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Marilyn Manson at the Fillmore in Silver Spring

The king of goth shock rock, Marilyn Manson, is coming to the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland on Tuesday the 1st of May! Support on this show will be by The Pretty Reckless. is giving away a free pair of tickets to one lucky reader and all you’ve got to do is post a comment below telling me which song you’d like to hear Marilyn Manson play the most. I’ll pick one lucky winner at random (using from all valid entries at 5pm EST on Friday 2 March 2012. Be sure that when you post you use a valid email you check regularly because I’ll need to contact you if you win. And don’t worry, I won’t add you to any annoying email lists or sell your address info or anything annoying like that. I hate spam too! You can only enter once, multiple entries will be disqualified. However, you can get your friends to all enter and have them bring you along if they win.

This will be Marilyn Manson’s first tour to support his upcoming album, Born Villain, which is coming out in May. So I’d imagine you’ll be able to hear some of those songs before the album is even out, pretty sweet! The album is a concept album and Marilyn Manson himself described it as a “suicide death metal” style of music, whatever that means. The opening act is The Pretty Reckless, a goth band fronted by Taylor Momsen who you may recognize as having played Jenny Humphrey on the TV show Gossip Girls. The band has been getting decent reviews and now they’re opening for the entire Marilyn Manson tour as well. If the contest is over when you read this, or you just can’t wait to get tickets, you can buy them online for $58.50 from Live Nation here. Check out this latest Marilyn Manson video, directed by Shia LaBeouf (the guy from the Transformers movies) of all people, below. It’s a trailer for a documentary about the making of the album that Shia shot, but it does have music in it too. Under that is a music video by The Pretty Reckless. And under that, leave a comment to enter!


  1. First!! :P

    Antichrist Superstar’s my jam!

  2. Tourniquet. I love that base line in the beggining of the song. The album, Antichrist Superstar still stands out as one of my fav albums of all time.

  3. The Beautiful People

  4. Dried Up, Tied Up and Dead To The World.

  5. Going with a song I haven’t seen performed yet: Four Rusted Horses.

  6. Coma White!

  7. Would love to hear Personal Jesus. Have never seen him live and appreciate the opportunity!!

  8. Devour!

  9. Irresponsible Hate Anthem!!!!!!

  10. Would love to hear Little Horn!

  11. Cake and Sodomy!!!!!

  12. get your gunn

  13. This is the new sh*t…

    • You don’t have to censor yourself, this is a metal website. You’re allowed to fucking swear here!

  14. Beautiful People.

  15. My vote is for Disposable Teens.

  16. Cake and Sodomy

  17. Man That You Fear

  18. The Beautiful People! I haven’t listened to him in years!

  19. Dance of the dope hats (remix)!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Angle with the scabbed wings!

  21. Coma Black

  22. shit, sweet drieams cuz its the first song that turned me on to him and i know theres ganna be lots of lusty goth babes there i can imagine how good it will feel to hear that song and sway inbetween all those bodys….

  23. I gotta roll with “Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes”. The song is pure energy. Like running for your life with a bomb strapped to your chest! I’ve loved it ever since hearing it on “The Last Tour on Earth” album… 13 years later, I’m glad that tour wasn’t the last. I wanna see them bring that kind of energy in 2012.

  24. Even though it’s not a “mosh pit starting, fist punching, blood flying song” I would love to hear him play “Coma Black”. Holy Wood, in my opinion is his best album and I feel it is also one of his deepest. This song has definitely always been one of my favorites by him and I can’t imagine how amazing it would be live.

  25. I’d personally love to see “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”. It was one of the first metal-ish songs I ever heard and I would give anything to see him perform it in such a venue as The Fillmore. If I had a choice to add any songs to his setlist I would put in “Sweet Dreams” and “This Is Halloween”.

  26. Man that you fear

  27. We’re From America, great production all around.

  28. fight song


  30. Comment! Yeah!

  31. The Reflecting God

  32. I put a spell on you

  33. The Beautiful People (cliche I know right?) is my favourite song of his I’d have to say.

    The Pretty Reckless are pretty weak

  34. “If I was your vampire”

  35. The Nobodies – it’s unwelcoming spotlight on the mass media with the sound of a diseased soul.


  37. Saw MM back in 99 at the Landmark heater in Richmond. Loved it.

  38. Scabs, guns, and peanut butter

  39. COMA WHITE!!!!!

  40. The Man That You Fear!!!

  41. I’ve been a fan of Marilyn Manson/ and the Spooky Kids since ’94 when I was in the 5th/6th grade 10 yrs old. I was so close to see him live in his prime in 1997. Since now, I have not seen a live show of him. I would like to hear his classics like Cryptorchid or Tourniquet from his Anti-Christ Superstar album or any song from that album or Anything from Potrait of a American Family, and Mecincal Animals. I hope Twiggy is still with the band.

    • Twiggy is still with the band, good luck!

  42. I like «Personal Jesus» once of my fave and «Organ Grinder» from their beginning, will be awesome to attend to the show, I listened MM back in the 90’s and what a really like is hes very sexual and he has bad ass music videos.

  43. The fight song!!! i will only be a slave to marilyn manson! <3

  44. The Beautiful People: because of the beat and Manson is a lyric-writing mofo!!

  45. Sweet Dreams of course.

  46. The Beautiful people has always been my favorite. Also the DOPE SHOW is another must !!

  47. I would have to say the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.,
    Killer riff, killer song
    Manson at his best !!

  48. I wanna hear him sing running to the edge of the world.. I know it probably won’t happen, but it’s such a strong song with a strong message. WE all face adversity, some way more than others, but it’s important to stay positive and celebrate the bad times and good times. Celebrate the bad times in a sense that “I’m going to change this situation and move forward, learn from it” and celebrate the good times in a matter that I’m not staying comfortable, I’m going to continue to move forward. “Here’s to Us” Manson Fans!!

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