Changes at DCHM is turning 8 years old in September and there’s been a few changes around here. First up, you may have noticed this week that I’ve changed the way concert listings appear on the Upcoming Metal Concerts Calendar. Go check it out if you haven’t.

The calendar is by far the most popular part of DCHM and it has taken a hell of a lot of work to keep it updated over the years. Unfortunately it is a very time consuming project and it doesn’t take much to get backed up with each individual concert listing taking me a half an hour or more to create. Now I’ve made it so that I can get a listing up in around 5 minutes. How did I reduce the time it takes to create a concert listing? I simply don’t list much info about each show any more. I still use the concert poster/flyer artwork so you can quickly flip through the calendar at a glance, however now I only list a few things like the date, a link to the event page and a ticket link (if available). I don’t list or link the bands any more, nor the venue, price, etc… Most of that info tends to be on the artwork anyways, and the linked event page should have all that info and more as well.

The calendar has been behind most of the summer however this week alone I added around 40 listings. So the trade off is more listings, but with less info on each listing. This has me thinking that I might do something that people have been asking me about for some time, and that is listing shows in Frederick, Maryland. They aren’t on the calendar yet but if that’s something people still want I am seriously considering it moving forward.

Secondly, we’ve parted ways with one of our album review writers. That means if you’re interested in possibly writing some reviews of new releases by local metal bands on DCHM then now’s the time to send me some examples of your writing. A review or two of any metal album(s) of your choice will do, local or not. You can send your writing samples to for consideration. Be sure to let me know what your favorite metal subgenres are, and which ones you don’t like at all. You’ve got to be a local (live somewhere in the greater DC, Baltimore and Northern Virginia area) as this site is a local site first and foremost. We use Google Docs for easy editing online so please have a Google/Gmail account set up already, even if it isn’t your primary email.

Third, there are 2 new DCHM shirt designs ready to be printed. One is a fun Metallica parody and the other is “not a DCHM t-shirt” that the old school locals should get a kick out of. Details on how to order those will be released soon!

I’m actually really excited about DHCM as we head into our 8th year and I’ve got a ton of ideas about what to do with the time I’ll be freeing up from constantly working on the calendar. I won’t be working on DCHM any less, I’ll just be working on the calendar less. Next week we’ll be running a ticket give away for Exodus and Obituary at the Baltimore Soundstage on Sat 9/16. Be sure to check in next week and enter for your chance to win. I know this hasn’t been the most exciting post but there’s a lot of great stuff coming soon. Stay brutal everyone and thank you for your support!


  1. I think you should address whether you had an active role in getting the Nyogthaeblisz show(s) shut down. If you’re listing local metal shows and trying to get some of them canceled, that seems like a huge conflict of interest, and one local promoters may want to know about for better or worse.

    • Other than spreading info and links on social media that were already publicly available, I’m not sure that I had any kind of “active” role. That said, I’ll always be glad when an openly racist band isn’t welcome in our area. I guess that’s a controversial stance these days, or something, but it seems like a no brainer to me. I will never list shows by openly racist bands on DCHM’s calendar, that’s always been our policy.

      And I know people love to say that Nyogthaeblisz isn’t racist, they just hate all Abrahamic religions, but then why do they have songs about gassing Jews? That’s not just being against the Jewish religion, that’s against the Jewish people.

  2. Any chance you could list the city/venue on the concert posting? It’s often not real obvious on the flyer images where the show is, and the location can be a major factor if I’m going to consider going to the show or not. Thanks

  3. Thank you for clarifying, to me there is a difference between posting a news article with your personal opinion and actively trying to get a show shut down, which I think is a dangerous precedent to set. I will absolutely not defend that comp they were on 11 years ago, but I don’t think any of their material since then has given any hint of racism, and one of the members even explicitly posted an anti-racist message on Facebook last year. Anyway I don’t expect everyone to agree on this, and that’s ok. Thanks again for the reply.

  4. Happy bday DCHM! 8 yrs is crazy. I noticed there were fewer details on the concert listings… It’d be awesome if you still listed the venue? I know it takes a lot more effort and time to include all those details and whatnot, and I totally get why you’re changing things up. But just so you know, your comments on upcoming shows are epic and some of us really like knowing what you have to say. Super psyched for the new shirts!

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