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Gwar at the 9:30 Club

Gwar, Richmond’s masters of insane on stage antics, land their spaceship in Washington DC on Thursday the 20th of December 2012 at the 9:30 Club. I have been enlisted to recruit more slaves for the scumdogs of the universe so this week on you can enter to win a free pair of tickets to this recruitment camp metal concert! To enter just leave a comment at the end of this post telling me why you want to see Gwar at this concert. Will it be your first time seeing their over the top live show? Maybe you’ve got a white shirt that needs more color? Perhaps you want to see their new guitarist, Pustulous Maximus, play his first DC show with the band. Or maybe you just need a classy event to ask that mildly attractive yet attainable seeming girl/boy you see regularly but want to know better to. At 5pm EST on Friday, December 7th, 2012, a winner will be chosen at random (using from all valid entries to get the free pair of tickets to the show. If I don’t hear from the winner in 24 hours then I’ll randomly pick another person to get the tickets. Please don’t enter if you cannot attend. Be sure to enter with a valid email address you check regularly so I can contact you if you win. Don’t worry, I won’t add you to any email lists or anything like that, I hate spam too. If you enter more than once then all of your entries will be disqualified. If you simply can’t wait to see if you win the contest you can get tickets from Ticket Fly for $25 here.

If you’ve never seen Gwar live then you just don’t know what you’re missing. And you don’t have to take my word for it, even the very un-metal Moby said Gwar is the best live band ever (here). Be sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting covered in blood and gore, and keep your politically correct self at home because nobody is safe from the vile torment of Gwar when they’re on stage! The opening acts for this show are two other Richmond bands. Kepone is a recently reformed indie rock band from Richmond and if you’re wondering why they’re on this bill it is because they are fronted by Michael Bishop, the original Gwar bass player “Beefcake The Mighty”. Iron Reagan will open the show. They’re a new band but their line up includes current and former members of the bands Darkest Hour, Municipal Waste and Cannabis Corpse so be sure to get there early enough to see them. Now check out these killer videos with tunes of the bands while you enter the contest in the comments section below!


  1. I have never seen Gwar. This should reason enough alone to give me these tickets.


    • Congrats, you’re the winner of the Gwar tickets!

  3. Ohhhh I want to see Gwar in concert because it would be my first time seeing them live, ever! I’m such a fangirl for men in ridiculous costumes.. I’m ashamed I haven’t gone to a show, yet.

  4. I have lived in Richmond for 20 years. I got to meet Oderus at the FreeRandy vigil this summer on Brown’s Island (where I found we went to the same college). I hang my head in shame when I say I’ve never seen GWAR live. I’ve either been out of town or had some other conflict every time they’re playing here. I need to remedy this situation!!

  5. Haven’t seen Gwar live. Want to be shocked and awed. Rock.

  6. Gwar is so awesome live! :)

  7. Never seen em before nor has my gf, and I would love to be showered in blood and semen.

  8. I want to be baptised yet again by the Cuttlefish of Cthulhu

  9. Dying to see them but never have. I’ve been sick or out of town every single time they come to town.

  10. My hair typically releases a gallon of spew after every show. I’m drunk and stained and my teeth look like a BrightSmile advertisement. Besides!! What fun to stagger out into the freezing night drenched in gore!! I’m hoping for some red icicles this time around. HAIL SADDAM A GO GO!!

  11. I am a willing slave, excited for the landing of the Scumdogs of the Universe. I will dutifully follow them wherever they deign to go – whether it be the bowels of Hell or the outer reaches of Space. I will scream in blissful ecstasy as a glorious assault of blood and space jizz stains my best white clothing. I await being slaughtered by Gwar with the greatest of joy. They can disembowel me – crucify me – kill me any way they like. They can make me into a stack of hamburgers and eat me rare with a side of goat’s blood. They can rip out my trachea and use it as a musical instrument. They can mummify me on stage Egyptian style to the delight of blood crazed onlookers, before throwing my brain and vital organs to the audience as souvenirs. Give me the tickets so I can be covered in the blood of the innocent and alien DNA for one magical night.

  12. Here’s another recruit for camp Gwar!
    Heard a few stuff but haven’t seen them yet.

  13. I’d like to see GWAR because my friend rants and raves about them all the time but I have yet to see these beasts.

  14. My lifelong dream is to be a member of Gwar and I feel that if I go to the show wearing my best monster-armor and my battle-axe guitar and then massacre a bunch of people then I will go to jail and will no longer want to be in Gwar because I’ll be incarcerated.

  15. I want to see what the new guitar player is like.

  16. As a long time fan of Gwar I’ve been ordered to give a full review of the massacre that will take place in DC and have pledged my allengence to forever being a scumdog!

  17. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the Gwar band, and it would be a nice way to end the year.

  18. Because I was introduced to The Garbage Pail Kids this year, and this seems like a natural progression.

  19. I want to see Gwar because this is the only acceptable way to celebrate being done with exams that day.

  20. I’ve never seen Gwar live before, but from what I’ve heard, I’m very interested in seeing them. My boyfriend and several friends are really into them. I’d like to see what I’m missing.

  21. Ive never seen ’em. Wanna eat a special brownie and maybe they’ll eat me too ;)

  22. It ain’t Christmas in DC until GWAR lays the city to waste.

  23. Definitely want to see the new guitarist. They only had one guitar at the GwarBQ and it didn’t sound quite right. And I need to see Iron Reagan.

  24. First time! baby! first time!

  25. With tickets to this event in my possession, I could introduce my not-quite-a-metalhead-yet wife to GWAR’s live show and finally convert her to being a full-on metal worshiper. I also imagine this will make for a fantastic story for her to tell our daughter when she’s older. Here’s hoping!

  26. I’m a displaced RVA native who wants to take some friends to this show to expose them to my homeland’s culture. Viva GWAR!

  27. I’ve only ever seen them from the balcony…but I think this is the year to get down and dirty!

  28. I saw GWAR once in nashville, tn, and it was possibly the greatest show on earth. This close to xmas, I am hoping they will sing some carols on stage!

  29. I’ll be 2 weeks fresh out of the hospital having my pooper reattached and my gut will be split wide open again..I can’t think of a better way then to spend it at a GWAR show :D

  30. I have never seen Gwar before. I have heard stories of how ridiculous their live shows are (and to never stand in the front row unless you want to get drenched) I hope that I get to see them

  31. I kneel before the mighty Gwar as a humble blood and guts virgin. I have twice ventured to see their wrath unleashed upon the 9:30 Club only to be confronted with the brutal reality of a sold-out show. I referred to the 6 months after this as The Gwarless Blue Period. This past summer we were again denied ascension at Gwar-B-Q because of car problems, the weighty plight of the first world white woman. But I assure you it has left my life wanting and without purpose. The stories of magical mayhem at Gwar performances will be sung to our children’s children: asplosions of gore, denied cries for mercy, stained contact lenses, CODPIECES, and, as always, victorious, unforgiving rock to melt your brains. It’s all too much for a girl like me to miss. I vow that if these tickets are made mine, I will ceaselessly join in the chorus of praise and drink to the short postponing of Gwarmageddon. Also, I’ll name my first born Oderus to sweeten the deal.

    No mercy.

  32. I want to see them because we missed them last year!

  33. Well, gosh, I have this nice gray hoodie I was hoping to get doused in green blood and what do you know, Gwar is coming to my town? It must be a Christmas miracle.

  34. I like Gwar!

  35. d.c heavy metal for life!!!!!! i wanna see gwar for free! money is tight!!!

  36. Shows like this prevent me from killing people.

  37. Check out the new guy. RIP Smoot.

  38. I just wanna thank you for this website. I got friends in D.C., but never visited them cause I never found a reason to since we’re not exactly close. Your website is giving me more than enough reason to. Also in reference to that person wanting you to censor your website, I admire your decision to stay true to yourself. I am persuing a career as a journalist and your website gave me an idea for the folks here in New York City, so from me and like 2,000 psychos I know, THANK YOU

  39. I love these give aways. I want to see them just to go and relax. Yes. I am most relaxed when I am sprayed with fake blood.

  40. So that my Christmas can be merry and blood-soaked.

  41. So i can get close enough to the stage and get sprayed by his giant man-phallus.

  42. nothing better to do that night and gwar is always fun

  43. Going to mate with my future wife GWAR style after the show. We’ve never seen them. I will be wearing a white Insanity T-shirt because it’s not bloody enough, yet.

  44. need to break in these new white t shirts!!

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