Static-X Ticket Give Away is bringing you another chance to win some free tickets! This time you can win a free pair of tickets to see the Noise Revolution Tour bring the industrial bands Static-X, Prong, Davey Suicide and 9 Electric to the Fillmore Silver Spring on Wednesday 1 August 2012. That’s this coming Wednesday! To enter just leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me which of the bands you are most excited to see. I wrote short descriptions of each act in the next paragraph to help you out. At 5pm EST on Tuesday the 31st of July a winner will be picked at random (using from all of the valid entries. Make sure you enter in a valid email address you check regularly when you submit your comment so I can contact you if you win, though it doesn’t need to be in the comment itself. Don’t be a jerk and enter multiple times or I’ll disqualify all of your entries. And please don’t enter if you can’t make it to the show. If you don’t want to wait to see if you win or this contest is already over when you read it, you can get tickets from Live Nation here for $30 (after fees).

Statix-X at the Fillmore Silver Spring

Static-X formed in LA in the mid-90’s and quickly became one of the biggest industrial metal bands in the world. They haven’t put out an album since 2009’s Cult Of Static, however the band’s main man, Wayne Static, did put out a solo album last year named Pighammer. Maybe they’ll mix in some material from that or if we’re really lucky a brand new Static-X song or two. Direct support on the tour is provided by Prong who started snapping fingers and necks in New York City in the late 80’s as a thrash band. Over the years they began adding more industrial elements to their sound which means they should be a great support act on this tour. The opening acts Davey Suicide and 9 Electric are both Hollywood based industrial bands. They’re up and comers in the industrial metal scene and give a good glimpse of what the bands influenced by the likes of Static-X will sound like moving forward. In short be sure to get there early so you can check out some rising talent.

Still having trouble deciding which band you want to see most? Check out these music videos, one by each band, to give them all a listen!

Ben Bones’s Birthday Bash Ticket Give Away

On Tuesday, July 24th of 2012 there is going to be a birthday metal concert/party at the Red Palace for Ben Bones, the head of security at the Rock & Roll Hotel. Luckily Ben has some great musical taste as the night’s line up will be Balaclava from Richmond as well as locals Auroboros, Borracho and Above The Silence. You don’t have to know Ben Ben Bonesto go to this kick ass show though, you just have to be 21 or older. Since Ben is a friend of mine and I like you all so much, DCHeavyMetal is going to be giving away a free pair of tickets to this rare metal show at the Red Palace. All you’ve got to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me which of the bands playing you want to see the most (you can pick more than one if you’d like). Be sure you enter with an email address you check regularly so I can contact you if you win, and as always I won’t put you on any email spam lists or anything like that. On Friday, July 20th, 2012 at 5pm EST I’ll pick a winner at random (using from all the valid entries to win the tickets. If you are under 21 please don’t enter because even if you win this contest they still won’t let you in the door. There’s more info on this show, including set times, on the DCHM upcoming concert calendar here. Also, the artwork with the woman on the sofa will be printed on posters that will be for sale at the show for about $5. [UPDATE: Turns out the posters will be given away for free upon entry, first come first served.] The artwork is by El Jefe Design, a local company who does great work. I’m pretty psyched for this kick ass line up and seriously, what else do you have to do on a Tuesday night? Get your ass out to this!


But wait, there’s more! This show is also the EP release show for my friends in Auroboros and the winner of the tickets will also get a free copy on vinyl that is signed by all of the band members as well as a digital download of the EP. The prize will be awarded at the concert so please don’t enter if you cannot attend. Even if the Auroboros guys weren’t friends of mine I’d recommend you pick this up because it sounds great! I pretty much have to mention that the band features ex-members of Baroness and Salome, but the pasts of its members isn’t what makes a band great. It’s the songs and Auroboros really comes through big on those. Check out the song Tired Grip from the new EP below and see for yourself. You can pick up the EP on vinyl from Australopithecus Records right here for $13 (includes a digital download) or get a digital copy in the format of your choice for just $3.50 from the band’s Bandcamp page here. Of course they’ll also have copies for sale at the show.

What the hell are you reading this for? Enter the contest by leaving a comment below!

Review Of Iron Maiden at Jiffy Lube Live in 2012

Iron Maiden is one of the world’s most famous metal bands and it’s always a big deal when they come to town. They played at Jiffy Lube Live (formerly Nissan Pavilion) on Saturday June 30th as the DC area stop on the Maiden England Tour and of course I was there. It was a scorching hot day and it stayed hot even after dark. There was a massive storm that swept through the night before and many people still didn’t have power so this show was a bit of an escape for people who were getting cabin fever. Iron Maiden draws a bunch of metal heads from across the genre lines and this show was no different. Since they’re one of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands they’re old school enough that parents bring their kids and everyone enjoys the show. There was also a big draw from places like Richmond and Virginia Beach since the tour wasn’t stopping anywhere closer to those areas.

The parking lot opened at 4pm and the gates at 6pm but opening act Alice Cooper didn’t start til almost 7:30pm. In other words, there was plenty of time to grill and drink a few before in the hot sun before the show. I saw Alice Cooper in 2010 opening for Rob Zombie at Merriweather Post Pavilion and I was really blown away by his live show then (check out my review of that show here). However this performance wasn’t even close to as good as that one. They didn’t have nearly as elaborate of a stage set up and other than Alice’s trademark decapitation by guillotine they didn’t really do any of the entertaining stunts on stage. This left a heavy focus on the music which, let’s be honest here, is a bit dated. I liked his 2010 show so much that I had high hopes for this one but it was a total let down. At least he played Feed My Frankenstein, the song everyone knows of his after being in the movie Wayne’s World, which always gets me to chuckle a little.

OK so surely Iron Maiden wouldn’t disappoint right? Long time readers of the site will remember my review of their last concert in the area (read it here) back in July of 2010 wasn’t exactly glowing. Back then the set list wasn’t great and the weather was awful on top of it all. This year’s tour is a sort of throwback theme to the Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son era of the band and the set list was probably the best thing about this show. They played five songs off of Seventh Son, including the title track which they hadn’t played in over 20 years before this tour. They also played a ton of crowd pleasing classic tracks like The Trooper, Run To The Hills and Number Of The Beast. They also played some more obscure songs for the old school fans such as The Prisoner and Afraid To Shoot Strangers. There were a couple hits I’d have liked to have heard that weren’t played, Hallowed Be Thy Name is a personal favorite of mine they chose not to perform, however they did play a 14 song set with a three song encore and really nothing they played wasn’t worth including in the set. You can check out the set list for yourself below, keep in mind the covers and Churchill thing were recordings.

Iron Maiden Setlist Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA, USA, Maiden England - North American Tour 2012

So aside from the set list, the show itself was fun as hell. There were lots of back drops and Bruce Dickinson costume changes (I always jokingly hope he’ll come out in a gold plated diaper just once for the lulz!). Of course there were strategic pyrotechnics and a few Eddie appearances as well. Basically it was the action packed show you’d expect from Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson was running around the stage, well, mostly on the big raised up stuff on stage. My only problem with his performance was his voice seemed a bit off in a few places. He seemed very conscious of this though and while his voice kept up on most of those classic chorus lines it was on some of the verses that his voice seemed to waver a bit. Still, he handled it like a pro and kept his best moments for when everyone was really paying attention to his lines the most. Maiden’s triple guitarist shred fest was in full effect as well, switching seamlessly between leads and solos, even when they shifted to different band members. Aside from some of the nuances of the set list, there wasn’t much at this show you wouldn’t expect to see if you’ve seen Iron Maiden a few times before, but that isn’t a bad thing with a band that is known for consistently having great performances. For newer fans this was a great show to catch for a first Iron Maiden concert. Sorry I don’t have any photos, the band wouldn’t give me a photo pass because they have some policy about not giving them to online only publications. That kind of sucks doubly because I haven’t seen a live review of this show with photos from any of the local newspapers either, so I guess everyone loses on quality photos at this concert. Before the show I ran into one of the DC Brau guys, a local brewery in Washington DC, and it’s great to know some of them are metal heads. This also might explain why some of their beers have metal names like On The Wings Of Armageddon and Burial At Sea. I ran in to a lot of friends at the show and it’s always nice to see so many of the area’s metal heads all out like this. After the concert I drunkenly handed out a bunch of stickers to people stuck in traffic in the parking lot. In all, it was a hell of a lot of fun and totally worth the hang over the next day. If you’ve got some cool pics or videos feel free to post links to them in the comments below, or even if you’ve got a fun story about your experience there. Sorry it took so long to get up but my internet still hasn’t been restored since the storm which makes running a website kind of hard to do. Until next time, keep it metal everyone and support the scene you’re a part of!