Meshuggah/Baroness and Opeth/Mastodon ticket give aways!

The new Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland, hasn’t had a metal show since Anthrax and Testament played there in November, but they’ve just announced two killer metal concerts coming there in May. The Heritage Hunter tour with Opeth, Mastodon and Ghost on May 9th and the Ophidian Trek tour with Meshuggah, Baroness and Decapitated on May 22nd. Here at we couldn’t pick which concert to give tickets away to, so we’re giving a pair of tickets away to both shows! All you’ve got to do to enter is make a comment at the bottom of this post saying which of these killer metal shows you’d like to enter to win tickets to. You can enter to win both if you’d like, but each concert will have a different winner. The winners will be picked at 4pm EST on Friday the 10th of February. One winner will be chosen at random with for each concert and they’ll win a pair of tickets to the show of their choice! Be sure you use a real email address you check regularly when you enter so I can contact you when you win, though your email doesn’t have to be in the comment itself. And don’t worry, I won’t add you to any email lists or sell your info to anyone, I hate that crap too. Now, here’s a bit more info on these concerts.

The Heritage Hunter tour has quite a line up! Opeth is Sweden’s premiere progressive metal band and while their last trip through the area saw them playing mostly softer material with a focus on their new album, Heritage, word has it this tour will feature a more “best of” style set list. I suppose we won’t know for sure until they’re actually playing it though. Opeth sold out their last area appearance on November 1st at Rams Head Live in Baltimore. Mastodon is probably the most famous band out of that big Georgia metal scene. Their latest album, The Hunter, looks to make them an even bigger name in the world of metal and you can bet they’ll be playing material from it as well. They also sold out their last area appearance which was at the 9:30 Club on November 27th. The opening act on this tour is Sweden’s mysterious Ghost. The members of the band all cover their faces and hide their identities and so the rumors have swirled around them about who might actually be in the band and what other bands those people are members of. Regardless, their debut album, Opus Eponymous, has won over critics and metal fans alike with their clean vocals and simple but catchy songs, all in the name of Satan of course. And you probably guessed it, but they also sold out their most recent area appearance when they headlined the Rock & Roll Hotel on January 19th. That’s right, this tour is made up of three bands who all sold out their most recent area appearances. If you missed any of them before now is your chance to see them live! If you want to be sure you get tickets before it sells out (which it seems likely to do considering the line up) you can buy tickets online now for $29.50 here.

The other metal show coming to the Fillmore in May is the Ophidian Trek tour with Sweden’s popular tech metal band Meshuggah headlining in support of their new album Koloss. Everyone knows these guys can shred and this will be the area’s first chance to hear any of their new material played live. If that wasn’t good enough for you they’ve also brought along another one of the premiere bands from the Georgia metal scene, Baroness! Baroness should have a new album out this year, hopefully in time for this tour, but even if they don’t the material on their first two albums is fantastic live. I saw them play the Rock & Roll Hotel back in November of 2009 and while that show was excellent, it will be great to see them on a bigger stage. The opening act is Decapitated, a Polish technical death metal band that has reformed with a new line up after a tragic bus accident in 2007 left the drummer dead and the vocalist in a coma. And you know what Meshuggah and Decapitated on the same bill means, you’re pretty much guaranteed to hear both Bleed and Spheres Of Madness played live at the same concert, hell yeah! If you want to get tickets to this show now and not have to worry about it selling out (you know, on the off chance you don’t win this contest) you can go ahead and buy your tickets online for $25 each by going here.

Well, those are your two choices. Check out these classic videos by the headliners and enter to win below!


  1. both but if i had to chose,

    OPETH AND MASTON!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Meshuggah/Baroness

  3. To be given a ticket to see MastOpeth would be just peachy.

  4. Opeth/Mastodon/Ghost

  5. Opeth Mastadon & Ghost would be awesome to see.

  6. I mean I just saw Mastodon….so naturally I’d loveto see them again!

    Mastodon/Opeth please

  7. Meshuggah/Baroness

  8. Just bought tickets to Opeth/Mastodon. Think you could hook me up with some Meshuggah tickets too? I’d be so happy!

  9. I’d like to be entered for both, however, I think the Meshuggah/Baroness show will be far better.

  10. Opeth/Mastodon as I just bought tickets to the Meshuggah/Baroness show.

  11. I first learned about Opeth when they opened for Nevermore at Jaxx in Springfield. They were a bit more obscure back in those days (touring in support of “Still Life”) and I hadn’t heard a word (or note) of them up to that time. Usually opening bands at shows are only the opener for a reason, and concert-goers, (myself included) sometimes have a dismissive attitude about them. My attitiude about openers changed after that night ’cause I was absolutely floored by Opeth and have become a huge fan since. A couple of tours later (Deliverance/Damnation) they were booked at Jaxx again and I was crestfallen to discover the show had sold out before I could get tickets. I was so determined to see them that year that I drove to Norfolk to catch a show there instead. So as you can guess, I’d be very psyched to win tix to see them this tour! (Missed Mastodon at the last Ozzfest I went to, so I’d be psyched to see them as well.)

  12. Heritage Hunter tour!

  13. Since I’m an honest man, I will tell you – both!

    Since I’m a practical man, I will revise my statement:

    So yes, I prefer the Meshuggah show

  14. Opeth/Mastodon/Ghost. I want to see Meshuggah too, but I’ve passed on Opeth far too many times to miss out on them now.

  15. please enter me for both shows. thanks!

  16. Meshuggah/Baroness, please. Already bought my Ghost/Opeth/Mastodon ticket :)

  17. Both! But if I had to choose…Meshuggah/Baroness

  18. I’d love to see Meshuggah and Decapitated. Baroness would be a great band to see live as well. Some great freaking shows that I have to force myself to see

  19. Opeth Mastadon & Ghost!

  20. Opeth and mastodon

  21. Meshuggah, please. (We already have tix for Mastodon)

  22. Meshuggah, because I already have tickets to Mastodon/Opeth. Thanks Chris!

  23. Already have tix for Meshuggah – need tix for Mastodon/Opeth/Ghost show!

  24. Woah Meshuggah and Baroness! gimme gimme gimme!

  25. \m/ Heritage Hunter Tour \m/

  26. Ghost! Me want. Me want now!

  27. I want to see Meshuggah, but also want to see Ghost

  28. Heritage Hunter! thankx!! xox

  29. ooo both! my bday is 2/11

  30. Meshuggah & Baroness por favor!

  31. both please!…either would be awesome…

  32. I would love to get tickets to see Opeth & Mastodon…and Ghost!


  33. Meshuggah

  34. Either one, those are the two greatest line-ups ever!

  35. I saw Opeth back at Ram’s Head with Katatonia. I would love to see them with Mastadon and Ghost (even though I would love to see Meshugga).
    But Opeth is the band for me.

  36. Ill shoot for Meshuggah/Baroness too. (already asked for Mastodon as well)

  37. Mastodon – Opeth – Ghost. Yeah!

  38. \m/ Meshuggah and Baroness (already have my Heritage Hunter ticket).

  39. I’d like tickets to the Meshuggah show because I already got some for the Opeth/Mastodon. Thanks!

  40. Opeth, Mastodon and of course GHOST (since they rocked it at RnR)!

  41. Oh and the Baroness show please as well!

  42. Meshuggah/Baroness

  43. Meshuggah/Baroness would be awesome. I drove 8 hours to see Meshuggah last time and haven’t seen Baroness, but love their sounds and definately would like to.

  44. Meshuggah/Baroness.

  45. Opeth / Mastodon

  46. Meshuggah/Baroness!

  47. Opeth/Mastodon

  48. Baroness

  49. Let’s rock out with Mastadon!

  50. MASTADON!!!!!!!!

  51. I’d like to enter to win tickets to both shows. Glad to see the Fillmore drawing some great heavy music!

    If I must choose, however, Opeth!

  52. Would be pretty cool to see GHOST and Mastodon LIVE. If only to see what all the hype is about (Mastodon wise). I hope the Fillmore will handle entry better than the Anthrax show- we missed nearly all of Death Angel because of the line to get IN.

  53. Please sign me up for Meshuggah/Baroness/Decapitated.


    • Congrats, you’re the winner of the tickets to see Meshuggah!

  54. I’d love to see either show! Thanks for the giveaway, your blog is great.

  55. I would like to be entered for the Heritage Hunter tour.

  56. I’d like to be entered for both.

  57. Ooooooopeth!!! What a fantastic band. Sign me up for them and the space proggers from Georgia!!!



  58. […] DC Heavy Metal is giving away tickets to Meshuggah/Baroness and Opeth/Mastodon, the giveaway ends today so head over there and get into it: […]

  59. Enter me for both, I plan on hitting them both either way!

  60. Opeth/Mastodon!

  61. Enter me for both, both shows will be insane!!!

    • Congratulations, you won the Opeth tickets!

  62. Meshuggah!!!

  63. Put me down for Mastodon

  64. MESHUGGAH!!!!!


  66. Meshuggah!

  67. opeth and mastodon! should be a great show…

  68. Baroness/Meshuggah! What a strange/great pairing!

  69. Both please!

  70. Opeth/Mastodon!!!

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