Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper and Rammstein ticket give aways

Well here’s something great for you readers of, I’ve made an agreement with Live Nation to give away pairs of tickets to two of the biggest concerts coming to the area! Rammstein is playing the 1st Mariner Arena (formerly Baltimore Arena) in Baltimore on Wednesday 25 April 2012 and Iron Maiden with Alice Cooper on Saturday 30 June 2012 at Jiffy Lube Live (formerly Nissan Pavilion). One thing I hate about going to big concerts is sitting in the way back squinting to see exactly what the hell is going on so I’m not giving away nose bleed or lawn tickets but for both shows I’m giving away great seats! Rammstein will be premium floor seats and Iron Maiden will be in the 100 section. And of course for each show the tickets will be next to each other. All you have to do to enter this awesome contest is post a comment below telling me which of these two concerts you’d like to see the most. Unlike my past concerts, you CAN win tickets to both concerts so enter for both if you’d like! Be sure to use a valid email address that you check regularly when you enter so I can email you when you win. Don’t worry, I won’t put you on any email lists or sell your info, I hate spam just as much as you do. I’ll pick the lucky winner(s) at random (using from all valid entries at 5pm EST on Friday 9 March 2012. Now read on below for more info about each of these concerts.

Rammstein at 1st Mariner Arena
Rammstein is from Berlin, Germany and are the biggest band from the Neue Deutsche Härte scene there, a style of music that blends hard rock, industrial and metal. In December of 2011 they put out a compilation album that is a retrospective of the band’s entire history, aptly titled Made In Germany 1995-2011. This tour is to support that release and you can bet they’ll be playing a lot of material from their entire back catalog. On thing Rammstein is famous for is their theatrical live shows which use a ridiculous amount of pyrotechnics. And I’m not talking about a few fireworks here, they do things like walk around with 20 foot flames flying out of their costumes! Even if you don’t win the tickets from me you’ll want to be up close to really feel the heat coming from the stage, this isn’t your average performance. If you don’t want to wait to see if you win or the contest is already over when you read this, you can get tickets to this concert right now here for $47 – $90. This show is on Wednesday 25 April 2012 and starts at 8pm.

Iron Maiden at Jiffy Lube Live
Iron Maiden is the biggest of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) bands from the 80s. Lots of those bands have broken up or faded from the spotlight but not Iron Maiden. Their last concert in the area, in 2010 to support their latest album, The Final Frontier, was a rainy day and featured mostly newer material by the band. However this time they’ll be playing a more “best hits” oriented set list so expect to hear classics like Run To The Hills and The Trooper this time around. The opening act is Alice Cooper, the original shock rocker. You probably know him for 80s classics like School’s Out and No More Mr. Nice Guy but his newer material has been much darker. You know he’ll bring an entertaining show with him featuring various magic tricks including his trademark, decapitating himself via guillotine! Another great show you don’t want to be in the back for, so be sure to get seated tickets even if you don’t win them here. If you don’t risk losing out on good seats by waiting for this contest to end, you can get tickets now here from $40 – $109.25. This concert is on Saturday 30 June 2012 and starts at 7:30pm (and remember, Jiffy Lube Live has gotten rid of its no tailgating rule).

Well, those are your two choices. Check out these classic videos by these three classic bands:


  1. I’D LIKE TO SEE BOTH but I already have tickets to Rammstein so I’m GUNNING FOR IRON MAIDEN!


  3. Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper, for sure. I may die from the sheer awesomeness, but I’m willing to risk it for MAIDEN.

  4. I would very much like to go see Rammstein (and save some $$). Let it be me…


  5. Iron Maiden!!! It’s always been a dream to see them live!

  6. Iron Maiden!

  7. I already made plans to go to Bonnroo this summer and had to sacrifice Maiden tickets because I bought my Bonnaroo tix before I knew Maiden was touring. I’ve been a fan since the day Killers came out and I walked to Penguin Feather (ancient record store in Bailiey’s Crossroads) that day to buy the album but for one reason or another (ok, I became a hardcore xian about year after and gave up the devils music for quite a few years) I’ve NEVER SEEN IRON MAIDEN! I beg of you. Please!!!

  8. Maidennn!!!!

  9. Maiden or bust!

  10. I would absolutely see Iron Maiden! Seventh Son was released the year I moved to the States, when I was a teenager. It blew me away them and changed the music I listened to from that day!


  12. Rammstein has been an inspiration for me since I was a youth. I can honestly say that Rammstein altered my life inexplicably as a child. Seeing them live would be a dream come true and a twist of fate that I could not account for logically.

  13. Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper!

  14. It’s Maiden for me! Up the Irons!!!

  15. For the love of ODIN Maiden and Cooper!

  16. I want tix to see either.

  17. Iron Maiden and Cooper all the way.

  18. Maiden, please! And thanks for the opportunity.

  19. Maiden/Cooper, bitches!!!

  20. In case you can’t tell by my email address, I wanto to go to the Iron Maiden show!

  21. Either concert would be great! Iron Maiden /Alice Cooper would be my first choice. Thanks for the contest :)

  22. I’d love to see Iron Maiden!!!

  23. I’d be stoked to see either, but I’m pulling for Rammstein.

  24. All I want for my summer vacation is tickets to Alice Cooper/Iron Maiden.

  25. I would like Rammstein.

  26. I’d love to see Maiden and Alice Cooper! Both have a special place in my and my fiance’s hearts. Iron Maiden is his absolute favorite metal band and they are in my top 3. Alice Cooper was one of the first big shows we ever attended together (about 9 years ago), but we haven’t had a chance to see him since then. I was planning to get 3 tickets for us and his best friend (who is also a huge Maiden fan) to see this concert, but haven’t had the $ yet. Since the prize is only a single pair of tickets, I’d probably just give the 2 of them the tickets since in the almost 20 years they have been best friends, they have never seen an Iron Maiden concert together. They have been to the same Maiden shows while both being in/at the same venue, but always had seats so far apart they never really got to enjoy a Maiden show together as best friends. I’d like to give them that opportunity.

    I’d love to see Rammstein too. I’ve never seen them before and have heard there shows are amazing!

  27. MAIDEN!

  28. Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper

  29. please enter me in for both.


  30. Iron Maiden!!

  31. Iron maiden all the way…

  32. The first concert I ever saw was Maiden on the Somewhere In Time tour at the old Capital Centre in Landover, MD. My daughter is 10 and loves metal, I would LOVE for Maiden to be HER first show!

  33. Iron Maiden please! It would mean the world to me…

  34. Already got my Iron Maiden tickets, so Rammstein!!!

  35. Maiden!!!

  36. Rammstein!!

  37. Iron Maiden !

  38. RAMMSTEIN!!!!

  39. Rammmmm SstEEiiiiNN!!!!

  40. Rammstein!!! :)

  41. MAIDEN!!!!!!

  42. MAIDEN!

  43. I want to see both, but if I had to choose it would be Rammstein only because I’ve never seen them live. So RAMMSTEIN it is!!!!

  44. Iron Maiden of course. March 9th is my birthday so lets get lucky.

  45. Iron Maiden all the way!

  46. Iron Maiden, please!

  47. Would love to see Maiden!

  48. Maiden Maiden Maiden!!!

  49. Seeing Maiden would rule!

  50. IRON MAIDEN!!!

  51. Rammstein!!

  52. Would love to see Iron Maiden! Thanks.

  53. IRON MAIDEN! UP THE IRONS!!!!!! \m/

  54. Ramms+ein

  55. Sign me up for Maiden!

  56. Alice Cooper

  57. Both would be cool… but if I had to pick one, I would have to choose Iron Maiden!

  58. Man I would love to see Alice cooper again seen him last summer with rob zombie where he killed himself like 20 times and iron maiden that will be like a dream

  59. i want to see both!

  60. Iron Maiden with Alice Cooper!

  61. Maiden please

  62. Iron Maiden and Rammstein!!!!!!!

  63. My husband and I would LOVE to see the Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper show!! It is going on right around our one year marriage anniversary and this would be such an awesome way to celebrate!

  64. Iron Maiden!

  65. Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper! Sign me up!!

    • Congrats, you won the tickets to see Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper as well as the ire of everyone else who entered.

  66. Rammstein for the win!

  67. Maiden for sure! Alice is a mega bonus!

  68. Rammstein

  69. Rammstein bitte! I need to see those crazy sexy bastards!

    • Congratulations! You’ve won the tickets to see Rammstein!

  70. it would be so dope to catch maiden and cooper –

  71. Rammstein!

  72. me too! both! thanks!

  73. Iron Maiden!!

  74. Maiden! :D

  75. RAMMSTEIN all the way !!!!!

  76. iron maiden alice cooper please please please!!!

  77. Totally wanna see Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper. TOTALLY!!!

  78. Rammstein !!! I’ll never get enough of this band :D

  79. Both choices are cool, but I have to go with Rammstein hands down:)) They are absolutely amazing live. THanks!

  80. I’ve seen Rammstein back in ’98 at the Patriot Center and that was enough for me, lol. I only like their first two albums and that’s it. I’m entering for IRON MAIDEN and ALICE COOPER!!!! I got to win!!!!

  81. IRON FUCKING MAIDEN!!!! I really want to see them again…Oh well, wherever, wherever you are / Iron Maiden’s gonna get me, no matter how far!!!

  82. well lets see own all of maidens cds and 5 shirts never seen them must go friend is going and told me to eat my heart out well if i go ill rip his out but i really wanna See them

  83. Would also love to see Maiden and Alice Cooper

  84. Rammstein!

  85. Iron Maiden!

  86. Iron Maiden for sure!

  87. Either would be great. Maiden/Cooper is a double dose of classics, but Rammstein puts on a hell of a live show. I saw them in something like 2002, and after a long delay, the indicator that the show was about to start was a strong smell of lighter fluid. Sadly, the other bands on the bill were No One (who?), American Head Charge (meh) and Slipknot (not a huge fan). This could be way better. Enter me for both, please!

  88. IRON MAIDEN/ALICE COOPER! Gimmme gimme gimme!

  89. Rammstein for me please!

  90. All these bands put on a killer live show. Please put me in for Cooper/Maiden and Rammstein!


  92. Rammstein is a must-do. Pick me and I will be your slave forever!!

  93. Rammstein! Although, who could resist seeing Maiden again??

  94. I saw Maiden last time they were here at Merriweather, awesome show. Already have my tix for Rammstein! Rock on bitches!!!

  95. \m/ Maiden \m/

  96. Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper is the one I’d rather see. Maiden’s are the kinds of arena rock, and Cooper is a well-deserved legend!

  97. RAMMSTEIN! You….You Hate….You Hate Me.

  98. I’m an indecisive gal…both plz!

  99. IRON…….. MAIDEN!

  100. Have a kid due in 3 weeks. Rammstein would be a little rough to get to, but Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper would be bad ass.

  101. I’ve been a fan of Iron Maiden since Killers and have partied with Eddie on several occasions… he doesn’t say much but sure ‘livens’ up the place. I saw them at the Spectrum with Judas Priest a loooong time ago and would love to see them again.

    And Alice Cooper has had a special place in my heart and other organs since I was a little kid, but have never had the pleasure of seeing him live in concert.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  102. Would live to see Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden up close and personal . Up The IRONS!!!! Long Live Eddie..

  103. Amazing concert can’t wait

  104. I would love to see both! I need more stories for my grandchildren!

  105. Never seen these bands live. Rammstein on my birthday would be awesome!!!! And would love to take hubby to see Maiden and Alice! So put my name in for both! Thanks!

  106. I want to see Iron Maiden!!

  107. Iron Maiden is by far my favorite band ever, so I’d love to win those tickets!! I’ve never had 100 level tickets either, so this would be HUGE!!!

  108. I already have Rammstein tickets, but I’d love to see maiden play some of their classics

  109. Iron Maiden, please!! \m/ \m/

  110. I would like to see either show, but my first choice would be the Maiden/Alice Cooper one, as it’s on my 30th birthday! I want to hear Run to the Hills and Billion Dollar Baby.

    But I would also be alll about the Rammstein show. I first started learning German thanks to those guys. My favorite song of theirs is probably Der Meister.

  111. me!!! “)))

  112. IRON MAIDEN!!!!

  113. I would love to see Iron Maiden Please!

  114. iron maiden rules.would love to see this show for free

  115. Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper… \m/

  116. Maiden/Alice!

  117. Iron Maiden 100% up the irons!!!!!!!!

  118. Iron Maiden!

  119. IRON MAIDEN with AC – cant miss.
    Never seen Rammstein, but definitely would check them out
    I know they put on a killer show

  120. Id love to see Maiden! Been listening to them for awhile now and id love to win tickets! Then I may be able to go up to newjersey for orion fest

  121. Maiden! For the love of all that is HEAVY.

  122. ramstien please

  123. I’d like iron maiden please

  124. I would consider slapping my mother for tickets to any of these. Want to hear The Trooper by Iron Maiden!

  125. Is there any way I can be entered in the drawing to both shows? Puh-leeease? ^_^

  126. «Dance of Death» Yeahhhh…..Grrrrrrrrrrr !! IRON MAIDEN/ ALiCE COOPER for sure \,,,/\,,,/

  127. Maiden all the way. Rammstein has never been good.

  128. Iron Maiden!

  129. Of these two….Rammstein, but I wouldn’t say no to both….

  130. Rammstein or Iron Maiden, I’d love to win either!

  131. Would love to go to both, but my first choice would be Rammstein!

  132. Maiden/Coop, please!


    I’ve seen Maiden before and they were awesome! Although I was in the nosebleeds and it was the rainy Final Frontier show, so no greatest hits. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Maiden that I’ve loved before though.

  134. I would LOVE tickets to see IRON MAIDEN!!!!!

  135. Rammstein. I’ve been trying to see them since middle school and the military has not helped my cause.

  136. Maiden!!

  137. Rammstein! YAY!

  138. I definitely love Iron Maiden though too.. they were one of the first metal bands I heard as a toddler while my older brothers were rocking out to it– I was born and bred to be a headbanger! :D

  139. Iron Maiden! But I would LOVE to see Rammstein too….Ohhh this would be bad ass to win!

  140. I would LOVE to see Iron Maiden! I saw them a couple summers ago at Merriweather and they rocked that arena – let’s do it again!

  141. Rammstein please =) but I wouldn’t mind Iron Maiden either ;)

  142. I would love to see Iron Maiden but Rammstein wouldn’t hurt either.

  143. Hopefully this time I will be able to finally see Maiden! Esverytime they went to Puerto Rico something happened that I couldn’t go.

    Up the irons! \m/

  144. MAIDEN PLEASE!!!! \m/

  145. i wanna win!

  146. Rammstein…never seen them live before

  147. Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper

  148. i wanna win

  149. i wanna win!

  150. Either would be awesome. But Iron Maiden owns my soul. So, IRON MAIDEN! <3

  151. I would LOVE to see Rammstein. LOVE those guys so so much, and I’ve never seen them live! Plus the venue is only 20 minutes from my house!

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