Album Reviews and Sniper Dan

Album reviews are finally coming to! I don’t like writing album reviews myself so I found someone to do them for me. Things didn’t work out as expected so I had to find someone else. Finding that someone else took me some time and caused the delay. Now that I’ve got someone to write them I’m looking to get things back on track. The first album that will be reviewed on the site will be Book Burner by Pig Destroyer. I know it has already been out a little while now but I hope to catch up on a few recent releases then hopefully we’ll be posting these reviews before the records hit stores. For any foreseeable future, will only be reviewing albums by metal bands in the DMV area that this site covers.

So let me take a minute to introduce you to the guy who will be writing these reviews. We can call him Sniper Dan. He spent quite some time in Baghdad with the Army, hence the nickname. Now he can be found travelling around either on his own or helping out various bands or spending his free time building and shooting rifles or rocking out with his melodic tech-death band “Thank You, Citizen”. (Name subject to change). He also told me to mention that if anyone has a Tyranid army they want to challenge the Imperium’s best with to drop him a line, whatever the hell that means.

Keep an eye out for Dan’s Book Burner review that will be posted either later today or some time tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy his album reviews, I’m excited to finally get these reviews going on the site. If you’d like to submit your band’s FINISHED ALBUM (no demos) for him to review send me an email at You don’t have to be signed to a label but please note that NOT ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE REVIEWED. Deal with it. Stay brutal everyone and support the scene you’re a part of!

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