Hell In The Harbor Fest Give Away

The inaugural Hell in the Harbor Fest is just days away now (May 27th and 28th) and with tickets almost sold out I figured now would be a great time to give away a pair of weekend passes to the fest. To really sweeten the deal I’ve also got a pair of tickets to the pre-fest party on Friday, May 26th at Baltimore Soundstage that is headlined by Candlemass. But wait there’s more! I’ll also be throwing in a swag bag full of merch (some of which is still to be determined) that the winner will pick up at the fest. That’s right, the winner gets 2 weekend passes, 2 pre-fest passes and a swag bag of merch! All you’ve got to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me which band you’re most excited to see at Hell in the Harbor Fest! See the image below with set times for the full line up if you need help remembering. Then on This Friday, May 19th at 1pm Eastern, this contest will close and a winner will be selected from all valid entries using Random.org. Be sure to use a valid email you check regularly when you enter so I can contact you if you win. Don’t worry, I won’t add you to any spam lists or sell your info or anything sleazy like that. If the selected winner hasn’t written me back within 24 hours then another winner will be selected. If you can’t wait to see if you win or the contest is already over when you read this, then you can purchase tickets here. Single day tickets are also now available!

Memorial Day Weekend has traditionally been the weekend of Maryland Deathfest every year but the MDF organizers decided to take 2023 off before returning in 2024. That gave local Baltimore venues the chance to book Hell in the Harbor Fest this year which, I gotta say, has a killer line up worthy of the area’s metal fans! Death metal, grind, stoner, black metal, there’s something here for just about every metal head. With three stages, all within a block of each other, the party is going to be raging! So what are you doing still reading this? Go leave a comment on this post and tell me which band you’re the most excited to see at Hell in the Harbor Fest!


  1. Goatwhore is who I most want to see!

  2. Inter Arma

  3. Hulder!!!!!

    • Cannibal Corpse!!

  4. Candlemass

  5. Hulder!

  6. Spectral Wound

  7. might surprise ya.. but CEMETARY PISS!

  8. Candlemass

  9. Visceral Disgorge

  10. High on Fire!

  11. Candlemass! I can’t wait!

  12. Candlemass!

  13. Deadguy

  14. Undeath

  15. Inter Arma!

  16. Can’t decide which one I wanna see more, Inter Arma or Goatwhore

  17. High On Fire!

  18. Deadguy!

  19. Deceased!!!!!!!!!!!! Home turf show for them to crush!!!

  20. Can’t wait to see Napalm Death for the first time!

  21. Most excited to see Goatwhore. And all my metal friends. It’s been way too long! Plus it’s my birthday on Saturday!!

  22. I’m most excited to see Cannibal Corpse and unabashedly go Ace Ventura mode.

  23. Inter Arma!

  24. High on Fire!

  25. Inter Arma for sure, never seen them before and heard such good things.

  26. Napalm Death (I’m old enough now to remember shows the next day…)

  27. High on Fire!!!!

  28. Napalm Death

  29. i am most excited to see dying fetus!

  30. Spectral Wound


  32. Black Tusk

  33. Can’t wait to see you at the fest, dude! Looking forward to Dying Fetus. I haven’t seen them in 15+ years. I have tickets so don’t count my entry, just wanted to chime in.

    • That’s awesome but since you commented anonymously I have no idea who you are!

  34. Spectral Wound!

  35. Goatwhore!

  36. Dying to see High on Fire with Coady on drums!

  37. Jarhead Fertilizer!

  38. Candlemass!

  39. Cannibal Corpse!!

  40. Im excited about Candlemass!

  41. Dying Fetus

  42. Cannibal Corpse


  44. Necrofier

  45. Pig Destroyer

  46. I’m most excited to see Napalm Death!!!

  47. Super excited to see Sonja!!!

  48. Dwarves

  49. Pig Destroyer!!

  50. Cannot wait to see Visceral Disgorge and Goatwhore 💖

  51. Spectral Wound!

  52. Stoked to see High On Fire!!!

  53. Definitely most excited for Napalm Death. Winning tickets would be HUGE.

  54. Ninth Realm! I’ve had to miss every local show lately and would love to finally catch them.

  55. Candlemass !!

  56. High on Fire


  58. Withered!

  59. GOATWHORE!!!

  60. Looking forward to see Misery Index

  61. Hulder all the way

  62. Sanguisugabogg for sure

  63. Goatwhore!

  64. Pig Destroyer!!

  65. So many bands I’d love e to see but the one I want to see the most would have to be Candlemass at the pre party. I think the last time I saw them was probably on the Nighrfall tour a million years ago.

  66. Most excited to see Acid Witch!

  67. im so psyched to finally see Dying Fetus!!

  68. Goatwhore

  69. I’m excited to see Dying Fetus!
    Rep Bmore!

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