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DCHeavyMetal.com has another chance for you to win some free tickets. After decades, the 80s UK thrash metal band Onslaught are on their first ever North American tour and they’re bringing along Mpire Of Evil, a new band with two former members of the legendary Venom. Mantas and Demolition Man even play some of those old Venom classics in their live set. The tour’s only area stop is this Sunday, April 8th, at the U Street Music Hall in Washington DC, a venue that generally caters to fans of dance and electronic music. To commemorate this first metal show at the venue, DCHeavyMetal.com is giving away a free pair of tickets to one of you Onslaught at U Street Music Hallmetal heads reading this. To enter just tell me in the comments below which band you’re more excited to see, Onslaught or Mpire Of Evil. You can get more info about each band in the paragraphs after this one. At 5pm EST on Friday the 6th of April a winner will be picked at random (using Random.org) from all valid entries. Make sure you enter in a valid email address you check regularly when you submit your comment so I can contact you if you win, though it doesn’t need to be in the comment itself. Don’t be a jerk and enter multiple times or I’ll disqualify all of your entries. And please don’t enter if you can’t make it to the show. If you don’t want to wait to see if you win or this contest is already over when you read it, you can get tickets from Ticket Fly here for $20.

Onslaught was originally a hardcore band that shifted to a thrash metal style early in their career. Don’t think they sound like D.R.I. though, they sound more similar to bands like Slayer and Kreator. Onslaught broke up in 1991 before ever having come the the US and now, after reforming in 2005, they are finally touring the states. Onslaught isn’t one of those old thrash bands who just puts out shitty new songs and plays a bunch of their old tunes live, they have some killer new material as well. Just give a listen to the song below, Born For War, off of their album Sounds Of Violence which came out in 2011.

Mpire Of Evil is a band that formed in 2010 and they’ve only got one full length album out, Hell To The Holy, and it was just released last week. Don’t worry though, you’ll be sure to recognize some of their tunes as former Venom members Mantas and Demolition Man perform some of the old Venom classic songs in their set list as well. That said, their new material isn’t bad either, and you can give it a listen on the video embedded below.


  1. Mpire Of Evil

  2. Mpire of Evil, mostly because I want to hear some old Venom tracks live.

    • Congratulations, you won the tickets to see Onslaught and Mpire Of Evil!

  3. OnslaughT

  4. Mpire of Evil. Lovedthe Dolan-era Venom albums. Onslaught is a killer bonus though.

  5. Onslaught. It’s great to see one of the originals touring, rather than just all the re-thrash bands. Thrash shows are always fun.


  7. Mpire of Evil. Can’t go wrong with dudes that were in Venom playing music.

  8. First I’m excited to read that some real metal acts are going to be playing in the district. But it is indeed a difficult choice to make between the two bands. I’m an old, old school metal head that loves “classic” Venom. So give me Mpire of Evil.

  9. mpire of evil.

  10. Onslaught… hugely underrated band from the short-lived UK thrash scene. Power From Hell is an absolute face-ripper!

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