Headbanger’s Hangover Radio Show Now Airs Saturdays at 6pm

The Headbanger’s Hangover radio show that I host every weekend has moved from Sunday mornings to Saturday evenings at 6pm! Since the show isn’t in the morning any more I have changed the name to the Metal Embassy, yes, the same name of my short lived podcast. You can listen to the Metal Embassy radio show live in the DMV area on 1190 AM every Saturday from 6pm to 7pm or livestream it here OR if you are busy at that time you can listen to the latest episode any time during the week by going here and clicking “download latest episode” to either stream it (left click) or download it as an mp3 (right click).

I’ve been trying to do something different on Metal Embassy than what I’ve heard out there in other places. I’ve found that Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube Music are all suggesting new music to people based on similar algorithms that are designed to steer people to larger and more established bands. I’m not saying larger bands shouldn’t get promotion, hell I’ll even play some on the show when they release something interesting, but maybe they shouldn’t be the only bands getting promotion, ya know? So with that in mind each week I’m scouring local releases, national bands and bands from all over the world (yes the entire world, not just the Western world) for new hard rock and heavy metal music. If you’re looking for a metal show to play a bunch of classic Slayer and Metallica songs this is not it. If you’re frustrated trying to find new music beyond the same old algorithm suggestions, well give my show a listen and maybe you’ll discover some new bands at least. Additionally, near the end of each episode I talk about the upcoming week’s metal shows in the DMV area and I’ll usually play a track or two by some of those bands to help you discover some new live music as well. You’re not going to find a show that does that anywhere else!

To give you an idea of what the show is about, check out this past week’s track list (4/9/2022), and give it a listen here.

Pink Floyd – “Hey Hey Rise Up (featuring Andriy Khlyvnyuk of BoomBox)”
From England/Ukraine – Release Date: 4/7/22

The Zeta – “La flor de la palabra”
From Venezuela/Florida – Release Date: 4/22/22

Clutch – “Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)”
From Maryland – Release Date: 4/5/22

Cave In – “Blinded By a Blaze”
From Boston – Release Date: 5/20/22

Kontinuum – “Hafið Logar”
From Iceland – Release Date: 4/5/22

End Boss – “Nail and Tooth”
From New Zealand – Release Date: 4/8/22

Steak – “Papa’s Special Custard”
From England – Release Date: 4/1/22

Sakis Tolis – “Nocturnal Hecate”
From Greece – Release Date: 3/22/22

Eric Wagner – “Maybe Tomorrow”
From Chicago – Release Date: 3/4/22

Animals As Leaders – “Monomyth”
From Los Angeles (Maryland originally) – Release Date: 3/25/22

Heavy Temple – “A Desert Through the Trees”
From Philadelphia – Release Date: 6/18/21

Headbanger’s Hangover radio show

Sundays from 9am to 10am I’ll be hosting a new radio show on 1190 AM WCRW that I’ve decided to name the Headbanger’s Hangover. You’ll also be able to stream the show online during that time here. I won’t be playing anything super brutal, no harsh or growled vocals and no blast beats, but I’ll be playing hard rock along the lines of desert rock, stoner, psych, grunge, and bands will be local, national and international as well. Feel free to email me at DCHeavyMetal@Gmail.com if you’ve got song/band suggestions or any other suggestions for the show.

WCRW is a 50kw station, so you can pick it up on your radio dial throughout the DMV area (the signal coverage map is below). This thing sort of landed on my lap so I’m running with it.

WCRW Coverage Map

Click/tap image to see larger