One Year Anniversary

One year ago I made my first post on this site! I’ve completely changed the layout, gotten a much better logo, and added many more posts and concert listings to the site. This site is constantly evolving, so it’s still not “done” yet. I planned on posting my first interview today to commemorate the day, but it’s been delayed for reasons outside of my control. Hopefully I’ll have it posted next week.

On this first birthday of, I’d like to thank all of you who have been supportive of this site. I didn’t know what to expect from people when I started running this, or have any expectations of many people reading it. I’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from you all and it’s been really encouraging for me to keep the site going. Almost every concert I go to now at least someone recognizes me from the site and says hi. That’s always cool, I really never expected so many people to like it so much. I don’t make any money on this at all, it’s a labor of love but I’m glad so many people have enjoyed what I’ve been doing this past year. I hope to continue to make the site better and better. I’m always open to feedback on ways to improve the site so leave a comment or email me at if you’ve got something to say (or if you want a free bumper sticker with my site’s logo).

I already have some improvements coming to the site, including me possibly getting a nice Nikon DSLR camera. Hopefully I’ll be using that for nicer pictures at the venues that will allow it. I’d also like to have the Downloads section set up the way I want in the next month. For now I’ll give ya the link to Annandale, Virgina based doom trio Salome‘s new song Master Failure. Stream or download it here. It’s a promo their record label put out to promote their upcoming album, Terminal, which should be out in early November.

This site takes a lot of work and a bit of money, but I’m always glad to help the local metal scene. You can too by coming out to see some of our excellent local bands! There’s a show at Jaxx on Friday the 17th of September, Division and Cab Ride Home and probably some other bands too. Check out this Facebook page for more info. The next night, Saturday the 18th, Above The Altar is headlining a local metal show at King’s Court in Leesburg, Virginia. Then there is the second metal night, dubbed Mandatory Metal, coming to the State Theatre on Friday the 8th of October. Excellent local bill of Apothys, Trihexyn, Immortal Decay and Deranged Theory. Check out the Facebook event page for that here. Remember, if they get enough people to come out to these things they’ll keep doing more metal nights. Lastly, on Saturday November 20th local death metal band Loculus is having an EP release show. They’re a great death metal band from the area, and the $5 entrace fee gets you a free copy of their new EP titled Sinew. More info, including other bands playing, is listed here.