New Dying Fetus Video On MySpace Metal

Local death metal band Dying Fetus premiered a new video for their song Your Treachery Will Die With You on MySpace Metal today. This is the first track on their latest album, Descend Into Depravity, which was released in September 2009. WordPress apparently won’t let me embed videos from MySpace (lame) and since I don’t see it on YouTube yet I can’t embed the video here. You can, however, see it on MySpace here:

The video is the second for a song from Descend Into Depravity, and honestly I think the first one, Shepherd’s Commandment, was better. The new one is sort of a “band playing in a room” video, where the first had a kinda cool Ang Lee split screen thing going as well as a storyline with characters. Still, it’s worth checking out and the song is pretty kick ass too.