Valentine’s Day Double Give Away

Roots vs DevilDriver

Valentine’s Day might not be the most brutal of holidays, not until now that is! We’re doing a special 48 hour contest where you can win a pair of tickets to your choice of two sick upcoming metal shows at the Baltimore Soundstage (you can even enter for to win tickets to both if you want, but you can’t win both prizes). Option one is Max & Iggor Cavalera‘s Return to Roots this Sunday, February 19th along with Immolation, Full Of Hell, Withered, Immortal Bird and Cemetery Piss. Your second option is to see DevilDriver the following night, Monday, February 20th along with Death Angel, Winds Of Plague, The Agonist and Azreal. To enter just leave a comment on this post telling me which concert you would like to win a free pair of tickets to (or answer “Both” if you want to enter for both shows). At 5pm EST on Thursday, February 16th two different winners will be chosen at random (using, and each will receive a pair of tickets to a show they requested. Be sure to use a valid email you check regularly so I can contact you if you win. Don’t worry, I won’t add you to any spam lists or sell your info or anything sleazy like that. Multiple entries from the same person, even if you’re using different email addresses, will be disqualified. If I haven’t heard back from the winner in 24 hours another winner will be chosen at random. If you can’t wait to see if you win, you need a last minute Valentine’s Day gift, or the contest is already over when you read this, then you can get tickets from Ticket Fly for Max & Iggor for $26.40 (here and for DevilDriver for $23 here.

Brotherly love brings us the Cavalera brothers performing the classic Sepultura album Roots in its entirety. Their tour with the always brutal NYDM band Immolation and the Maryland based Full Of Hell is combining for this special show with black metal band Withered‘s tour with the ferocious Immortal Bird and Baltimore’s Cemetery Piss. It’s a lot of bands on the bill and it sure beats both tours being at different Baltimore venues on the same night. DevilDriver is bringing their brand of hardcore laced heavy metal back on the road, this time with Bay Area thrash legends Death Angel. Winds Of Plague and Azreal round out the touring bill and locals Emerge A Tyrant are the opening support. Now check out the videos by some of the bands on these shows below and tell me which of these sick concerts you want to win tickets to!

Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots

DevilDriver – Trust No One

Immolation – A Glorious Epoch

Death Angel – Hatred United / United Hate


  1. \m/ Return to Roots \m/

  2. Would love to win the Return To Roots show!

  3. Return to Roots!!! Awesome lineup!

  4. Return to roots

  5. Both :)

  6. Back to Roots

  7. Definitely Return to Roots for me.

  8. The real sepultura and immolation

  9. Return to Roots!

  10. Return to Roots

  11. Robota and Immolation!

  12. Devildriver

  13. Roots

  14. DevilDriver, Death Angel, Winds Of Plague, The Agonist and Azreal.

  15. Devil Driver

  16. Both

  17. Both

  18. Max and Iggor

  19. Return to Roots!

  20. Devildriver!

  21. Return to roots please

  22. Max & Iggor Cavalera‘s Return to Roots

  23. I’d love to win tickets for Return to Roots!

  24. Both shows are amazing! I would gladly accept either one!

  25. Sunday, February 19th Cavalera Brothers ‘Return to Roots’ with Immolation, Full Of Hell, Withered, Immortal Bird and Cemetery Piss

  26. “Both”
    Fuck shit up

  27. Max & Iggor Calavera’s Return to Roots!

  28. Max & Iggor – Roots!

  29. Feb 20th plz, gotta see my boys in Emerge a Tyrant hold it down.

  30. Return to Roots

  31. Max and Iggor!

  32. Max and Igor Please!

  33. Max and Iggor

  34. Roots and full of hell

  35. let’s go with BOTH, BROTHER

  36. Return to Roots!!

  37. I would do anything to see Devildriver. I fell in love with them at 14 and seeing them would be a dream come true

  38. Roots! RETURN to Rooooooooooots!! \m/

  39. \m/Roots! Bloody Roots!\m/

  40. Both

  41. Both shows

  42. Calavera Roots Feb 19

  43. Igor and Max!!!!!!!!!

  44. Death fucking Angel

  45. death angel

  46. I wanna see Max and Igor! Roooooots! Bloody Roots!!!

  47. both
    thank you.

  48. Baltimore Sound Stage Where I met The Agonist with Epica and Arkona on December 1 2016. Would love to meet them again. Plus see the rest of the bands for the first time. Don’t get the chance to get out much due to living in a hip hop city. Not many death metal shows.

  49. Max and Igor return to Roots!

  50. Death Angel Monday night

  51. Return to Roots

  52. Return to Roots!

  53. Devildriver

  54. Both!!

  55. Return to Roots

  56. Return to Roots!

  57. Devildriver!

  58. Calavera Roots 2/19!

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