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Iced Earth at the 9:30 Club

Because giving away tickets to see Rammstein and Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper this week just wasn’t enough is giving away a pair of tickets to see Iced Earth and Warbringer at the 9:30 Club on Tuesday 13 March 2012. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post below telling me which song you’d like to hear one of these bands play at the show. If you need help you can see both bands’ discographies here and here. Make sure you enter in a valid email address you check regularly when you submit your comment so I can contact you if you win, though it doesn’t need to be in the comment itself. On Monday, March 12th at 4pm EST the contest will close and I’ll select a winner at random (using from all the comments below to win the pair of tickets. Don’t be a jerk and enter multiple times or I’ll disqualify all your entries. And please don’t enter if you can’t make it to the show!

This concert will be Iced Earth’s first show in the DC area with their new vocalist, Stu Block, also of Into Eternity. In October 2011 the Florida based band put out their first album with Stu, titled Dystopia, and it has gotten good reviews from both fans of the band and critics. It seems like Stu was the kind of change the band really needed. Support on this tour comes from one of the hottest bands of the modern thrash metal wave, Warbringer. They come from Southern California and have been shredding people’s faces off everywhere they play. If you don’t want to wait to see if you won you can get tickets to this show from Ticket Fly for $25 here. Now check out the latest music videos by both of these bands featuring songs they each released late last year and enter the contest in the comments below!


  1. I would give ANYTHING, including my left testicle, to hear Iced Earth play “End Of Innocence” and I would sacrifice my first born to hear Warbringer play “Combat Shock”.

  2. I wanna hear “A Question of Heaven”

  3. I want to hear Iced Earth play Equilibrium!

  4. omg iced earth… metalchris thou art god hisself for giving away tickets to iced earth…
    i second ryan… with my right testicle and second born.

  5. Oh man! Iced Earth playing “Jekyll & Hyde!”


  7. “Dante’s Inferno” by Iced Earth of course!

  8. Dante’s Inferno

  9. Combat shock by Warbringer would be killer. As for Iced Earth I love to hear Stu do Damien, or Dracula

  10. Combat shock by Warbringer would be killer. As for Iced Earth I love to hear Stu do Damien, or Dracula

  11. Anthem all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I guess it’s kind of obvious…but I would love to hear “Iced Earth” — believe it or not, it was actually the first track of IE’s I ever heard.

  13. “Stormrider” by Iced Earth!

  14. Iced Earth for meeeeeeeeeee!! Dante’s Inferno!!

  15. Priest’s The Ripper

  16. Dante’s Inferno for sure

  17. It would be killer to see Iced earth again and hear Dragons Child.

  18. Hell yeah, wanna hear Dante’s Inferno!

  19. Dracula by Iced Earth

  20. Iced Earth- Wolf

  21. Can’t wait to see em with the new singer last year with Barlow was awesome

  22. I want to hear Dracula by Iced Earth!

  23. i was drive down for this show. i can’t make NYC one cause of work :(

  24. Iced Earth’s “Framing Armageddon”

    • …can’t believe I forgot the l in Strassel

  25. I would love to hear Iced Earth’s “Path I Choose”!!

  26. I want to hear TRAVEL IN STYGIA!!!!


  28. The River Styx is calling your numbahhhhh~

    Travel in Stygian.

  29. I want to hear Warbringer play “shattered like glass”

  30. I want to hear Dracula from Iced Earth!!

  31. I want to Hear wolf from Iced earth

  32. I know they aren’t playing it, but I’d love to hear Stu hit that beginning high note/scream from “Ten Thousand Strong”. Other than that, Dante’s Inferno is going to be incredible.

    • They may play it dude, they did on some of the European dates and they’ll have a longer set without Symphony X with them!

  33. Iced Earth should open the gates of Hell and play “Divide Devour”. Hey, and while we’re in Washington D.C, they should play some Sons of Liberty like “We The People” or ” Full Spectrum Dominance”. Hell yeah!

  34. Desert Rain. Even with all the classics they played at their last epic show at 9:30, Desert Rain wasn’t among them.


  36. Definetly would love to hear Iced Earth play Dark Saga and Warbringer-shattered like glass

  37. Angel’s Holocaust is my favorite song of theirs, so that would be sweeeeeet.

  38. It would be sweet to see Iced Earth play “Phantom Opera Ghost”. I bet Stu has enough range to hit the female high notes and Barlow’s parts! They’ll probably add a few songs to their set since no Symphony X so I’ll hold out hope;-)

  39. I would love to hear Ghost of Freedom, such a great song

  40. I would love to hear Iced earth play written on the walls from their first ablum Iced Earth !!!

  41. I want to heard Green Face by Iced Earth because its badass and I’ve been in 3rd Special Forces Group my entire army career!

  42. Sacrificial Kingdoms and Crucify The King :)

    cheers and glory :)

  43. I died for you _ Iced Earth

  44. Iced Earth – Dante’s Inferno
    Warbringer – Whirlwind

  45. I would sacrifice a presidential candidate to hear Damien by Iced Earth.

  46. I’ve never been to a concert before! Would love too hear Dystopia!!

    • Congratulations, you’re the winner of the Iced Earth tickets!

  47. Storm Rider by iced earth!

  48. Iced Earth: Has to be Ghost of freedom
    Warbringer: No question, its Combat Shock

  49. Dante’s Inferno!!!

    My Son and I made it to the Concert in Feb. at Philly and it ROCKED!! OMG, what a great band to see live and I would love more then anything to see Iced Earth again!! And DC is like only 2 hours away and would be well worth the drive!!

    BTW, Stu is awesome and really adds to the band that I hope will continue to ROCK for years to come!!!

  50. i would give anything to hear iced earth play the funeral!

  51. Ahoy! I would like to hear Iced Earth play “Wolf”, from Horror Show, as that song is bitchin’.

  52. Dark Saga-Iced Earth
    Severed Reality-Warbringer


  54. Iced Earth – Pure Evil

  55. Must hear warbringer play Living Weapon!!!!!!!! Gonna scream the lyrics out till my throat hurts… then keep screaming them

  56. Would love to hear Dracula by Iced Earth! Easily their best song!

  57. High Water Mark, Iced Earth. Some seriously rocking shit right there!

  58. I love “life and death” by Iced Earth but I doubt they’ll play it. One can only wish, right?

  59. Iced Earth – haven’t seen them since Horror Show. This would be great.

  60. I would like to hear Dark City off the new cd, or Desert Rain perhaps.

  61. I’ll go with something no one’s mentioned..”V”- Iced Earth.

  62. i withdraw my entry

  63. i’d love to hear iced earths “when the eagle cries”

  64. Dante’s Inferno by Iced Earth FOR SURE!!!

  65. “Whirlwind” by Warbringer

  66. Pure Evil! I would love to hear Stu and this amazing song put on.

  67. I would love to see Dystopia!!!! I would give anything for it!

  68. I would give anything to see Dystopia!

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