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Fillmageddon at the Fillmore Silver Spring

On Saturday, October 11th two of the fall’s biggest metal tours cross paths for one night only at the Fillmore Silver Spring for a show so big it can only be called Fillmageddon! Machine Head, Children Of Bodom, Epica and Battlecross are on tour together but The Black Dahlia Murder and Suicide Silence tour was looking to play the area on the same day so rather than have competing shows they’re all playing at the Fillmore! We’re so excited around here for this show that we’re going to give one of you lucky readers of this site a free pair of tickets to this epic show. To enter: leave a comment on this post telling me which band you want to see the most. At 5pm EST this Friday, August 22nd, a winner will be chosen at random (using from all valid entries to receive two tickets to the show! Be sure to use a valid email you check regularly so I can contact you if you win. Don’t worry, I won’t add you to any spam lists or sell your info or anything sleazy like that. If I haven’t heard back from the winner in 24 hours another winner will be chosen at random. If you can’t wait to see if you win, or the contest is already over when you read this, then you can get tickets from right now for $29.99 from Live Nation here.

Robb Flynn’s Machine Head will be headlining Fillmageddon as they tour to support their upcoming new album Bloodstone & Diamonds. Finland’s neo-classical melodic death metal band Children Of Bodom always brings the shredding riffs and solos and this show will be no exception. The Black Dahlia Murder is still touring to support their excellent release last year, Everblack. Suicide Silence is still going strong with Eddie Hermida (formerly of All Shall Perish) taking over vocals after the death of Mitch Lucker in 2012. Simone Simmons has a beautiful voice that you can’t ignore when Epica is playing and openers Battlecross will get the pits started early with their thrashy melo death riffs and mega fun live show. That’s one hell of a line up! Now check out these killer tunes by the bands and tell me in the comments which band you want to see the most!

Machine Head – Locust

Children Of Bodom – Trashed, Lost & Strungout

The Black Dahlia Murder – Goat Of Departure

Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me

Epica – Storm The Sorrow

Battlecross – Never Coming Back


  1. I really want to see Battlecross. Really awesome guys and they ALWAYS put on an awesome show!

  2. I’d love to see battlecross. they put on a killer show and are my favorite out of all of these bands

  3. Machine Head for sure. The Blackening is an all-time great metal album and every record since then has been fantastic as well.

  4. Epica. Sorry…

  5. machine head! i just moved back here from the bay area and would like to see my hometown pals. I have met them a few times and they are pretty cool.

  6. def CHildren of BODOM

  7. Children of Bodom, because of the excellent return to form with the new album

  8. Bodom! Great live show and one of the first metal bands I got really into.

  9. I want to see Children of Bodom! They are one of my all-time favorite bands and they always put on an awesome show

  10. Bodom! They’re always awesome fun live!


  12. Children of Bodom, I’ve known them since early 2007!

  13. Definitely The Black Dahlia Murder, haven’t seen them since Summer Slaughter in 2011 when they ripped my face off. I’m overdue!

  14. Machine Head, definitely.

  15. Machine Head

  16. I want to see machinehead the most, but all the bands are great. I’m taking my buddy Doug, who will be home from being in the marine corps weeks before the show. But he wants to see suicide silence the most.

  17. Battlecross…always seem to miss them

  18. i need to see black dahlia murder.

  19. The band I want to see most is Machine Head.

  20. Machine Head, the first concert I’ve been too and was amazing

  21. I’m stoked for Epica! I think they’d be pretty amazing live.

  22. Black Dahlia Murder

  23. Battlecross! They’ve always been so excellent live

  24. Machine Head!!!!

  25. Machine Head I must see. But all bands are worthy to check out.

  26. Battlecross, because Gumby is a fun fucker to party with !!! Machine Head because my OLD pals Robb and Phil from VIO-LENCE days in Oakland are on the East Coast !!!

  27. Machine Head! The rest of the lineup is solid too

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  30. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them so….Machine Fucking Head

  31. Machine Head. I’ve been really into them for almost 10 years now and have never seem them. This is the first time I can remember them coming to the area while I’ve been capable of getting out to the show.

  32. machine head

  33. Machinehead, only bc they’re the only big name on the list that I haven’t had the chance to see yet. But without Bodom and BDM, I wouldn’t care to introduce my gf to her first metal concert with this tour.

  34. machine head

  35. Machine Head. Haven’t seen them since they played the 10th anniversary show in Philly for Burn My Eyes.

  36. Machine Head because I haven’t caught them live yet. Battlecross were awesome last time saw them.

  37. Children of Bodom. I may not have liked a few of their albums, but their live performances are always great.

  38. Machine Head because this will be my first time seeing them headline.

  39. Children of Bodom!!


  41. Machine FUCKING Head! fuck yes. Super doper excited to hear more of the new album once it’s released. \m/\m/

  42. Would love to see Epica. Never seen their live show, which I understand is epic-a.

  43. Epica!

  44. Battlecross!!!!

  45. Bodom all the way!!!

  46. TBDM. It’s my fifth time seeing them.

  47. Machine Head!

  48. ¡¡¡Machine Head!!!

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