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Corrections House is something of an under the radar super group (more on that in the next paragraph) and they’re playing at DC9 on Thursday, January 24th! is pretty stoked about this show and since we’re lucky enough to get one of their first live performances in our city we decided to make it even better and give away a pair of tickets to one of you lucky readers! To enter just leave a comment on this post telling me why you want to go. At 5pm EST on Wednesday, January 23rd I’ll pick a winner at random (using from all valid entries. Be sure to enter using a valid email address you check regularly so I can contact you if you win. Don’t worry, I won’t add you to any email lists or anything like that, I hate spam too. If you enter more than once then all of your entries will be disqualified. If you can’t go, aren’t sure if you can go, might get called in to work that night or anything else, then PLEASE DON’T ENTER! The winner is being picked the day before the show and I just don’t have enough time to try to contact another winner if you find out you can’t go and I want to make sure the winner is someone who will be there. If the contest is over when you read this or you simply can’t wait to find out if you win the contest you can buy tickets from Ticket Alternative for $10 here.

Corrections House is a new band with members from diverse backgrounds in the metal world. The band is make up of Scott Kelly of Neurosis fame, Mike IX Willaims from Eyehategod, Sanford Parker of Nachtmystium and Bruce Lamont of Yakuza. For this show they’ll all be doing solo sets spanning the realms of experimental, spoken word and acoustic performance art and it will end in a big jam where they all play together as Corrections House. I’m not really sure what to expect from this show but you can bet it will be interesting if nothing else. There’s a promo teaser clip below you can listen to for a sample of Corrections House. The opening act for this show will be DC’s own Tone. They’re an instrumental band that isn’t really metal but is really good and definitely worth getting there early enough to see play. Now check out these videos and enter the contest below. Good luck!

Corrections House:



  1. Big fan of Neurosis and EYEHATEGOD and have been reading good things about this band so it would rock to check it out live! Thanks

  2. I want to see if Mike is going to read some of his poetry.

  3. BECAUSE THEY ROCK!!! (no other reason).

  4. I caught the Scott Kelly/Wino acoustic tour a few years ago in Boston which was pretty cool. They both did solo acoustic sets and came together at the end and did a few unplugged Shrinebuilder songs. Sounds like this is gonna be a similar setup with an even more badass lineup.

  5. Definitely looking forward to catching this show. Free would be awesome. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. I love just about all the bands these fellows are associated with and I’d love a chance to see them in any format, since I haven’t seen any of their main bands yet… And for free tickets to an experimental gig of this caliber I’d make it out there no matter how hard it is to get back!

  7. I deserve it. The others do not.

  8. Because I love live music and I don’t have to work on Fridays…meaning I can fully enjoy the show that Thursday. Simple enough.

  9. Because I am broke and the last show I went to was the awesome Vektor show at RAS. Seriously I am a huge Neurosis and EYEHATEGOD fan and really want to see this “super group”.

  10. Longtime EHG fan. Curious to see what these guys will be doing on this tour.


  12. Because I want the chance to see such an insane combination of musical talent perform together.

  13. Huge fan of Neurosis, and it’s a rare occasion to see Kelly play.

  14. Stoked hearing about the new band! This should ruuuule.. I’ll most likely go even if I don’t win tickets haha *crossing fingers*

  15. Corrections House on a Thursday niiigghht… yes!

  16. I was laid off of my job on Friday and I can’t think of a better way to achieve catharsis with that then seeing some of my favorite metal musicians jam together in what sounds like a bad acid trip to a Nine Inch Nails demo. I think this is going to be a brilliant show!

  17. Cause life is full of arcane mysteries that need to be explored, this is one of them..

  18. I wanna go because free shit is always good. Plus, Tone is pretty fucking cool.

  19. Neurosis blew my ears off in BK on Saturday. I’d like to go completely deaf. Thanks!

    • Congrats! You’re the winner of the contest!

  20. Big names all around. It’s bound to be intense. Looking forward to it.

  21. Because I want to expand my mind

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