else annoying like that cause I hate spam too. After you spend Thursday gorging like a pig, arguing with your relatives and getting drunk watching football you deserve a prize. So at 5pm EST on Black Friday, the 25th of November 2011, I’ll pick two winners (at random using from all the valid entries below, one for each concert. Check out the details of each show below, with poster images and links to where you can hear the bands’ music, then post a comment at the end of this post where you name your poison. Good luck!

Puscifer at Lisner Auditorium

Saturday’s show is Puscifer performing live at the Lisner Auditorium on the campus of George Washington University inside the District. It’s a seated show but don’t worry, I’ve got a pair of tickets reserved that one of you is going to win. Puscifer is the name of what is essentially Maynard James Keenan’s solo project that he plays with when he’s not busy with Tool and A Perfect Circle. This is their only area stop on the Conditions Of My Parole tour. The opening act is Carina Round, a British singer and guitar player who has brought her band to the US to open on this tour. If you can’t wait to get tickets or the contest is over when you read this you can buy tickets for $45 from Ticket Master here.

Mastodon at the 9:30 Club

Sunday night’s show is headlined by one of the biggest metal bands out of that huge Georgia metal scene, Mastodon. This tour’s stop at the 9:30 Club is going to be their first area show in support of their newest album, The Hunter, and will be the first time people around here will get to hear any of those new songs live. The middle band is The Dillinger Escape Plan, a metalcore band from New Jersey and the concert will be opened by Portland, Oregon’s stoner act Red Fang. If you don’t want to wait for the contest to end to be sure you can get in to this show you can buy tickets now from Ticket Fly for $30 each here.


  1. I’d love tickets to either show! So many badass bands!

  2. I would love tickets to the Mastodon/DEP show. I saw Dillinger open for the Deftones back in April and they were insane. Would love the opportunity to see them again!

  3. I’d go see Mastodon, I’ve never seen them live

  4. Hell yeah, Mastodon! Me and mine are going to try to go in any case, but we’d love tickets!

  5. I would love to see Mastodon and Red Fang. Stuff has come up the past two times Mastodon was in town which prevented me from going.

  6. Mastodon!!!

  7. Mastodon!!

  8. Hey! I would love some mastodon tix.

    • You’re the winner of the pair of Mastodon tickets! Congrats!

  9. Mastodon please!

  10. Mastodon please!

  11. Mastodon, please!

  12. Mastodon only because I can’t make it to the Puscifer show due to plans with the parental units.

  13. Mastodon, pleeeeease???

  14. Yo how about some Mastodon tickets!

  15. Aw man, Mastadon will be great!

  16. I would love to see Puscifer. Have seen Tool numerous times and A Perfect Circle once. Would love to see Puscifer for the first time.

  17. I would love to see Puscifer. .

  18. I would love to see Mastadon. I moved up here last January from Atlanta, haven’t seen them since the Scion Rock Fest held in Atlanta ;)

  19. Puscifer tickets!!

  20. mastodon! i love me some maynard but, its just not possible to attend that one

  21. I would LOVE a chance to see Mastodon!

  22. Mastodon / TDEP… purrteh please??!!! :) thanks! :)

  23. Mastodon!! \m/


  24. Mastodon!! \m/


  25. I’d like to see some PUSCIFER!

  26. I’d love to see Mastodon! I just got their album on vinyl and it hasn’t stopped spinning since!

  27. I feel I should win the ticket giveaway for the Mastodon show as I celebrate their entire catalogue and would be simply stoked to see them live once again (1st time-Dethklok/Mastodon-10-31-2009). I would also be very excited and honored to finally see D.E.P, a band i respect fully and enjoy.

    I frequent your website often to look for show schedules and check out the photography from shows you have attended.

    If this is all not good enough reason to win, i wouldnt know what is. Thank You!- Marcus

    • Mastodon was awesome at that concert (10/31/09)! Weren’t they dressed up like Will Ferrell and others in the movie Semi-Pro? Gotta love the halloween concerts…even got a drumstick from them that night… kick ass band…


  29. I would love to see Puscifer! I’ve seen Maynard live with Tool and A Perfect Circle. I just need to complete the ensemble of Maynard Mania with Puscifer. :-)

    Rock On! \m/

  30. I’d love tickets to Puscifer!

  31. Puscifer! Man, I would love to go to that show!

  32. While I would be grateful for the opportunity to check out either show, (and this IS a tough decision) my preference would be for Puscifer with Carina Round. Thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway!

  33. Mastodon!

  34. I would like to see Mastodon, please! \m/

  35. Mastodon, haven’t seen em yet

  36. I’d really love to see Mastodon, epic music..!!! The DEP are kick ass and Red Fang put on a damn good show (seen this over the summer)… Would be a great nite of music after stuffing our faces.

  37. Pucifier please!

  38. Mastadon! Dillinger!

  39. M.A.S.T.O.D.O.N.

  40. I’m from Savannah and I’d love to see some Georgia boys destroy it again. Mastodon Please !

  41. Puscifer

  42. I would love tickets to Puscifer! I saw them last year and it was amazing, financial reasons are preventing me this time :/

  43. Mastodon, please!

  44. Desperate for a Mastadon ticket, brotha!

  45. would love to see mastodon!!!

  46. Puscifer!!! please!!!!

  47. Mastodon, DEP, and Red Fang? Concert of the year! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I would love to see this show. It might be my last for a while as I have a baby due on the 9th of Dec. This show would be such an awesome way to say goodbye to my ‘going to shows’ on a weekly basis days.

  48. I would love to see Puscifer!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

  49. I want Puscifer!

  50. I would LOVE to see Puscifer.

  51. Mastodon is one of my favorite bands of all time and i’m afraid i won’t get to see them when their a young band.

  52. It would be an amazing gift to see Puscifer.
    Puscifer is the the only Maynard project that I have not had the chance to see live. I love to suprise my wife for a late birthday/ early Christmas present.

    • Congrats Chip, you’re the winner of the tickets to see Puscifer!

  53. I’d love to see Mastodon for the first time!

  54. Would love to see Puscifer!

  55. I would like to be entered for both but prefer mastodon if it comes to that. Thanks

  56. Mastodon ftw

  57. Puscifer tickets would be awesome!!! :)

  58. Mastodon would be awesome

  59. Hey, I would be so grateful to win these tickets because my best friend wants nothing
    more for Christmas than to go to this concert. She is obsessed with Maynard and loves pucifer. She deserves these tickets because she’s the best friend anyone could have ever asked for. Find it in your heart to let us go to this concert. Thank you! :)

  60. Mastodon. Dillinger.

  61. Puscifer, all the way.

  62. Add me in for Puscifer!

  63. Mastodon!

  64. Mastodon please!

  65. Mostodon tix would be amazing!

  66. BOTH

  67. Puscifer please!

  68. Mastodon, please…

    I come from Turkey, and I missed one show in my country. I dont wanna miss that one. If the tickets were not sold out, I would surely buy the ticket.

  69. I would love the puscifer tickets, Happy Thanksgiving. thanks

  70. Puscifer tickets please? Amazing band, I hear their live show is fantastic. My girlfriend is Italian so I love that Puscifer.



  73. Would love Pucifer tickets! Please hook me up!

  74. Mastodon!

  75. My little brother has lost his wife and his job all in the last few months. Maynard is his idol. Would love to be able to surprise him with puscifer tickets

  76. Both bands are Amazing \m/…

  77. Would love both! Thank you! :D

  78. I’d like to see Mastodon but I’m too broke to afford tickets.

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