Warchild & Black Clouds ticket give away

So Xmas has come and gone again and every year there always seems to be one present you really wanted yet you somehow didn’t get. Maybe it was a bb gun one year, a Tickle Me Elmo another year, or even an iPad. Well DCHeavyMetal.com has your ass covered this year cause we’re giving away a pair of tickets to see Warchild and Black Clouds on Saturday December 29th at the Rock & Roll Hotel! While you were faking laughs at the stupid gag gifts you got and pretending to be really thankful for the Olive Garden gift card you received, DCHM was working behind the scenes with Satan’s Claws to be sure you still had a chance at the must have gift this holiday season! That’s right, you’ve gotten your fill of jolly holiday jingles, now it’s time to fucking thrash! This isn’t some pregame for New Year’s Eve, this is going to be a full on party loaded with beer chugging, head banging and general chaos! You know you’ve got some post-holiday angst you’ve been keeping pent up while you had to deal with relatives, and now you know how to get it all out! But wait, there’s more: the winner will receive not only a free pair of tickets to the show, but also a Warchild t-shirt and a Warchild beer coozy! This might just be your best Christmas yet! Now check out this awesome video flyer and get all the details on how to enter below!

To enter just leave a comment at the end of this post that tells me about your worst holiday experience ever! Maybe your grandma cussed out your new girlfriend one year, maybe your mom made you wear the ugliest sweater ever, you tell me! One lucky winner will be chosen at random (using Random.org) from all valid entries once the contest closes at 5pm EST on Friday, December 28th. Be sure to enter using a valid email address that you check regularly so I can contact you about the tickets once you win. Don’t worry, I won’t add you to any spam lists or anything like that, I hate that shit too. If you know you can’t make the show please don’t enter, I want to give these to someone who is in need of a post holiday party!

If you don’t know Warchild (what the fuck is wrong with you?) then you already win, cause their six song demo is available to stream and download free here. They sound like Kill ‘Em All era Metallica if they partied like they were in Municipal Waste! Of course there’s another local band playing as well, Black Clouds. They’re not thrash but they’re damn good. The band is moody as hell and sure knows how to suck and audience into their mind melt world of doom and gloom. Check out their song Santorum Sunday School on YouTube below, it features Neil Fallon, frontman of Clutch, doing spoken word vocals and it’s intense! Now enough of what I’ve got to say. Check out this sick Warchild video and that killer Black Clouds song I was talking about. Give em a listen as you enter the contest below because YOU HAVE BEEN SUMMONED!


  1. My worst Christmas EVER was that one year when the Rattler show was postponed like 5 fucking times! That shit sucked!!!!

  2. MY worst Christmas was when I got Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge instead of Bonestorm

  3. […] to DC HEAVY METAL leave a comment for a chance at free tickets for Saturday and free Warchild […]

  4. all my holidays have been merry!!But i still need to fucking thrash…

  5. My worst holiday experience was every Christmas before 1996, that was the year I discovered Guacamole.

  6. Worst x-mas was when I woke realized my parents were dead and I wouldn’t get to spend the holiday with them and then lost a friend.

  7. I can’t go to the show so don’t pick me, but I wanted to thank you for the post. I have never checked Warchild or Black Clouds. Both of them fucking rule! I will be at both bands’ next shows. Thanks for spreading the word about our local scene.

  8. When my bitchy cousin made a huge scene with other family members and screeching and crying more than usual. Fuck Thanksgiving.

  9. The Christmas where my dad blew up on my aunt at Christmas dinner because she told him to stop cursing in front of her kids. He proceeded to cuss her up and down before storming out of the house and driving back to my parents house. They didn’t talk for several years thereafter. Hilarious now….not so much at the time.

  10. This Christmas was Tuff tooth pain and back ache and not very jolly
    maybe next xmas will be better time

  11. The Christmas after I got kicked out of my grandparents house when I was 23 after my gf had just left me after moving to the VCU campus area to help her finish college. Spent Christmas and my birthday alone in my house. (New Years Day is my bday) It was one of the most depressing moments of my life. Ugh.

  12. Worst holiday experience was this Halloween when I set my head on fire.. $1000 and a week in the hospital later, still handsome. ;) just can’t grow full beard anymore.. meh..

  13. Worst Xmas is every year.. I’m atheist..

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