Election Day Playlist

Since this blog is based in the Washington DC area and today is election day I figured I should at least post something. If you “like” DCHeavyMetal.com on Facebook (page is here) then you probably saw me posting metal songs all day relating to voting and elections. Now I’ve conveniently posted them all below as a big playlist so give these songs a listen as you watch the election coverage, or just avoid it all together, and decide for yourself which is the best metal election day song. And of course if you know any that I missed feel free to post them in the comment section at the bottom.

Let Pepper Keenan remind you what today is about.

Corrosion Of Conformity – Vote With A Bullet – 1991 Blind

Here’s another election day themed music video. This one is from the Ministry album Relapse which came out in March of this year (2012).

Ministry – Git Up Get Out ‘n Vote – 2012 Relapse

Oh you didn’t think this would stop with Ministry did you? Here’s the instrumental track “Election Day” by the Hammers Of Misfortune.

The Hammers Of Misfortune – Election Day – 2006 The Locust Years

Swan Song isn’t exactly my favorite Carcass album but this one fits for today.

Carcass – Rock The Vote – 1996 Swansong

Anyone up for some grind from Pretty Little Flower today? It’s a short but to the point grind song.

P.L.F. – Bullshit At The Ballot Box – 2002 Swarming Industrial Cancer

Here’s one from Nux Vomica, a Portland based band with Baltimore ties. Intro by Chris Rock!

Nux Vomica – The Final Election In A Crumbling Empire – 2007 A Civilized World

I couldn’t find this one on YouTube, but it’s the old school death metal band Master playing “Cast One Vote” from their 2002 album Let’s Start A War.

Master – Cast One Vote – 2002 Let’s Start A War

Here’s an old one: Alice Cooper’s “Elected” from 1972.

Alice Cooper – Elected – 1973 Billion Dollar Babies

This Czech band played at MDF in 2011. I have no idea what they’re actually saying here so I’m just going by the song’s title.

Malignant Tumour – Vote For Death – 2000 split with Unholy Grave

Now for a softer song, the Swedish band Tiamat’s song “Vote For Love.”

Tiamat – Vote For Love – 2002 Judas Christ

And now for something a bit heavier. Louisiana’s Thou ask you not to vote at all.

Thou – Don’t Vote – 2009 split with Mohoram Atta

Ok here’s the last one for the day. You didn’t think you were getting out of this without some crazy Dave Mustaine ramblings did you? This song isn’t really about elections directly but how many times have you heard a local politician who is running their first campaign for a seat at congress say “Washington Is Next?”

Megadeth – Washington Is Next – 2007 United Abominations


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  2. I think Dave said it best, ” Washington is Next”.

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