4th Of July Playlist

Today is the Fourth Of July and the nation’s birthday is also the busiest day for tourism here in Washington DC. Most of the locals will avoid the National Mall and do some BBQing with friends and family and I figured I’d post this Independence Day themed metal playlist to have on in the background while you blow up all the things you got at Phantom. It sure beats the usual 4th of July staples like God Bless America and Born In The USA right? So turn on these tunes, sit back and crack open a cold one while you watch the pretty lights in the sky as you celebrate our country’s freedom from British tyranny through revolution.

Pantera – Revolution Is My Name – 2000 Reinventing The Steel

Samael – Celebration Of The Fourth – 1994 Ceremony Of Opposites

Thyrane – Firework – 2003 Hypnotic

Soundgarden – 4th Of July – 1994 Superunknown

Motörhead – America – 1982 Iron Fist

Castle – Fire In The Sky – 2011 In Witch Order

Gorefest – Freedom – 1996 Soul Survivor

Fear Factory – Big God / Raped Souls – 1992 Soul Of A New Machine

Anaal Nathrakh – When Fire Rains Down From The Sky, Mankind Will Reap As It Has Sown – 2003 When Fire Rains Down From The Sky, Mankind Will Reap As It Has Sown

Kreator – Violent Revolution – 2001 Violent Revolution

Sepultura – Refuse / Resist – 1993 Chaos A.D.

Big Business – Another Fourth Of July… Ruined – 2007 Here Comes The Waterworks

Pentagram – Live Free And Burn – 1994 Be Forewarned

Iced Earth – Declaration Day – 2004 The Glorious Burden

Havok – Give Me Liberty… Or Give Me Death – 2013 Unnatural Selection

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