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Borracho is a term for a drunkard in Spanish, but it’s also the name of a kick ass metal band based in Washington DC. They are releasing their new album, Splitting Sky, today and since they’re great guys they’re letting me give away 15 copies of it to the readers of! All you’ve got to do to enter in the contest is tell me in the comments below a local band you’d like to see play with Borracho at their CD release show. They’re looking for suggestions so help em out! The contest will end when I have a total of 30 valid entries OR at 6pm EST on Friday 8 July 2011, which ever is first. If the contest doesn’t get 30 entries then less free copies will be given away (I’ll try to keep it so at least half of the entries are winners). Help spread the word so we can get to 30 quickly and more people can get a copy. You can use this short link: When the contest is over I’ll chose, at random from all valid entries, 10 people to get a free digital download of Splitting Sky, and then 4 more to win physical copies of the CD and one grand prize winner to get a physical copy of the CD that is autographed by all four of the members of Borracho as well as a sweet Borracho t-shirt. Be sure to use a valid email address when you make your comments below so I can contact you when you win. The guys gave me an advance copy of their new album and here’s my take on what you can expect from it.

The Splitting Sky album is a heavy mix of stoner rock and doom metal with southwestern influences. Borracho has put a lot of work into getting their songs to sound just right and it shows, from the song writing to the production they’ve done a great job here. There’s lots of crunchy riffs that aren’t just heavy but are also infectiously catchy and memorable. The vocal style is raspy and blue collar, somewhere between Lemmy and James Hetfield, though not over the top so as to detract from the instruments. The rhythm section keeps these songs moving forward even when they slow way down. It’s not all super slow though, for example Concentric Circles picks up the pace quite nicely early on in the album. The album is a very solid 8 tracks long, all but two are longer than 6 minutes which lets the songs really progress well, even when the tempo slows down. The epic 11 minute song Grab The Reins is a great example of this, with a lead in riff that sounds like it would fit nicely on Black Sabbath’s Master Of Reality. Borracho is based inside Washington DC and along with bands like Pentagram, King Giant, and (the now defunct) Salome, they’re helping to remind everyone that this area is still a city for excellent heavy stoner and doom. You can download Splitting Sky right now in a variety of ways, iTunes here, Amazon here, or get a physical copy of the album on CD Baby here. If all that isn’t convincing enough to make you a Borracho fan, check out this song below, titled Bloodsucker, which is track three on Splitting Sky.


  1. Bad Bye!!!

  2. Admiral Browning!

  3. Ol’ Scratch, but they’re broken up, so King Giant!

  4. Sanguinius!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Earthride

    • You won one of the physical copies of the album!

  6. Wooly Mammoth or Auroboros.

    • Congratulations, you’re the big winner! You get a copy of the CD signed by the band a free Borracho t-shirt as well.

  7. […] will be giving away 5 copies of the CD, 10 free downloads, and a t-shirt to 15 lucky winners. Go check out the contest for your chance to get a free […]

  8. love to see Borracho and King Giant together

  9. Killer show: King Giant-Borracho-El Grande-Earthride \m/ \m/

    • You won a free digital download of Splitting Sky!

  10. A Sound Of Thunder

  11. King Giant!

  12. King Giant, without a doubt. That would be a killer show.

  13. King Giant and Wooly Mammoth!

    • You’ve won one of the free digital downloads of Splitting Sky!

  14. the pilgrim from bmore and serpent throne from philly

    • You’re the winner of one of the physical copies of Splitting Sky!

  15. King Giant- for sure.

  16. Todesbonden

  17. I’d say Serpent Throne :)

    • You won one of the free digital downloads of Splitting Sky!

  18. Assrockers!

  19. I’d go with Earthride and/or Wooly Mammoth

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