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Lamb Of God at Rams Head Live

Richmond natives Lamb Of God are headlining a show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 and is giving away a pair of tickets to get people excited about the show! To enter just leave a comment on this post telling me the name of your favorite Lamb Of God song. If you need help remembering their song titles, you can see their discography listed here. Make sure you enter in a valid email address you check regularly when you submit your comment so I can contact you if you win, though it doesn’t need to be in the comment itself. On Friday, June 14th at 4pm EST the contest will close and I’ll select a winner at random (using from all the comments below to win the pair of tickets. If I don’t head back from the winner in 24 hours a new winner will be selected. If you don’t want to wait to see if you win you can get tickets right now for $29 from Ticket Fly here. Don’t be a jerk and enter multiple times or I’ll disqualify all your entries. Do be awesome and tell your friends about this contest.

Lamb Of God is touring with The Acacia Strain from Massachusetts and Decapitated who are coming all the way from Poland. This show will be the first concert Lamb Of God plays in the area since Randy Blythe was acquitted of manslaughter charges in the Czech Republic. If you’ve never been to Rams Head Live then this will be a great chance to check out one of Baltimore’s premiere venues. It’s downtown in the Inner Harbor area and surrounded by bars and restaurants. Now check out these videos by each band playing as you decide which song you want to enter with!


  1. My favorite LOG song is Walk with Me in Hell.

  2. Ruin

  3. The Undertow!

  4. Blood Junkie

  5. My Favorite Lamb Of God Song Is Vigil. It Gives A Feeling Of Serenity But Then Pumps You Right Back Up. Welcome Back Randy

    • My Favorite Lamb Of God Song Is Vigil. It Gives A Feeling Of Serenity But Then Pumps You Right Back Up. Welcome Back Randy


  7. Walk with me in hell, good luck all…

  8. Now you’ve got something to die for

  9. As much as I love the old stuff, I’m in love with “The Undertow”. Orgasmic!!!!!

  10. Black Label

  11. Ruin.

  12. “Blood of the Scribe”

  13. Lamb of God \m/ \m/ or us die hard fans known them as Burn the Priest back in the day

  14. Right now my favorite is In Your Words.

  15. My favorite is “Pathetic”

  16. Laid To Rest \m/

  17. Fave is definitely 11th Hour. Would love to see the boys tear up a room again, been a while.

  18. Lamb of God – Black Label!

  19. Descending!

    • Redneck….

  20. LAMB OF GOD!!!!

  21. 11th Hour, first ever LoG song I heard and still my favorite \m/

  22. ruin! or omerta!

  23. Omerta!!!!

  24. Laid to Rest! Lyrics are a lil corny but the instrumentation is fantastic. Love the doublebass.

  25. Something 2 Die 4

  26. Definitely Ashes of the Wake. As hypocritical as it sounds, I listened to this album almost every day I was in Iraq.

  27. Insurrection was my favorite tune off the last album.

  28. Vigil

  29. it’s hard to pick just one favorite, but I’ll have to go with grace, no wait, reclamation, no, ghost walking. How about walk with me in hell? Yeah that’s the one!

  30. Desolation!

  31. Redneck !

  32. Hmmm Black Label or Omerta…

  33. Laid the rest!! b,,,es

  34. Black Label

  35. Set to fail

  36. Laid to Rest

  37. Laid to Rest

  38. To choose just one song is impossible. LOG’s entire discography is amazing. But some of my favorrites are More Time To Kill, One Gun, Break You, Terminally Unique, Grace, Now You’ve Got Something to Die For, Blood of the Scribe the list is endless.

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