Malokarpatan coming to Atlas Brew Works

Malokarpatan at Atlas Brew Works

This Friday, March 23rd, Atlas Brew Works is hosting another killer metal show. This time the headliner is Malokarpatan, a black metal band from Bratislava, Slovakia. Who the hell is Malokarpatan you ask? They formed in 2014 and released their debut full length, Stridžie dni, in 2015. Malokarpatan really started perfecting their sound on their sophomore album in 2017, Nordkarpatenland. The band starts with a more simplistic style of black metal that is based on a speed metal foundation reminiscent of bands like Venom and Midnight. Then they blend that with Slovak folk elements and the result is a truly unique sound. This show at Atlas is going to be a rare chance to catch them perform live in our area. Also on this bill is touring support band Negative Plane. They’re form New York and play a strange style of black metal that uses surf rock elements and somehow they pull this off without it sounding silly. Local support comes from Erlkonig, a Baltimore based black metal band that shares several members with Genevieve. The opening band is Voarm, a black metal band that has a more traditional sound. Despite the show being at a brewery it is open to all ages. There’s more info on the Facebook event page here. So come out this Friday night and check out a unique black metal show at Atlas Brew Works!

Malokarpatan – V okresném rybníku hastrman už po stáročá vyčína (In the provincial pond, a water goblin has been raging for centuries)

Negative Plane – Angels of Veiled Bone

Erlkonig – Demo 2017

Voarm – Dissolution Descension

Metal show at Oliver Brewing in Baltimore

Black Lung at Oliver Brewing

This Friday, March 16th of 2018, the Oliver Brewing Company in Baltimore is hosting their first “real” metal show when Black Lung, Sierra and Caustic Casanova perform there. Oliver has had some bands play there before but they’ve usually been matinee shows tied in to beer releases. This will be their first night time metal show. The show was put together with help from the guys that run the Maryland Doom Fest so as you’d expect the bands are along the lines of doom and stoner. Oliver is a good place for this because the head brewer at Oliver is quite the metal head. Oliver makes a line of special release IPAs that are tie ins with various stoner and doom bands that he loves. They also make an officially licensed beer for The Sword and will be releasing a beer for Integrity at the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest later this month in Philadelphia. There have been some awesome shows coming to Atlas Brew Works in Washington DC lately and I’m hoping that Oliver can become something similar in Baltimore. Time will tell but hopefully a lot of people come out and support this first gig to show that this kind of thing can work in Baltimore too! You can get more info in the show’s Facebook event page here. Now a little about the bands…

Black Lung is a local Baltimore based band and they play a psychedelic style of rock that is drenched in distortion.

Sierra is a band from Kitchener in Ontario, Canada (a little west of Toronto). They play some moody stoner rock/metal and this is a rare chance to catch them down in our area.

Caustic Casanova is from Washington DC and plays some really catchy stoner jams and they’re the perfect opener for this show.

Metal Show Of The Week: Repulsion

Who? Repulsion
When? Saturday, April 25th
Where? MGC Tavern (on the American University campus) (map)
How much? $25 at the door (online ticket sales now closed)

This is one hell of a show that’s coming to the Mary Graydon Center Tavern at American University. Repulsion, along with Napalm Death and Terrorizer, is one of the founding pillars of grindcore. While they’ve played at Maryland Deathfest a few times over the years this will be their first show in Washington DC ever! Repulsion is also credited with the invention of the blast beat and their 1989 album Horrified is a classic of the genre. While they’ve gone through drummers over the years guitarist Matt Olivo and vocalist/bass player Scott Carlson are still with the band (and both were briefly members of Death back in the 80s). This Michigan based grind band is still destroying ear drums and DC area fans of extreme heavy metal do not want to miss this chance to see them here in a small venue.

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you to come out, maybe the incredible line up of local support will! Direct support will be DC/Baltimore’s own Pig Destroyer, the biggest name in grindcore in our region (but you probably already knew that). If you missed their wild, sold out show at Hardywood Brewery in Richmond then you gotta see them with Repulsion! There will also be a set by DC’s masters of crusty death/doom, Ilsa. They’ve got a new album coming out May 5th, titled The Felon’s Claw, but they’ll have CD copies of it for sale early at this show (they won’t have vinyl yet though). There’s also going to be a set by Ilsa’s A389 label mates Noisem, a young, high energy, early 90s death/thrash throwback band that also has a new album coming out soon. The opening act, Left Cross, is one I’m not too familiar with. I know they’re from Richmond but that’s about it, so it should be interesting checking them out.

The fun starts when doors open at 7pm and the first band begins at 8pm. This is a dry show so no alcohol will be served nor permitted (don’t worry, there will still be other nights to drink). If you’d like more info you can go to the official Facebook event page here. The American University Independent Arts Collective has really put together a high quality, and very rare, DIY line up for this one, don’t be a sucker and miss it! Now give a listen to these tunes below by bands that will be playing.

Repulsion – Black Breath / Maggots In Your Coffin:

Pig Destroyer – The Diplomat:

Ilsa – Frostthrower:

Noisem – Split From The Inside Out:

Metal Show Of The Week: Downfall Of Gaia

Who? Downfall Of Gaia
When? Monday, January 26th
Where? DC9 (map)
How much? $10 at the door or online from Ticket Fly

It’s been a little while since I made a Metal Show Of The Week post but this upcoming show is just so damn good I had to! Downfall Of Gaia is a German black metal band that is signed to Metal Blade and they’re touring the US to support their 2014 full length release Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay. The band played DC once before, back in 2011 at an Ethiopian restaurant just a few doors down from DC9 actually. I was there and that show was incredible despite the very DIY sound system so I can’t wait to see them in a proper venue this time. The band has matured since 2011 and their new material is both atmospheric and aggressive, simply put this is some excellent European black metal and we’re getting a rare chance to see these guys play live. The best part? It’s just $10 to get in the door! When was the last time you saw a band from Europe playing a legit venue around here for $10?

There’s some great locals on this bill too. The doom band Foehammer will be playing, you may remember seeing them as the first band to play at my holiday party last month at the Pinch. They’re loud, slow and heavy as hell! Opening the show will be local band black metal Myopic who are always worth getting there early to see. And if you’re in Baltimore the tour will be at the Metro Gallery the night before, Sunday, January 25th, with the bands Set And Setting, Sannhet and Barbelith. Still not convinced? Then check out a few songs by Downfall Of Gaia below and then get your ass out for the rare chance to see these guys live, it’s not like you’re stuck on some expensive cruise right?!?!

Downfall Of Gaia – Of Stillness And Solitude:

Downfall Of Gaia – Carved Into Shadows:

Metal Show Of The Week: Obliteration

Who? Obliteration
When? Thursday, March 20th
Where? Metro Gallery (map) in Baltimore
How much? $14 cash at the door or $14.50 from Mission Tix

This week’s pick for Metal Show Of The Week goes to a gig up in Baltimore but if you’re down in DC or NoVA it’s definitely worth driving up for, even on a week night, and I’ll explain why. The headliner is a death metal band from Norway called Obliteration. They’re playing a string of shows while they’re in the US for SXSW and the Metro Gallery in Baltimore is going to be their only stop in our area. The chance to catch these guys live in the US is pretty rare, you might never get to see them on this side of the ocean ever again. And while Obliteration is from Norway they’re straight up death metal, not black metal, and not the breakdown laden slam-core style of death metal that has become so popular of late. No, Obliteration has an old school sound that isn’t far off from early recordings by bands like Darkthrone and Sepultura. Their raw, aggressive sound is surprisingly clean on their third album, Black Death Horizon, which was released by Relapse Records late last year. You can stream the entire album on Bandcamp here or just scroll down to the end of this post to check out the second track, “Goat Skull Crown.”

There’s more than just a rare chance to see a killer Norwegian death metal band in their prime at this show though. Also playing will be Northless, a heavy sludge band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that has a dark, foreboding sound not far off from bands like Rwake and Czar. They aren’t on tour with Obliteration, we’re just lucky that they’re both playing Baltimore the same night and their shows were combined. And let’s not forget the killer locals on this show including DC’s Ilsa, a crusty death/doom band that is heavy as fuck and always leaves the audience floored by the end of their sets. Baltimore’s own Cemetery Piss brings their blackened thrash to the stage as well and the opening band will be Putrisect, a death metal band from Baltimore. This is one hell of an all ages bill for under $15 at a venue with good sound and a solid beer selection too. Still not convinced? Then jam out to the following tunes by the bands playing and get ready to head out to the Metro Gallery this Thursday!

Obliteration – Goat Skull Crown:

Northless – Communion:

Ilsa – Frostthrower:

Cemetery Piss – Such The Vulture’s Love

Metal Show Of The Week: Morbid Saint

Who? Morbid Saint
When? Friday, January 31st
Where? Kay Spiritual Life Center (map)
How much? $12 cash at the door (online sales already closed)

This Friday old school thrashers Morbid Saint are coming to DC and they’re playing a really tiny venue on the campus of American University. The band is from Wisconsin and while they used to open for Death on tours in the late 80s they only ever released one proper full length album, the 1988 cult classic Spectrum Of Death. They broke up in the early 90s (like many smaller thrash bands did after the rise of grunge) but recently they’ve reunited and starting playing shows again. They made their only area appearance since reforming at the 2012 Maryland Deathfest where they played Spectrum Of Death from start to finish. This show will be a much more intimate setting than the large outdoor stage at MDF and since time won’t be as much of an issue hopefully they’ll also play some songs from their 1992 demo Destruction System.

The show is at the Kay Spiritual Life Center which is basically a small non-denominational church/mosque/whatever-religion building on American University’s campus. Online ticket sales have already ended so you’ll want to be sure to get there early if you want to get in as this show will most likely sell out. Luckily the local opening support is pretty excellent! First will be Genocide Pact, a local death metal band featuring members of D.O.C. followed by Baltimore’s Noisem, a young death/thrash band that will be opening for Carcass on their upcoming US tour. Direct support will be from Ilsa, a DC based crusty death/doom that never disappoints live. You couldn’t ask for a better line up for just $12! This Friday night this show will be a mosh friendly, sweaty and intense night for all in attendance and it’s going to be awesome! If you’re unfamiliar with any of the bands on this bill be sure to check them out by streaming the songs below.