New Modulus Song

Northern Virginia based death metal band Modulus has posted a new song onto their MySpace page. The song is titled Emotional Limiter and continues in their style of technical and brutal death metal with lots of time changes, in the vein of bands like Suffocation. I have no idea what the band’s line up is on this song, though it sounds like a drum machine has been used. I don’t know for sure, but I’d imagine the song comes from the recording session mentioned in their MySpace blog post dated 5 December 2008. As far as I know, they’ve only ever released a 3 song EP titled Prototype, which came out in 2004. It’s pretty good but it’s biggest shortfall is it’s length. Regardless, this new song does seem like an updated effort to their previous work. Hopefully there will be more coming soon. Until then, you can listen to the new song or download it at this location: