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Hey everyone, I’ve got another contest for you this week. Local southern metal act King Giant is playing Jaxx Nightclub in Springfield, Virginia this Saturday the 21st of January and is giving away a free pair of tickets to one of you lucky readers of the site. This isn’t just any ordinary King Giant show though, in addition to headlining it is also the release show for their new album Dismal Hollow. At the show they’ll have copies of it on both CD and vinyl and to sweeten this week’s contest I’ll be giving away a copy of it as well. You get to pick which version you want, CD or vinyl, and I’ll get the entire band to personally autograph it for you! And since I’m feeling so generous this week I’ll throw in a free t-shirt with the Joshua Brettell artwork! So that means this week’s winner gets a copy of the new King Giant album in the format of their choice signed by the band AND two free tickets to the show on Saturday AND a free shirt! All you have to do to win is tell me why you want to go to this show in the comments below and I’ll pick a winner at random using to win the prize package! Your reason can be to pick up the new album, to hear some of the new tunes played live, to get loaded at the bar or anything you want really. The winner will be picked at 5pm EST on Friday 20 January 2012. Be sure to use a valid email address you check regularly when you post a comment so I can contact you if you win, though the email address doesn’t have to be in the comment itself. And don’t worry, I won’t add you to any lists or spam you in any way, I hate that shit too.

King Giant puts on a great show however there’s a kick ass line up for the whole night so be sure to get there early and check out some of the other bands playing. Starting the night off will be a band called Weed Warlock and I honestly don’t know much about them but I’m going to guess they’re a stoner band just from the band name alone. After them will be Auroboros, one of the area’s rising sludge bands. You sort of have to mention that the band features former members of both Baroness and Salome, however they’re a great band even if they didn’t have a pedigree. I’ve also heard they have just made t-shirts and this will be the first place you’ll be able to get one at. After they play there’s The Crimson Electric who are coming up from the Virginia Beach area. You may recall that they played with King Giant at the State Theatre back in January of 2011. So I guess this is becoming an annual thing for them but that’s not a bad thing at all because they put on a great show. The final opening act before King Giant plays will be Borracho, a stoner/doom band from DC. Their name is Spanish for a drunk or lush and as you’d guess they write some great riffs to knock a few back to between rounds of shots. This is really an excellent line up of similar yet distinct and talented bands. If you don’t end up winning you can get a ticket online from Amped & Alive for $13.50 here OR you can buy a ticket at the door $12 (add $2 to that if you’re under 21). This show is all ages and the doors open at 6:30pm. I’ll also be selling DCHM shirts and hopefully have a new batch of DCHM stickers in by then and I’ll be giving those away for free to anyone who wants one. Now check out this kick ass King Giant video for their new song Appomattox and enter the contest below it:


  1. Auroboros, Borracho, and King Giant are 3 of the most amazing stoner rock bands ever to exist and they’re all local to boot… Plus I want the shirt.

  2. King Giant are family friends yet I’m always away when they’re playing a show…except this weekend. Plus, after buying Southern Darkness on vinyl, I’d like to have Dismal Hollow in my collection as well.

  3. King Giant, Borracho, and Crimson Electric are my three reasons. I’m sure once I’ve heard the other bands I’ll have two more.

  4. I’d like to go because I am new to the King Giant fold. I just watched their new video and I was floored! Great music!! I am always looking for new music now that I am in MD!! Either way, I look forward to a great show Saturday night! \m/

    • You’re the winner of the prize package! Check your email for instructions and I’ll see you at the show Saturday!

  5. I saw King Giant for the first time about a year ago and I remember it was an awesome show. I haven’t gotten to see them again, so I would love to go to this show. Thanks Chris!

  6. I’m a new King Giant fan and would love to see them live

  7. they’ve come a long way… I’ll be there even if I don’t win any tickets.

    • You forgot to use a valid email address to enter the contest with.

  8. I’ll be there even if I don’t win any tickets.

  9. So excited to see you guys again this weekend at Jaxx! Heads are gonna Roll ;)

    • You also didn’t use a valid email address to enter!

  10. Saturday is my 41st birthday and this would be the most awesomist thing I could ever get for a present.. EVER!!!!

  11. Love to see these guys

  12. I’m in! KG “RAWKS” (as they say). I’ll be there one way or another!

    • My entry with an email address! (

      • Thanks but I got it on the first one already! The commenters above that I told that to didn’t enter their emails in the space provided when they made their comments (I can see that but nobody else can). Good luck!

  13. King Giant rocks! I’m there!

  14. Cause the Borracho album release party at the Velvet Lounge was great and my friend got a free cd from you there. So I will be there to jam to Borracho and King Giant and might as well get some free stuff while I am at it.

  15. I have been a King Giant fan for some time and had been bitching & moaning about missing shows around the VA, MD, and PA area because I moved away… and now I’ve been back home in PA for like 2 weeks, and this show rolls around… going to be phenomenal, without doubt. I haven’t been to a show (any show) in YEARS (which is just sad) and if I don’t win tickets, I may not have the dinero to trek the whole way down there to VA for the show (((which may very well cause my head to explode))) …I want those tickets!!! -jen

  16. These guys rock…. would love to see them live again and can’t wait to hear the new album

  17. I want to go b/c Brooks is my brother (seriously) and I haven’t been able to see him play in forever. Actually, I’ll be there regardless, I just like free stuff!

  18. oh yeah… once again… I WANT THOSE TICKETS!!!

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