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Anthrax at the Fillmore in Silver Spring

Legendary 80’s thrashers Anthrax are coming to the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland this Sunday, the 6th of November! Support on this show will be by not one, but two, awesome Bay area metal bands, Testament and Death Angel. I’m giving away a free pair of tickets to one lucky reader and all you’ve got to do is post a comment below telling me which of these bands you’re most excited to see play. I’ll pick one lucky winner at random (using from all valid entries at 6pm EST on Saturday 5 November 2011. Be sure that when you post you use a valid email you check even on Saturdays because I’ll need to contact you if you win. You can only enter once, multiple entries will be disqualified. However, you can get your friends to all enter and have them bring you along if they win.

Anthrax has been playing with the Big Four a lot lately, but since they were playing first at those mega shows they’ve been playing shorter sets. If you’d like to see them play a full headlining set, this show is for you! Of course Testament is going to kick ass as well and if you haven’t seen the opening act, Death Angel, play live before you should, they’re pretty damn awesome. That’s three thrash bands that will leave you will one hell of a bangover on Monday morning. If you can’t wait to get tickets, or you just end up not winning the contest, you can buy them online for $30 each here.


  1. Anthrax

    WAR DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I need band names not song names!

      • Look closer, and “war dance” isn’t a song title.

        • Ok, I’ll say it like this, the only valid entries are Anthrax, Testament or Death Angel.

  2. Testament with GENE HOGLAN…Prepare!!

  3. Anthrax!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Testament.

  5. Anthrax

  6. I would love to see testament! I’ve seen Anthrax back in the day but not Testament!

  7. Lookin’ to get “caught in a mosh” with ANTHRAX!

  8. ANTHRAX !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Testament, Chuck Billy and Gene Hoglan together!


  11. Does it really even matter! I love both bands, but haven’t seen either of them live yet, so either would kick ass to see! What kind of person am I for never seeing either of these bands play yet love metal!

  12. Testament is one of the bands of my life… thats because i need to be there.


  13. Gotta be Anthrax. Looking forward to hearing stuff off the new album.

  14. Testament all the way. Peeped their set list. It’s going to be sick!

  15. All of them cause i have not seen ANY of them since the 80’s plus i love alex skolnick’s playing that dude is a MONSTER and is not recognized as much as he should be!!! he should do a SOLO CD to show the world HIS REAL SKILL !!!!

  16. Pick me ” I’m the man”

  17. Testament. Found my ticket from Dec 30 at the Omni in Oakland, 88. Been moshing for 22 years!


  19. Anthrax!!
    Worship Music!
    Love you guys. Haven’t seen you guys since, I think the 80s in New Mexico. Would love to see the show and get a fistful of metal!!

  20. I would love to see all of these bands. I saw Anthrax with the big 3 in 2010 when it was better before Metallica butted in. I’d love to see them do a full set. I haven’t seen Testament or Death Angel since the late 80’s and I’d love to see them again. I’m overdue!

  21. Anthrax!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Testament

  23. Testament all the way!

  24. Well I’d have to say Testament. Have loved them for years and my husband hung out with Chuck Billy while growing up. Not that the others are lacking anything, just memory flashbacks to when they were called The Ritual? =) I have not had a chance to see any of these bands live.

  25. Testament!

  26. I want to see Anthrax. Their new album is probably album of the year.

  27. Death Angel! Saw them many years ago during the Act III tour and i love these guys! One of my favorite thrash bands!

  28. Being a major Metal Head for the past 30 years…Death Angel has my peak of interest of Thrash Bands to see. Back in 1987
    I remember Death Angel coing out with the Ultra Violence LP. I’ve played that LP over & over. I look forward to their show on Sunday. Teastament is one of all time favorites…never miss a show, nor with Anthrax. It will be a “Fist Full Metal” this weekend!


  29. Anthrax but stoked about Testament being there also!!!!!!

  30. Anthrax was the first metal band I recall hearing and I have never been the same since. I saw them the first time in 1991 on the Clash of Titans tour and several time after. They are always on point and have more than stood the test of time.

  31. DEATH ANGEL!!!

  32. Testament, without a doubt. They were one of the first bands to get me into metal, and they’ve definitely changed my life.

  33. Testament!!!

  34. Testament!

  35. Death Testanthraxment!!!!

  36. Death Angel!

  37. Testament!! Fuck yeah

  38. Testament!

  39. testament is buy far the best band on this bill and the heaviest,anthrax the most popular and death angle just cashing in on the thrash metal revival. they should have a couple local openers like hatred , deceased , krass judgment etc. when do i pick up my free tickets???????????

  40. anthrax, havnt seen them since the among the living tour 25yrs ago.

  41. Death Angel by far!!! Darkness Descends kills everything!

  42. Testament,

    True soldiers of the trash metal.

    Just to know that they are coming to town with Anthrax and Death Angel. It will be the kick ass show of the year.

  43. The band that I’m most excited to see on Sunday is TESTAMENT! Eventhough, I have seen them before. I won’t lie to you that I’m also excited to see Joey Belladonna with Anthrax. Death Angel are great live. All the bands on the bill is truly awesome!!! It’s going to be a good show.


  45. Death Angel !

  46. Death Angel – saw anthrax last spring in baltimore

  47. Anthrax. Have loved them since I was a child and never have had the chance to see them live.

  48. Anthrax!!

  49. Testament!!!

  50. Gotta say Death Angel because they make it over to this side of the country so rarely. Granted, Anthrax and Testament are certainly great bands, but the fact that both have been out on tour in recent years and made several stops in the areas makes choosing Death Angel all the more logical. Just my opinion of course.

  51. Gotta say Death Angel because they make it over to this side of the country so rarely. Granted, Anthrax and Testament are certainly great bands, but the fact that both have been out on tour in recent years and made several stops in the areas makes choosing Death Angel all the more logical. Just my opinion of course.

  52. I’ve seen all three bands several times in the 90s and would be pumped to see them again at one show in my home town.




  56. Anthrax. I missed most of their set at the Jager tour last year and really want to see the full deal.

  57. Most definately i am most excited to see Anthrax. I have loved them since the beginning but have never had the opportunity to see them and have not been to Fillmore Silver Spring yet. Here’s hoping i get lucky!

  58. Testament!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Testament

  60. anthrax

  61. Anthrax!! Killer new album!

  62. Anthrax

  63. I have been listening to Anthrax since I was a teenager in the early 90’s! Can’t wait for the show…hope to win!

  64. Seen Anthrax twice this year at both Big 4 gigs Indio, CA and Yankee Stadium. Hope I win since the gig is on my Birthday and maybe Anthrax, Death Angel and Testament will make an appearance at the upcoming Metallica 30th anniversary gigs coming up.

  65. ANTHRAX!!! I am just dying to throw down in the mosh pit for a few hours and turn into my almost forgotten heavy metal self, and shake off the DC office persona for just one night!!! Plus, I’m sure there will be a ton of hot guys :P and I’m freshly single. BRING THE NOISE!!!!!

  66. Anthrax!

  67. Anthrax and Testament. Excited to see Belladonna back with Anthrax and Skolnick with Testament.

  68. Testament

  69. I would have to say Anthrax, I’ve yet to see them sense Joey has been back!

  70. Probably Death Angel. I just prefer their studio stuff to the other two.


  72. Testement my ultimate favorite. Band since i was young

  73. Testament

  74. Hell is in the air and this show is gonna be fucking awesome!!!! I like the 3 bands but I wanna see «Death Angel» the filipino American Band Kickas!! \,,,/\,,,/

  75. Testament

  76. Testament!!! :D

  77. Anthrax

    • Congrats! You’re the winner of the free pair of tickets. Check your email for info on how to claim them and I’ll see you at the show.

  78. ANTHRAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Testament!!!!!!!!!!!

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