DC Brau 5th Anniversary Concert Ticket Give Away

DC Brau 5th Anniversary Show

If you’ve ever been to one of our heavy metal nights at a brewery then you definitely know that we here at DC Heavy Metal love craft beer almost as much as we love metal! When DC Brau announced that their 5 year anniversary celebration was going to be an outdoor metal show we started counting down the days! On Saturday, April 16th the parking lot area at the brewery is going to be fenced off and a stage is going to be set up with a killer line up including The Sword, Kvelertak, Torche, Serpent Throne and locals Loud Boyz. In addition, the brewmasters at DC Brau have teamed up with the brewers at 5 different breweries to make 5 special collaboration beers just for this anniversary show! We hope you are as excited about this line up of excellent bands and beers as we are and so we’re doing a special give away for this one. One of you lucky DCHM readers will get a pair of general admission tickets to this very event and another one of you with even better luck is going to be getting a pair of VIP tickets to the event (you must be 21 or older to win the VIP tickets)! To enter: just leave a comment on this post telling me which band you’re most excited to see at this show (if you don’t know any of them check out the videos at the bottom of this post). On Friday, March 25th at 5pm EST the contest will close and I’ll pick two winners at random (using Random.org) from all valid entries. The first winner will get the pair of general admission tickets and the second winner will get the pair of VIP tickets. If you are under 21 please specify so because I will not be giving the VIP tickets to a minor but you can still win the general admission tickets. Be sure to use a valid email you check regularly so I can contact you if you win. Don’t worry, I won’t add you to any spam lists or sell your info or anything sleazy like that. If I haven’t heard back from a selected winner in 24 hours another winner will be chosen at random.

And what exactly do the tickets get you? The general admission tickets will get you into the event where you can watch all of the the bands perform, buy beer and food and generally have a great time. The VIP tickets include all of that as well as access inside the brewery for a VIP-only bar, catered barbecue, complimentary unlimited beer, and guaranteed access to all the collaboration brews. If you don’t want to wait to see if you win or the contest is already over when you read this then you can purchase tickets either at the 9:30 Club box office (to avoid fees) or online from Ticket Fly for $45 (GA) or $200 (VIP) here.

Now, here’s a little bit more about the bands and those special collaboration beers. The Sword is a groovin’ doom metal band from Austin, Texas, and they’ll be headlining this show. Kvelertak is a high energy rock/metal band from Norway that incorporates elements of punk and black metal into a unique sound that is all their own and they’re known for their wild live shows. Torche is a band from Miami, Florida, and they call their heavy yet catchy music thunder pop which actually makes perfect sense when you hear them. Serpent Throne is an instrumental stoner band from Philadelphia and they’ve got a ton of sick riffs. Loud Boyz are a local party rock band that formed from the ashes of the party thrash band Warchild. That’s a pretty sweet line up, but lets not forget those 5 exclusive collaboration beers. Cigar City in Tampa, Florida is known for making one of the best stouts in the world, Hunahpu Imperial Stout, so I’m pretty excited to see what kind of big stout they’ve cooked up with the DC Brau guys, a beer they’ve named The Wise And The Lovely. Alexandria brewery Port City‘s collaboration with DC Brau produced a dunkel, which is a German style dark lager (dunkel is the German word for dark) and while it won’t be a heavy as the aforementioned stout this beer, Zehn von Zehn, will surely be quite refreshing. They aren’t all dark beers though, for example the collaboration with Sun King in Indianapolis, Indiana is a double IPA brewed with rye and named Ripa the Dipa. The collaboration with Austin Beerworks in Austin, Texas is an India style lager (so expect it to be more hoppy than most lagers) named Celestial Garden. Last but not least the collaboration with St. Louis based Perennial Artisan Ales is a Belgian style saison with rose hips and hibiscus added to give Pink Pallet Jack a pink hue.

OK I know I’ve been more wordy on this post than my contests usually are but there’s a lot of info for this event! If you’d like even more info you can check out the official Facebook event page for it here or go read DC Brau’s announcement post here. Now check out these videos below and tell me which band you’re most excited to see on April 16th at DC Brau’s 5th Anniversary Celebration!

The Sword – Tres Brujas

Kvelertak – Blodtørst

Torche – Healer

Serpent Throne – Wheels Of Satan

Loud Boyz – FYK


  1. Torche!

  2. Torche

  3. The Sword! \m/

  4. The Sword

  5. Kvelertak.

  6. Kvelertak!

  7. The Sword

  8. The Sword!!!

  9. Kvelertak!!!

  10. Kvelertak

  11. The Sword!

  12. Kvelertak!

  13. Torche!

  14. whoops-
    TORCHE- So that when the brown-note hits in “Barrier Hammer” , everyone will shit beer out of their ass!

  15. Kvelertak!!!

  16. Kvelertak

  17. Super stoked for The Sword

  18. I’d love to see The Sword!!


  20. KVELERTAK! ::insert fill::
    Black and roll forever.

  21. The Sword. I was really disappointed when they came through town (Rock and Roll Hotel) on their last tour. They killed it performance wise but hardly played anything from their back catalogue (not even Freya!). I’ve been a fan for more or less the entire band’s existence, but this was the first time I was able to see them…so yeah, it left a sour taste in my mouth. Hopefully, since this would be a “non-album tour” event, they will have a more varried setlist.

  22. Serpent Throne. Also Torche are always a good time.

  23. The Sword! I keep missing them when they’re in town.

  24. Serpent Throne!!!

  25. Kvelertak, DUH!!!

  26. Kvelertak!!!

  27. Kvelertak!!!

  28. Can’t wait to see the Sword, one of the best live shows going!

  29. THE SWORD!

  30. Kvelertak all day long!

  31. The sword. It will be my first time seeing them!

  32. Serpent Throne.


  34. Kvelertak! I’m just here to have an awesome time man!

  35. Kvelertak!


  37. Torche and The Sword equally.

  38. Kvelertak

  39. Tor-che!

  40. I’m all about The Sword on April 16th!


  42. Torche


  44. Kvelertak!

  45. TORCHE!!!!

  46. The Sword!

  47. KvelertaK – that animation clip is sick!!

  48. The Sword

  49. Torche!

  50. The Sword!

  51. As much as I love the Sword, I am excited for some Torche!

  52. The Sword!

  53. The Sword

  54. Kvelertak!

  55. The Sword

  56. The Sword. The Sword. The Sword.

  57. Torche

  58. Torche!

  59. OMG, all of them – if just one Kvelertak

  60. Serpent Throne!

  61. Kvelertak!

  62. me and the lads are getting the gang back together again for the whole day and because the last time we got together it was for a road trip to Roanoke, and what turned out to be a cancelled show, for The Sword!

  63. Bruanne brenn…. Kvelertak all the way.

  64. Kvelertak all the way (although all bands are great). One of my best concert memories is seeing Kvelertak at Rock and Roll Hotel and they pulled me – and others – on stage to jam with them during the closing song!!!

  65. The Sword because I have missed them in the area too many times. About time I get some doomy stoner goodness into my ears.

  66. Loud Boyz

  67. Kvelertak!!!! Once you go black’n’roll, there’s no going back.

  68. Torche/Serpent Throne. Heavyyyyyyyy! Great chance to go with the bf!

  69. I’m SUPER Excited to see The Sword. Since their debut release, I’ve missed them every single time they have come to DC. I missed them 3 times at R&R Hotel due to work, I missed them at the Verizon Center opening for Metallica due to it being sold out, BUT….. I’m not missing them this time!!!

  70. I second Loud Boyz

  71. Kvelertak

  72. I am excited to see The Sword. I have yet to make it to a concert of theirs.

  73. Serpent Throne, everything on this is perfect but they’re the only ones I haven’t seen.

  74. Excited about Torche!

  75. Kvelertak, my family is from Norway and I accosted one of the guitarist after their Rams Head show with my broken Norwegian! Alt for Norge

  76. SWORD

  77. Serpent Throne and Loud Boyz are both cool. Really like Serpent Throne’s moody stoney riffs and Loud Boyz’s loud feel. Disliked that video though with everybody jumping and smiling like a bunch of goons

  78. The Sword for sure

  79. All of them, but mostly the sword

  80. Dying to see Kvelertak. We went to Ohio a few years ago to see them at rock on the range. Was fantastic.

  81. TORCHE! Has me kicking.

  82. I’d love to see Kvelertak!

  83. Kvelertak

  84. The SWORD!

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