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Mayhem Festival is coming around again this summer to Jiffy Lube Live (formerly known as Nissan Pavilion) on Sunday July 29th and they’ve got a killer line up this year. Slipknot, Slayer and Motörhead will headlining the main stage while the second stage will be manned by Anthrax, The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying, Asking Alexandria, Whitechapel, High On Fire, Upon A Burning Body, I, The Breather and Dirtfedd. Told ya it’s a killer line up! is giving away a free pair of seated tickets (not lawn) to one of you lucky readers and all you have to do to enter is post a Mayhem Festivalcomment below telling me which band you’re most excited to see play live! Be sure to use a valid email address that you check regularly when you enter so I can email you when you win. Don’t worry, I won’t put you on any email lists or sell your info, I hate spam just as much as you do. I’ll pick the lucky winners at random (using from all valid entries at 5pm EST on Friday 20 April 2012. If you don’t want to risk losing out on good seats by waiting for this contest to end, you can get tickets now here from $34 – $84, depending on their location. This concert is on Sunday 29 July 2012 and doors open at 1:30 pm (and remember, Jiffy Lube Live has gotten rid of its no tailgating rule). But wait, there’s more…

Usually I don’t have any runner up prizes on my contests but this time Heavy Metal PicnicI’m also going to be giving away five copies of Jeff Krulik’s latest metal related documentary film, Heavy Metal Picnic. Shot in the 80s at a metal party in a field in Maryland that was headlined by the local doom metal band Asylum, the director of the classic Heavy Metal Parking Lot film just released its follow up on DVD this past winter. The winner of the pair of tickets will get a copy of Heavy Metal Picnic on DVD and I’ll also pick four more of you at 5pm EST on Friday 20 April 2012 to win. If you don’t win you can pick up a copy of the DVD for $15 here. If you want more info I recommend checking it out on IMDB (here) and of course by watching the trailer below.


  1. In my opinion the best Mayhem Fest to date. Slipknot, Slayer, Motorhead and Anthrax are the bomb. Would love to go and take my son, a big heavy metal fan!

    • One word….. SLAYER!!!

  2. Motorhead!

  3. FUCKIN’ SLAYER!!!!!

  4. Surprisingly I have never seen Slayer live and would really like to, Slayer and High on Fire

  5. High on Fire, but always love to see Slayer too.

  6. Motorhead. I’ve never seem Lemmy.


  8. High on Fire, without a doubt.

  9. SLAYER!

  10. I would like to see Motorhead. They have been around for a long time and I have never had the opportunity to check them out. I have seen Slipknot about 4 times and Slayer twice.

  11. I really want to see Slipknot. Back when I was about 13 years old, and all i listened to was classic rock and grunge, someone played a Slipknot song for me and my eyes were opened to the world of metal. Although there will be other bands at Mayhem that are heavier, more talented, etc. I really want to see Slipknot because they kill it live, and they were the first heavy metal band I ever got into. I still haven’t left the “Slipknot phase”

  12. Lemmmmmyyyyyy mee me me me me me

  13. Motorhead!! Lemmy Rulezzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I saw Slipknot on the Ozzfest many years ago, awesome show!

  15. I am most excited to see Slipknot, Motorhead, Anthrax, and Slayer. I know that more than one but if it was just those 4 bands it would be one helluva concert. This will be my first concert either way so I am super excited. Thanks for having this concert.

    • Congrats, you’re the grand prize winner of the tickets and you get a DVD as well!

  16. I would enjoy seeing Slayer again. Its been awhile

  17. Motorhead all the way doooood!

  18. Most excited for Motorhead!

  19. slayer and motorhead!!!

  20. I’ve wanted to see Slipknot for quite some time now, so them for sure!

  21. Motörhead !!!

  22. Motorhead!! \m/ (but I am really stoked for High on Fire as well!)

  23. Motorhead!!!

  24. Motorhead! I have never seen them! But I also wanna check Slayer, High on Fire and maybe Anthrax too.

  25. Motorhead! Lemmy is a living legend and it would be absolutely killer to see him rip it up on stage with that Rickenbacker!

  26. SLAYER!

  27. I would love to see High on Fire!

  28. Motorhead! Why is slipknot “headlining” this? And Anthrax is being brushed over. Still the best Mayhem Fest lineup I’ve seen though!

  29. Excited mostly by the mainstage and especially seeing SLAYER for an 8th time!

  30. This line up is a killer one…hell yeah….it’s gonna be crazy…!!! \m/ \m/

  31. Excited mostly by the main stage, and especially seeing SLAYER for an 3th time! I saw them in Europe twice, however It´ll be really nice to see an American show!!!

  32. Motor, Motor, Motorhead!!!

  33. Whitechapel because they destroy

  34. If only Britney Spear was playing. I guess Motorhead will have to do.


  36. Slayer and Anthrax!

  37. Slayer Yeah!


  39. I’d love to see Motörhead!

  40. SLAYER!!!!!!!!! yeyaaaaa

  41. Please I NEED to see the original (minus Dan Spitz) members of ANTHRAX play! Last 2 times I had tickets to see them, once at Jaxx, the last time when they recently played The FIllmore in Md, I had to give them up due to medical emergencys. Now I’m healthy and ready to rage!.

  42. Slipknot, mainly cuz I think Cory Taylor has an amazing voice and is super talented. Gonna be a kick ass show that’s for sure!

  43. Slipknot, Slayer, and Anthrax!!!

  44. Slaaaaayer!!

  45. The Devil Wears Prada and Motorhead Slipknot too!!!

  46. Slayer!

  47. Anthrax, MUST SEE

  48. I HAVE TO SEE SLIPKNOT!!!! I also want to see The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying, and Asking Alexandria, but I have to see SSSLIPKNOT!!! xD

  49. Slipknot and Anthrax!

  50. I’ve seen them all, Motorhead most recently, and I’ll say I’m most excited for Slayer, hands down. Do not overlook Whitechapel though… they put on a vicious show.

  51. Well, I saw Motorhead in France, and seeing them again would be awesome!!

  52. i would just love to see slipknot! they are my all time favorite band and corey taylor is my hero. im also excited for as i lay dying slayer and the devil wears prada.


  54. Anthrax! I have been wanting to see them since I was a kid. love them!

  55. Slipknot!

    • Congrats, you’ve won a copy of the Heavy Metal Picnic DVD!

  56. I am ready to see Anthrax. Worship Music is such an incredible cd that i am dying to see them play it live.

  57. Most excited to see Slayer. End of story.

  58. Slipknot!! <3 :)

  59. slipknot

  60. I’m excited to see SLAYER! \m/

  61. SLAYER! Have never seen them before and am stoked!

  62. Motorhead, is the one that screams at me the most atm, all the bands are great though.

  63. For me it’s hard to pick just one band I am excited to see because I have been following alot of these bands for many years.

    But if I had to pick just one, it would be as I lay dying, only because I have yet to see them live after being a fan of theirs since Frail words collapse, and this would be my first time.


  65. SLAYER!! I have never seen them and can’t wait to go!

  66. motorhead…. gotta get a show in with them…

  67. I’m most excited for Slayer! because I’ve been such a big fan for so long and never had a chance to see them. Their probably be great!! But Anthrax is gonna be fuckin gnarly to

  68. Definitely Anthrax, first band I ever seen live and they are amazing!

  69. Anthrax, whenever they come to the NY NJ area we go see them. Brings us back to the high school days!!

  70. Slayer kicked ass at the Big4 show at Yankee Stadium but Anthrax are my home town boys! Can’t wait!!

  71. How can I only pick one, there’s anthrax, slayer, slipknot, and I always wanted to check out moterhead

  72. I wanna see Anthrax. Just bought Worship Music and I can’t stop listening to it.

  73. The band I’m most pumped to see live is the mighty Anthrax! I haven’t had the chance to see them on their most recent tour, and I haven’t seen them live since they brought Belladonna back on board. Their last album, Worship Music, was arguably the best of their career. So, them touring behind that incredibly awesome album, a headlining spot on the 2nd stage where the fans can really have some fun, and just some good damn old school metal are setting Anthrax up to steal the whole damn show every night at Mayhem. So, hook a brother up!!

  74. i think anthrax should also be in the main stage. Then we got another big fuckin 4 things going on!

  75. Motorhead! In Lemmy I trust \m/

  76. I would love to see ANTHRAX’s set. I have never seen them play live before and Charlie Benante is one of my favorite drummers. I wanna be Caught In A Mosh for real!

  77. SLIPKNOT \m/ \m/ I have been waiting for them to finally get back out on tour patiently… I am been lucky to have seen them live once b4… one word: Phenomenal i <3 SLIPKNOT SOOO MUCH, I REALLY WANT TO GO TO THIS FESTIVAL <3 \m/ \m/ i am a mom OF 3 and try and go to as many shows as I can.. PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!! THIS WOULD B MY HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR! So wanna c Slipknot live again. The line up is SIC this year don't want to miss it!!!!! <3

  78. Def anthrax,cause its the orig.crew man,fuckin
    g joey rules.

  79. ANTHRAX!!!!!!!! Worship Music RULES!

  80. I want to see Motörhead. Never saw them live, should be awesome.

  81. Anthrax of course! Best live act on earth!

  82. I want to c a number of the bands but the one im sooo excited about is: SLIPKNOT!!! I have been waiting very patiently for them to go back on tour! I have been lucky enough to have seen them once years ago one word:Phenomenal!!! I am a busy mom of 3, so shows r “my time”. PLEASE PICK ME! THIS YEARS LINE UP IS SIC!! i SOOO WANT TO GO TO THIS FESTIVAL!! <3 <3

  83. I fucking love motörhead, SLAYER and fucking SlipKnoT and I would love to see that badass line up playing! They’re all awesome and these all all the bands I want to see in my life! I would love to go there with my mum!

  84. Would have to say legends Motorhead would be the band most looking forward to. When I think of what really started the Metal invasion it was the British movement- Sabbath, Motorhead, Priest Maiden!!

  85. SLIPKNOT!!! Hands Down!

  86. That’s a Killer Line up! \,,/

  87. Hmm… Well I can’t really choose one band that I’d be excited to see. Cuz I REALLY love all of them. But I suppose I’m most excited about Slayer! I LOVE them and they’ve inspired me with my style for my band. Metal fuckin rules!

  88. I want to see Anthrax again. I had to miss their last show in Columbus.

  89. Slayer kurwa!

  90. Slipknot,for sure. I’ve never seen them live before!!!

    • You’re one of the winners of the Heavy Metal Picnic DVDs!

  91. Motorhead

  92. SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/ -_- \m/


  94. Been a metal fan for more years then I can count…but I still have never had a chance to see Motorhead, so I’m looking forward to seeing them this summer!

  95. SLIPKNOT after hearing them first in 2004 I felt that this was the beginning of a metal mainstream comeback as the balance between the grrroul and singing with great music backing up front man cory tailor was going to be non-stopable! With an incredible live show to boot! Impressive music and incredible lyrics it’s hard to top this wicked band

  96. Definitely Slipknot! I mean come on, its amazing they’re able to get up nd play without the one and only Paul Gray (RIP BABY)!!
    oh yeah! Im from Iowa too ;D such an inspiration they are since coming from towns like me!

  97. SLIPKNOT!!!!!

  98. I’d love to see Slayer. Kerry is a MONSTER on stage. I have a special someone who would like to see Slipknot as well. :)

  99. As much as I love and respect, the 2/4 of the Big Four, Anthrax and Slayer. I’m gonna to have to go with Motorhead on this one, they’re one of the few Heavy Metal bands I haven’t had the chance to see. So im syked to finally be able see Lemmy, I’m goin to this show if I win these tickets or not since it’s coming to River Bend again. Even if I do win them I’ll still go to the Cincinnati show on the 24th, and maybe even the Indiana show. I seriously can’t wait, though I do hope I have the opportunity to come see the show in Bristow!

  100. Well I absolutely want to go see motorhead, slayer, anthrax and high on fire.

  101. Anthrax.……always!

  102. I would love to see Slayer and Anthrax!! :)

  103. Slayer!!!

  104. Slayer, enough said, its sad that they have to open for Slipknot, destroy the stage before they drive.

  105. Motorhead. Lemmy’s not going to live forever. Or is he?

  106. ANTHRAX! Always the most underrated of the big four! Love these guys! I AM THE LAW!

  107. Motörhead!

  108. I would fuckin love to watch slayer perform!! I know they’ll put on a bad ass fuckin show!!

  109. Always love to see Anthrax live… they always bring it! Slipknot will be awesome, too

  110. The Big 4 will always have a special place in my heart. Slayer and Anthrax!!! Kerry + Ian = EPIC!

  111. The only bands that matter:Slipknot, Slayer, Motorhead and Anthrax! \m/

  112. I want to see ANTHRAX, Worship the Music has to be the best METAL album of 2011. Plus, it will be great to see Slipknot again. My son wants to see Asking Alexander and Devil Wears Prada. This is a GREAT line up, well done


  114. Motorhead , Anthrax, I’ve never seen….but don’t get me wrong I’d love to see Slayer,slipknot, again…and maybe check out some other stuff.

  115. Motorhead an slayer and anthrax!!! Caught both bands everytime they play in austin an was bummed when motorhead didnt get to play during the tour with megadeth

  116. I want to see Mortorhead!! I love Lemmy :)

  117. I just wanna see Motorhead!!!!

  118. SLAYER!!!!!

  119. ANTHRAX!!!!!
    because they are the most TRUE-est of thrash out of the big 4..

  120. OBVIOUSLY SLAYER i mean come on.


  122. Anthrax!!!!

  123. Anthrax

  124. The mighty Anthrax!!!!!

  125. Anthrax means so much to me. If it wasn’t for their music I probably wouldn’t be here typing this. I live in Chesapeake, VA and I don’t drive because of poor eyesight in one eye but I will take the bus up there and do whatever it takes to make it up to Bristow, Va. I’m gonna make sure we show Anthrax the biggest ever “WarDance” EVER! Bring the fuckin noise! Mayhem Festival is the only festival that matters! Fuck the rest! The mighty Motorhead is gonna show all the young moshers how to do it old skull! The mighty Slayer. Nothing is more brutal or evil then the start of a Slayer show! Mayhem will be in the air on this day. Bring it! I love you a’ll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Slipknot! But also As I Lay Dying is one of my favorite bands.. And Asking Alexandria too? Whoa.. Slayer and Anthrax are classic, of course. But Slipknot is best

    • Fuck yes

      • bitches be crazy, thinking they can comment on my shit and shit

        • i am one crazy bitch you bitch! and i comment on your shit whenever the hell i want!…bitch!!!

  127. Always wanted to see Slipknot and Motorhead, Anthrax would be badass too

  128. I would go and see slipknot live as i havent had the pleasure of doing so yet and id take my friend also a massive slipknot fan.

  129. Mayhem and Anthrax….nuff said. My favorite band in the world and I couldn’t get tux for the big 4. So I hope I can catch them now.

    • You won one of the Heavy Metal Picnic DVDs!

  130. Motorhead! Who doesn’t want to see Lemmy and his epic beard!

  131. ANTHRAX

  132. Slipknot! Slipknot!!!!! Who doesnt love slipknot?

  133. I have always wanted to see Anthrax live.

  134. Motörhead!!

  135. For me is Anthrax i fucking love the band and Worship Music is fucking super good album and is dedicated to Dio, that’s so fucking perfect

  136. I can’t wait to see Motörhead!!!! Seen them once and it was great show!!!

  137. Motorhead

  138. Anthrax, one of my favorite bands of all time. I felt ripped off when I saw them on the Carnage tour and they only got to play 7 songs, which was less then the other gigs they played on the tour from what I understand.

  139. so looking forward to seeing slayer, Motörhead, whitechapel, slipknot, anthrax at Mayhem!!!! slipknot is my favorite band and I’m ready to see them tear the stage apart!!!!!!!

  140. I have never seen Slipknot. Slayer, Anthrax & Motörhead always put on an amazing show.

  141. I would say Slipknot because i like alot of their music and i got jipped on hearing Stone Stour in person at Rock on the Range last year and Corey Taylor has an amazing voice

  142. I’d love to see the AMAZING MOTORHEAD !!!

  143. SLAYER!!!!!!!!!! because they’re just legendary and amazing live!

  144. I wanna see Slipknot!!! They are my fav band and I would love to see them again!!

  145. Slipknot!!! SLAYER!!!! ANTHRAX!!! AS I LAY DYING!!!! !!! !!!

  146. 1. ANTHRAX huge fan since ’88
    2. SLIPKNOT only headliner I haven’t seen live!

  147. Slipknot and Anthrax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  149. Slayer RULES

  150. Slipknot and Slayer and Anthrax

    • You’re one of the winners of the Heavy Metal Picnic DVD!

  151. its a tie between SLIPKNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ANTHRAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. Anthrax to trash on got the time!!

  153. Metal is my religion! SLAYER, SLAYER and SLAYER!! I’m an old school metal chick. I’m 41 and I’ve been listening to real metal for about 29 years. I’ve seen all the headliners before and their all awesome as shit. I saw Anthrax open up for Ozzy in the 80’s I’ve seen Slipknot and Motorhead at Ozzfest and the best show I’ve ever seen( And, I’ve been to a lot) 1989 SLAYER with TESTAMENT at the Boathouse. BEST show ever! If you choose me I’m taking my and we’re getting fucking CRAZY. I could really use the free tickets because I spent way too much on IRON MAIDEN PICK ME!

  154. Anthrax is finally great once again!

  155. I would love to see Slayer.

  156. Would love love love to see Anthrax!

  157. Definitely Anthrax!

  158. Anthrax, Anthrax, Anthrax…. oh… did I mention Anthrax?

  159. I have seen Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica already so Anthrax is the only band left of the maijor 4.

  160. Motorhead

  161. Anthrax by all means!!

  162. I dying to see slayer!! I can’t believe I’ve never gotten to see them so I’m super stoked for this show!

  163. Slayer!!!!!

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