Eclipse playlist

Everyone knows that unless you’ve got those special glasses you don’t want to stare directly at the eclipse today. But what are we supposed to listen to as we all put on these goofy glasses and gawk at the sun? Well don’t worry, DCHM has your ears totally covered with this playlist of excellent metal songs with at least a partial relation to today’s heavenly spectacle. If you play the first video it should play through the rest automatically, or you can play the entire playlist on YouTube here.

Warbringer – Black Sun, Black Moon

Sylosis – Eclipsed

Amorphis – Moon And Sun

Decrepit Birth – Solar Impulse

Gwynbleidd – Stare Into The Sun

The Skull – Till The Sun Turns Black

Electric Wizard – The Sun Has Turned To Black

Bastard Sapling – Every Life Thrown Into Eclipse

Oathbreaker – Black Sun

Melechesh – Covering The Sun

Vhol – Lightless Sun

Lucifer – Total Eclipse

Stoner Playlist

Well it’s official, today, February 26th, they legalized the personal possession of marijuana (up to 2 ounces and 6 plants) in Washington DC by anyone age 21 or over. It’s still not legal on federal land, which includes all parks (including the zoo and the National Mall), Smithsonian museums, Congress, and even some roads like the Rock Creek Parkway, and you still can’t smoke it in public on the street or in a bar/restaurant, hell you’re not even allowed to buy it (it is legal to give it away to someone 21 or over though). But still, it’s now no longer a crime to possess or use pot in your own home in Washington DC. I think that makes, in Washington DC at least, 2-26 the new 4-20. So grab some munchies and check out this stoneriffic playlist of pot related metal songs I’ve thrown together to mark the occasion.

Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf 1971 Master Of Reality

I’d be an idiot if I didn’t start this playlist off “Sweet Leaf,” the opening track from the original stoner metal album Master Of Reality. Pretty much every song on this list was influenced by this song in one way or another.

Cannabis Corpse – Skull Full Of Bong Hits 2009 The Weeding

Richmond’s Cannabis Corpse have made a career out of making pot themed parodies of famous death metal songs, mostly from Cannibal Corpse. I’m assuming they got real high and had some Weird Al Yankovic and death metal on shuffle together. This song parodies the Cannibal Corpse classic “A Skull Full Of Maggots.”

Electric Wizard – Satanic Rites Of Drugula 2007 Witchcult Today

Have you ever been so high you felt like Nosferatu waking from an ancient, undead slumber? Judging by this song I can tell you Electric Wizard sure as hell has.

Death – Cosmic Sea 1991 Human

Back in 1991 Death’s line up included Sean Reinert and Paul Masvidal (both of Cynic fame) and the Human album had some instant classic songs like “Suicide Machine” and “Flattening Of Emotions.” I remember when I first heard this instrumental track and thinking to myself “oh so the Death guys have been getting high as shit.” This song isn’t an ode to Mary Jane like most of the tracks on this list but compared to the rest of Death’s catalog it’s apparent that this is definitely their weed song.

Bongripper – Reefer Sutherland 2007 Hippie Killer

The Chicago based instrumental band Bongripper sure brings the heavy. They blew me away at Maryland Deathfest XVII and this hilariously titled song, “Reefer Sutherland,” is a great 16 minute long example of the band’s stoner doom metal sound.

Cephalic Carnage – Kill For Weed 2005 Anamolies

Cephalic Carnage is from Colorado and while that state already legalized pot that wasn’t the case when they wrote this brutal song back in 2005 about the need for legalizing pot.

Bongzilla – Amerijuanican 2005 Amerijuanican

Madison, Wisconsin’s Bongzilla’s namesake is pretty apt, they bring some big, heavy riffs with their sound that is as fuzzy as a smoke filled room.

Acid Witch – Stoned To The Grave 2010 Stoned

Acid Witch is one hell of a trippy band, they sound like they crawled out from some dank cave that they haven’t left since the 70s. This song recants the tale of how the Acid Witch met her untimely death.

Down – Hail The Leaf 1995 NOLA

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out exactly what leaf Phil Anselmo (of Pantera fame) is hailing in this track off the band’s debut album.

Kyuss – Gardenia 1994 Kyuss (Welcome To Sky Valley)

Back before Josh Homme went on to form a bunch of pop rock bands like Queens Of The Stone Age and Eagles Of Death Metal he was in a killer stoner band called Kyuss. These guys brought the riffs every time and Gardenia is a great track to showcase one of the greatest stoner bands that will probably never fully reunite.

Sleep – Dopesmoker 2003 Dopesmoker

A stoner metal playlist just isn’t complete without the legendary Dopesmoker, made famous for being an album consisting of just one song that clocks in at over an hour. There simply isn’t a better metal song to zone out to.

Valentine’s Day Playlist

So since Valentine’s Day is upon us I thought I’d make a fun metal playlist to mark the occasion. However instead of finding a bunch of romantic songs and turning this into some ballad fest I decided I’d find some of the most absurd, disturbing and downright creepy “love” songs that could only come from the world of heavy metal. So whether you’re celebrating with your special someone, your favorite orgy group or just chilling by yourself spending the day swiping left you should be able to enjoy this not-so-romantic playlist.

Motörhead – Killed By Death 1984 Killed By Death

There’s nothing more romantic than Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister starting off a song with the lines “If you squeeze my lizard/I’ll put my snake on you.” It was a tough choice but I picked this one over another Motörhead classic, “Orgasmatron.” But we’re just getting started here, on to more fun!

Ozzy Osbourne – Mr. Tinkertrain 1991 No More Tears

I love me some Ozzy and while the Prince Of Darkness has quite a few songs about love “Mr. Tinkertrain,” the opening track off of No More Tears, uses a first person account of being a child predator as a metaphor for dating a younger woman. But wait, it’s just a metaphor so that magically makes it less creepy, right?

Gorgoroth – When Love Rages Wild In My Heart 2000 Incipit Satan

Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth seems to have taken the Kanye West approach when writing the lyrics to this song with its oddly romantic title. The line “and I think of me when love rages wild in my heart” shows the self adoration typical of famous rappers and Satanists alike.

Megadeth – Wake Up Dead 1986 Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?

I’ve always said that if you want romance then look to Megadeth. This song is about vocalist Dave Mustaine trying to sneak back into bed at 4am without waking his woman because he’s been out drinking and fooling around with another woman. The title refers to what he’s in for if he is caught.

Behemoth – I Got Erection (Turbonegro cover) 2008 (unreleased)

Polish blackened death metal band Behemoth has some pretty brutal songs but for a couple years they’d close out their show with this bizarre cover of the Turbonegro song “I Got Erection.” They even played it at Empire once. This video is pretty funny when the entire audience starts singing “erection” in the chorus. This song is the aural equivalent of a dick pick, and that gives it a place on this playlist.

Deicide – Heaven Shall Burn 2004 Scars Of The Crucifix

Glen Benton of Deicide has written many songs in homage to Satan (including one actually called “Homage To Satan”) but the 30 second mark of this song lets us know how he really feels about the man in red downstairs when he growls “Conquering churches and slaughtering lambs / Doing it all for my love of Satan… I love you Satan, my lord.” Not exactly Lord Byron but hey, do you know of a more direct love letter to the Devil?

Macabre – You’re Dying To Be With Me 2003 Murder Metal

The Chicago based trio Macabre has a unique sound and all of their songs are about actual criminal events, usually about specific serial killers. This song is about Dennis Nilsen, the man called the “British Jeffrey Dahmer” because he killed at least 12 young boys and kept their corpses around after their deaths to keep him company, as in, he would have long conversations with their dead bodies.

Belphegor – Bondage Goat Zombie 2008 Bondage Goat Zombie

Well I couldn’t ignore all the hype about the bondage themed movie (based on the book) 50 Shades Of Grey coming out this weekend and what better band to represent the more kinky side of things than the bondage (and Satan) obsessed Austrian band Belphegor. Somehow I doubt the movie will have any goat zombies tied up, but there’s always room to expand in a sequel, right?

Slayer – 213 1994 Divine Intervention

The Slayer song 213 is a love song written from the perspective of Jeffrey Dahmer, whose apartment number in Milwaukee where he murdered 12 of his victims was 213. The lyrics to this one are totally gross and I still have my old Slayer shirt that has the line “death loves final embrace” on the back of it stuffed somewhere in my closet.

Cannibal Corpse – Necropedophile 1992 Tomb Of The Mutilated

I could have made an entire playlist of sexually violent death metal songs but I decided I would keep it narrowed down to the one with the most disturbing lyrics I’ve ever seen. “Necropedophile” is a first person tale of someone who cannot stop having sex with the corpses of children. You can read the lyrics here if you dare, they’re truly disturbing, even for death metal, but I figure if I’m going to pick just one brutal death metal song it’s gotta be this one.

Carpathian Forest – Theme From Nekromantik 2000 Strange Old Brew

Norway’s Carpathian Forest have a bizarre sense of humor but this piano cover of the theme song to the German film Nekromantik seems fitting here. The movie is about a man who cleans bodies from car accidents on the Autobahn and one day he decides to take a corpse home to have a three way with it and his girlfriend. Things get even more weird when she starts falling for the corpse and out of love with him, and this creepy tune is the background to all of it.

Well that does it for this special Valentine’s Day playlist, now go kill yourself.

4th Of July Playlist

Today is the Fourth Of July and the nation’s birthday is also the busiest day for tourism here in Washington DC. Most of the locals will avoid the National Mall and do some BBQing with friends and family and I figured I’d post this Independence Day themed metal playlist to have on in the background while you blow up all the things you got at Phantom. It sure beats the usual 4th of July staples like God Bless America and Born In The USA right? So turn on these tunes, sit back and crack open a cold one while you watch the pretty lights in the sky as you celebrate our country’s freedom from British tyranny through revolution.

Pantera – Revolution Is My Name – 2000 Reinventing The Steel

Samael – Celebration Of The Fourth – 1994 Ceremony Of Opposites

Thyrane – Firework – 2003 Hypnotic

Soundgarden – 4th Of July – 1994 Superunknown

Motörhead – America – 1982 Iron Fist

Castle – Fire In The Sky – 2011 In Witch Order

Gorefest – Freedom – 1996 Soul Survivor

Fear Factory – Big God / Raped Souls – 1992 Soul Of A New Machine

Anaal Nathrakh – When Fire Rains Down From The Sky, Mankind Will Reap As It Has Sown – 2003 When Fire Rains Down From The Sky, Mankind Will Reap As It Has Sown

Kreator – Violent Revolution – 2001 Violent Revolution

Sepultura – Refuse / Resist – 1993 Chaos A.D.

Big Business – Another Fourth Of July… Ruined – 2007 Here Comes The Waterworks

Pentagram – Live Free And Burn – 1994 Be Forewarned

Iced Earth – Declaration Day – 2004 The Glorious Burden

Havok – Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death – 2013 Unnatural Selection

Thanksgiving Playlist

Today is Thanksgiving Day and I’d like to say thanks to all the readers of this site, bands in the area and the fans who come out to see them. All the work I put into this is totally worth it because of you. Since I love making playlists for pretty much any reason, I’ve made another metal one for Thanksgiving. Just like the playlist I made for Election Day this one was posted to the DCHM Facebook page (here) first however this time I’ve included the commentary for each track as well. Also, if you’re interested in buying a DCHM shirt for either yourself or someone else this holiday season, I’ll be taking orders for about a week starting tomorrow (Black Friday the 23rd of November 2012). All those details will be posted tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this metal mix and try not to start a mosh pit in the kitchen!

OK since I’ve gotta work today I’m going to post a Thxgivin metal mix (stream the entire playlist on YouTube here if you’d like). It’ll give ya something to listen to while ya cook or maybe just help you drown out your relatives. First up is Carved Up by the old school Swedish death metal band Hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy – Carved Up – 1996 Abducted

The Colorado based black metal band Cobalt (who will be performing on the first day of Maryland Deathfest in May) has a sick tune called Eater Of Birds.

Cobalt – Eater Of Birds – 2007 Eater Of Birds

What’s Thanksgiving without the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Here’s an Exodus song that’s the closest thing I could think of to the big parade in NYC today.

Exodus – Lunatic Parade – 1990 Impact In Imminent

The Danish band Daemon put out an album in 1996 with each song based off of one of the seven deadly sins. Their killer song for Gluttony certainly fits today’s theme!

Daemon – Gluttony – 1996 Seven Deadly Sins

DT is probably my favorite of the Gothenburg melo-death metal bands and this song’s title reminds me of having to sit through a stressful yet large meal with arguing relatives.

Dark Tranquillity – Feast Of Burden – 2000 Haven

Back before Arch Enemy gained fame for having a woman, Angela Gossow, singing with growling vocals, they put out three pretty kick ass albums. Pilgrim was later re-recorded with her on vocals but the original is by far the better version. You can also substitute this song with the Iron Maiden song of the same name.

Arch Enemy – Pilgrim – 1999 Burning Bridges

And of course you can’t have the pilgrims and not the Indians (HTTR btw!) So here’s the Anthrax classic Indians. You can also substitute an Iron Maiden song for this one if you want, namely Run To The Hills of course.

Anthrax – Indians – 1987 Among The Living

Most of us probably aren’t from the mountains of Romania, but that doesn’t mean that today we don’t have the kind of hunger that Darkthrone wrote about. Gotta love some classic 2nd wave black metal from Norway.

Darkthrone – Transilvanian Hunger – 1994 Transilvanian Hunger

So many Cannibal Corpse songs could fit today’s theme, but I settled on Carnivorous Swarm. Sorta makes you think of that rush to the table when the announcement has been made that the food is ready to be eaten.

Cannibal Corpse – Carnivorous Swarm – 2009 Evisceration Plague

After you’ve gorged yourself you can sit back, turn on some football and slip into a food coma listening to this Apocalyptica song.

Apocalyptica – Coma – 2000 Cult

Here’s the last song of today’s Thanksgiving playlist, and like the Election Day playlist I posted earlier this month it also ends with a Megadeth song. If you’re getting up early tomorrow for extra $avings then this song is definitely for you.

Megadeth – Good Mourning/Black Friday – 1986 Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone! I really hope RG3 and the ‘Skins beat the Dallas Crygirls today. Oh and if you can think of any songs I should have put on this playlist, feel free to post them in the comment section below.

Election Day Playlist

Since this blog is based in the Washington DC area and today is election day I figured I should at least post something. If you “like” on Facebook (page is here) then you probably saw me posting metal songs all day relating to voting and elections. Now I’ve conveniently posted them all below as a big playlist so give these songs a listen as you watch the election coverage, or just avoid it all together, and decide for yourself which is the best metal election day song. And of course if you know any that I missed feel free to post them in the comment section at the bottom.

Let Pepper Keenan remind you what today is about.

Corrosion Of Conformity – Vote With A Bullet – 1991 Blind

Here’s another election day themed music video. This one is from the Ministry album Relapse which came out in March of this year (2012).

Ministry – Git Up Get Out ‘n Vote – 2012 Relapse

Oh you didn’t think this would stop with Ministry did you? Here’s the instrumental track “Election Day” by the Hammers Of Misfortune.

The Hammers Of Misfortune – Election Day – 2006 The Locust Years

Swan Song isn’t exactly my favorite Carcass album but this one fits for today.

Carcass – Rock The Vote – 1996 Swansong

Anyone up for some grind from Pretty Little Flower today? It’s a short but to the point grind song.

P.L.F. – Bullshit At The Ballot Box – 2002 Swarming Industrial Cancer

Here’s one from Nux Vomica, a Portland based band with Baltimore ties. Intro by Chris Rock!

Nux Vomica – The Final Election In A Crumbling Empire – 2007 A Civilized World

I couldn’t find this one on YouTube, but it’s the old school death metal band Master playing “Cast One Vote” from their 2002 album Let’s Start A War.

Master – Cast One Vote – 2002 Let’s Start A War

Here’s an old one: Alice Cooper’s “Elected” from 1972.

Alice Cooper – Elected – 1973 Billion Dollar Babies

This Czech band played at MDF in 2011. I have no idea what they’re actually saying here so I’m just going by the song’s title.

Malignant Tumour – Vote For Death – 2000 split with Unholy Grave

Now for a softer song, the Swedish band Tiamat’s song “Vote For Love.”

Tiamat – Vote For Love – 2002 Judas Christ

And now for something a bit heavier. Louisiana’s Thou ask you not to vote at all.

Thou – Don’t Vote – 2009 split with Mohoram Atta

Ok here’s the last one for the day. You didn’t think you were getting out of this without some crazy Dave Mustaine ramblings did you? This song isn’t really about elections directly but how many times have you heard a local politician who is running their first campaign for a seat at congress say “Washington Is Next?”

Megadeth – Washington Is Next – 2007 United Abominations