Three ticket give aways!

That’s right, in celebration of entering its third year of existence, I’ve decided to hold a mega contest giving away a pair of tickets to three different upcoming metal shows! There will be three different winners, not one person getting all three. Just leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me which of the three concerts you’d like to go to and I’ll use to pick three winners, one for each concert, on Monday the 19th of September 2011 at 6pm EST to win tickets. You can only win for one concert but you can enter to win for all three or whichever ones you’d like. Be sure to use a valid email address when you enter so I can tell you that you have won, though it doesn’t have to be visible in the post itself. Don’t worry I won’t add you to any email lists or anything annoying like that. Read below to see what the three metal concerts are, and choose wisely!

Choice One

On Wednesday the 21st of September the West Virginia based Karma To Burn is coming to the Rock & Roll Hotel. Karma To Burn is an excellent sludgy stoner band and they play a lot of instrumental songs, though some have vocals. To make this show even better, DC’s own Borracho will be opening. They are an excellent stoner act that you should be sure to check out if you haven’t already. Borracho recently put out their first LP titled Splitting Sky and this show would be a great chance to save on shipping and pick it up after seeing them play live. Local act King Giant was supposed to play this show but due to an injury to one of the band members they have had to cancel their appearance at this concert. If you don’t win or you just can’t wait, you can get tickets to this show here for $10.

Choice Two

On Friday the 23rd of September the brand new 2,000 person capacity Fillmore in Silver Spring will host its first ever metal concert! British metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon headlines a night of some of the best core bands coming from the UK and Australia such as Parkway Drive, Architects, While She Sleeps and Deez Nuts. And come on, if you win you can spend all week telling people you won tickets to see Deez Nuts. The Fillmore will have just opened on September 15th so this will be the first chance to destroy the place with some insane mosh pits! If you don’t win or you just can’t wait, you can get tickets to this show here for $23.

Choice Three

Kyuss Lives! is the name of the reformed version of legendary stoner band Kyuss featuring all the original members of the band except Josh Homme (he’s busy playing with super group Them Crooked Vultures these days). So now the band has Bruno Fevery on guitar but what’s really exciting is that they have been working on a new album and, assuming they play some of that on this tour, this show will be the first chance this area is going to have to hear new Kyuss material in over 15 years! To make things even better Texas based doom masters The Sword and Atlanta’s Monstro are opening. This show is on Saturday the 24th of September at the 9:30 Club and you know it’s going to be awesome. If you don’t win or you just can’t wait, you can get tickets to this show here for $30.


  1. I would love to see K2B! I’m a fellow Mountaineer.

  2. Choice One + Choice Three

    This is a great site, and I hope you keep it around for many more years!

  3. I have already bought my KYUSS LIVES ticket, so I would love to see Karma to Burn and Borracho! Stoneriffic!

  4. Kyuss lives please!

  5. I’d like to see any of the 3 I can.

  6. Kyuss Lives! please. I need some mind melting stoner grooves…

  7. Borracho and Karma to Burn! (was hoping to see King Giant too, but oh well)

  8. I would sacrifice my first born child to see Kyuss Lives with The Sword! Pretty please?!

  9. Choice two!

  10. I’d love to see Kyuss and the Sword. But… a sincere thanks for this site. It’s been a fantastic resource for this recent Philly to DC transplant :)

  11. Choice #3, please. Would love to see Kyuss.


  12. Kyuss Lives! tickets please!

  13. Choice three, 3. Kyuss please.

  14. Id love to go to choice 2

  15. Choice 2 Filmore please!

  16. Choice 2!!! I would love to see Park Way Drive or Deez Nuts

  17. Choice 3 please!

  18. Bring Me The Horizon @ The Filmore

  19. Choice #2, BMTH & Parkway Drive!

    • You won the pair of tickets to see Bring Me The Horizon!

  20. I would like to see Kyuss Lives.

  21. Choice Three would be KILLER! KYUSS!!!

  22. Choice #2 please!

  23. Kyuss Lives! \\m//

  24. I’d love to see Kyuss live, with The Sword, sweet show!

  25. I’d go to any of the three!

  26. Kyuss Lives!

  27. #3 please. Love The Sword and Kyuss!

  28. Choice 3 for me, I love kyuss

  29. Definitely Choice 3 and Kyuss! Cheers

  30. Kyuss Lives!!!

  31. K2B. I was at wvu when they were starting out and have never had a chance to see them live.

  32. The Sword and palm deserts Kyuss!!!!

  33. THE SWORD!


  35. Kyuss lives

  36. KYUSS!!! hopefully all the members can try to not have any police standoffs in the meantime

  37. Choice 3!
    Kyuss is a pretty cool guy, seeing them would be nice

  38. Kyuss Lives! And The Sword kills!

  39. Yeah KYUSS!

  40. Yeah I need to see Kyuss and the Sword

  41. Kyuss Lives!

  42. A chance to see Kyuss! Oh My! Pretty Please! My dreams have come true!

    • You won the pair of tickets to see Kyuss Lives!

  43. I would love tickets to see Kyuss Lives. Thanks for the great site!

  44. I also wouldn’t mid Borracho tickets either. Thanks again!

  45. Kyuss and The Sword!

  46. Choice 2!!

  47. Bring me the horizon, man!

  48. BRA, IM JUST A TEENAGER BUT KYUSS IS IN MY SOUL MAN, ID LOVE TO GET ME A TICKET(((dont know if caps help but least I have Kyuss blasting right now so I dont care)))

  49. Definitely choice One!! King Giant!!!

  50. CHOICE ONE!!!!!

    • You’re the winner of the Karma To Burn tickets!

  51. I’d love to see Kyuss Lives!

  52. I want to see Kyuss Lives and The Sword! I saw The Sword over the summer, one of the best live bands imaginable, and Kyuss laid the foundation for some of the greatest music ever!!

  53. Kyuss Lives

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